Forschungsbereich Konvexe und Diskrete Geometrie

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E104-06 - Forschungsbereich Konvexe und Diskrete Geometrie
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Research Division
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1Ludwig, Monika Affine fractional isoperimetric inequalitiesPresentation Vortrag17-Oct-2023
2de Vries, Christopher ; Lombardi, Nico ; Saorín Gómez, Eugenia On linearized versions of matrix inequalitiesArticle Artikel 1-Oct-2023
3Xi, Dongmeng Minkowski problem in integral geometryPresentation Vortrag28-Sep-2023
4Mußnig, Fabian Inequalities and counterexamples for functional intrinsic volumesPresentation Vortrag25-Sep-2023
5Ludwig, Monika Affine Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev inequalitiesInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag21-Sep-2023
6Ludwig, Monika Affine fractional isoperimetric inequalitiesPresentation Vortrag7-Sep-2023
7Freyer, Ansgar ; Ludwig, Monika ; Rubey, Martin Tensor valuations on lattice polygons beyond Ehrhart coefficientsPresentation Vortrag21-Jul-2023
8Ludwig, Monika Valuations on convex functionsPresentation Vortrag20-Jul-2023
9Mußnig, Fabian An elementary question about functional intrinsic volumesPresentation Vortrag26-Jun-2023
10Ludwig, Monika Monge-Ampère measures and valuationsPresentation Vortrag15-Jun-2023
11Mußnig, Fabian Integral geometry on convex functionsPresentation Vortrag7-Jun-2023
12Lombardi, Nico ; Saorín Gómez, Eugenia Mean radii of symmetrizations of a convex bodyArticle Artikel 6-Jun-2023
13Lombardi, Nico Canal classes of convex bodies and related inequalitiesPresentation Vortrag5-Jun-2023
14Besau, Florian Georg ; Hack, Thomas ; Pivovarov Peter ; Schuster, Franz Spherical centroid bodiesArticle Artikel Apr-2023
15Freyer-2023-Polynomial Bounds in Koldobskys Discrete Slicing Problem-ao.pdf.jpgFreyer, Ansgar ; Henk, Martin Polynomial Bounds in Koldobsky's Discrete Slicing ProblemPreprint Preprint 28-Mar-2023
16Besau, Florian Georg Random Spherical PolytopesPresentation Vortrag24-Feb-2023
17Lombardi, Nico On linearized versions of matrix inequalitiesPresentation Vortrag14-Feb-2023
18Ludwig, Monika Affine fractional Sobolev and isoperimetric inequalitiesPresentation Vortrag7-Feb-2023
19Bryan, Paul ; Ivaki, Mohammad N. ; Scheuer, Julian Constant rank theorems for curvature problems via a viscosity approachArticle Artikel 2-Feb-2023
20Colesanti, Andrea ; Ludwig, Monika ; Mussnig, Fabian The Hadwiger theorem on convex functions, IV: The Klain approachArticle Artikel 15-Jan-2023