Forschungsbereich Kombinatorik und Algorithmen

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E104-05 - Forschungsbereich Kombinatorik und Algorithmen
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1Wallner, Michael Young tableaux with periodic walls: counting with the density methodPresentation Vortrag7-Dec-2022
2Panholzer, Alois Cutting trees revisitedPresentation Vortrag17-Nov-2022
3Müllner, Clemens Substitution dynamical systems in the context of Sarnak's conjecturePresentation Vortrag10-Nov-2022
4Wallner, Michael Walks avoiding a quadrant and the reflection principlePresentation Vortrag14-Oct-2022
5Wallner, Michael Limit laws for lattice paths with catastrophesPresentation Vortrag27-Sep-2022
6Stufler, Benedikt A branching process approach to level‐k phylogenetic networksArticle Artikel Sep-2022
7Wallner, Michael On the critical exponents of generalized ballot sequences in three dimensions and large tandem walksArticle Artikel Aug-2022
8Wallner, Michael Phase transitions of composition schemes: Mittag-Leffler and mixed Poisson distributionsPresentation Vortrag5-Jul-2022
9Kuba, Markus ; Panholzer, Alois On bucket increasing trees, clustered increasing trees and increasing diamondsArticle Artikel Jul-2022
10Chang-2022-Enumeration of d-Combining Tree-Child Networks-vor.pdf.jpgChang, Yu-Sheng ; Fuchs, Michael ; Liu, Hexuan ; Wallner, Michael ; Yu, Guan-Ru Enumeration of d-Combining Tree-Child NetworksInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 8-Jun-2022
11Drmota, Michael ; Mauduit, Christian ; Rivat, Joël ; Spiegelhofer, Lukas Möbius orthogonality of sequences with maximal entropyArticle Artikel 3-Jun-2022
12Drmota, Michael ; Hainzl, Eva Maria Universal Properties of Catalytic Variable EquationsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 1-Jun-2022
13Hackl, Benjamin ; Panholzer, Alois ; Wagner, Stephan ; Ward, Mark Daniel Uncovering a Random TreeInproceedings KonferenzbeitragJun-2022
14Stufler-2022-Journal of Theoretical Probability-vor.pdf.jpgStufler, Benedikt Quenched Local Convergence of Boltzmann Planar MapsArticle Artikel Jun-2022
15Wallner, Michael Walks Avoiding a quadrant and the reflection principlePresentation Vortrag20-May-2022
16Drmota, Michael ; Müllner, Clemens ; Spiegelhofer, Lukas Primes as sums of Fibonacci numbersPresentation Vortrag17-Mar-2022
17Drmota, Michael Cores and Components in Cubic Planar MapsPresentation Vortrag15-Mar-2022
18Drmota, Michael ; Shamir, Gil ; Szpankowski, Wojciech Sequential universal modeling for non-binary sequences with constrained distributionsArticle Artikel 7-Feb-2022
19Wallner, Michael Phase transitions of composition schemes: Mittag-Leffler and mixed Poisson distributionsPresentation Vortrag3-Feb-2022
20Konieczny-2022-Mathematische Zeitschrift-vor.pdf.jpgKonieczny, Jakub ; Lemanczyk, Mariusz ; Müllner, Clemens Multiplicative automatic sequencesArtikel Article Feb-2022