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1Pollitt Stephan - 2017 - Synthesis and Properties of Monolayer Protected...pdf.jpgPollitt, Stephan ; Pittenauer, Ernst ; Rameshan, Christoph  ; Schachinger, Thomas ; Safonova, Olga V. ; Truttmann, Vera ; Bera, Abhijit ; Allmaier, Günter ; Barrabes, Noelia ; Rupprechter, Günther Synthesis and Properties of Monolayer Protected Cox(SC2H4Ph)m NanoclustersArticle Artikel 2017
2Rupprechter Guenther - 2016 - Surface spectroscopy on UHV-grown and...pdf.jpgRupprechter, Günther ; Anic, Kresimir ; Wolfbeisser, Astrid ; Li, Hao ; Rameshan, Christoph  ; Föttinger, Karin  ; Bernardi, Johannes  Surface spectroscopy on UHV-grown and technological Ni–ZrO2 reforming catalysts: from UHV to operando conditionsArticle Artikel2016
3Pertl Patrik - 2018 - Solution-based low-temperature synthesis of germanium...pdf.jpgPertl, Patrik ; Seifner, Michael S.; Herzig, Christopher ; Limbeck, Andreas ; Sistani, Masiar; Lugstein, Alois; Barth, SvenSolution-based low-temperature synthesis of germanium nanorods and nanowiresArticle Artikel2018
4Seifner Michael S - 2017 - Pushing the composition limit of anisotropic Ge1-xSnx...pdf.jpgSeifner, Michael S.; Hernandez, Sergi ; Bernardi, Johannes ; Romano-Rodriguez, Albert ; Barth, SvenPushing the composition limit of anisotropic Ge1–xSnx nanostructures and determination of their thermal stabilityArticle Artikel2017
5Suchorski Yuri - 2016 - Probing adsorption on a nanoscale field desorption...pdf.jpgSuchorski, YuriProbing adsorption on a nanoscale: field desorption microspectroscopyArticle Artikel2016
6Li Xia - 2018 - Polarization-Dependent SFG Spectroscopy of Near Ambient Pressure...pdf.jpgLi, Xia ; Roiaz, Matteo ; Pramhaas, Verena ; Rameshan, Christoph ; Rupprechter, GüntherPolarization-Dependent SFG Spectroscopy of Near Ambient Pressure CO Adsorption on Pt(111) and Pd(111) RevisitedArticle Artikel2018
7Zhang Bei - 2018 - On the mechanism of rapid metal exchange between...pdf.jpgZhang, Bei ; Safonova, Olga V.; Pollitt, Stephan; Salassa, Giovanni ; Sels, Anneliese ; Kazan, Rania ; Wang, Yuming ; Rupprechter, Günther; Barrabés, Noelia; Bürgi, Thomas On the mechanism of rapid metal exchange between thiolate-protected gold and gold/silver clusters: a time-resolved in situ XAFS studyArticle Artikel2018
8Cherevan Alexey S - 2018 - Mesoporous Semiconductors A New Model To Assess...pdf.jpgCherevan, Alexey S. ; Deilmann, Leonie ; Weller, Tobias ; Eder, Dominik; Marschall, Roland Mesoporous Semiconductors: A New Model To Assess Accessible Surface Area and Increased Photocatalytic Activity?Article Artikel2018
9Datler Martin - 2016 - Hydrogen oxidation on stepped Rh surfaces um-scale versus...pdf.jpgDatler, Martin ; Bespalov, Ivan ; Buhr, Sebastian ; Zeininger, Johannes ; Stöger-Pollach, Michael ; Bernardi, Johannes ; Rupprechter, Günther; Suchorski, YuriHydrogen oxidation on stepped Rh surfaces: µm-scale versus nanoscaleArticle Artikel2016
10Schubert Ulrich - 2016 - Heterobimetallic sol-gel precursors and intermediates.pdf.jpgSchubert, UlrichHeterobimetallic sol–gel precursors and intermediatesArticle Artikel2016
11Haeusler Thomas - 2018 - Freezing on a Chip--A New Approach to Determine...pdf.jpgHäusler, Thomas ; Witek, Lorenz ; Felgitsch, Laura ; Hitzenberger, Regina ; Grothe, Hinrich Freezing on a Chip—A New Approach to Determine Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation of Micrometer-Sized Water DropletsArticle Artikel2018
12Seifner Michael S - 2019 - Epitaxial Ge081Sn019 Nanowires for Nanoscale...pdf.jpgSeifner, Michael S.; Dijkstra, Alain ; Bernardi, Johannes ; Steiger-Thirsfeld, Andreas; Sistani, Masiar; Lugstein, Alois; Haverkort, Jos E. M. ; Barth, SvenEpitaxial Ge0.81Sn0.19 Nanowires for Nanoscale Mid-Infrared EmittersArticle Artikel2019
13Cherevan Alexey S - 2016 - Dual Excitation Transient Photocurrent Measurement...pdf.jpgCherevan, Alexey S.  ; Eder, Dominik Dual Excitation Transient Photocurrent Measurement for Charge Transfer Studies in Nanocarbon Hybrids and CompositesArticle Artikel2016
14Seifner Michael S - 2019 - Drastic Changes in Material Composition and...pdf.jpgSeifner, Michael S.; Sistani, Masiar; Zivadinovic, Ivan ; Bartmann, Maximilian G. ; Lugstein, Alois; Barth, SvenDrastic Changes in Material Composition and Electrical Properties of Gallium-Seeded Germanium NanowiresArticle Artikel2019
15Chamnankid Busaya - 2014 - CuNi loaded CeO2-ZrO2 catalyst for a water gas shift...pdf.jpgChamnankid, Busaya ; Föttinger, Karin  ; Rupprechter, Günther ; Kongkachuichay, Paisan Cu/Ni loaded CeO2-ZrO2 catalyst for a water gas shift reaction: effects of loaded metals and CeO2 additionArticle Artikel 2014
16Kiatphuengporn Sirapassorn - 2017 - Cleaner production of methanol from carbon...pdf.jpgKiatphuengporn, Sirapassorn ; Donphai, Waleeporn ; Jantaratana, Pongsakorn ; Yigit, Nevzat ; Föttinger, Karin ; Rupprechter, Günther; Chareonpanich, Metta Cleaner production of methanol from carbon dioxide over copper and iron supported MCM-41 catalysts using innovative integrated magnetic field-packed bed reactorArticle Artikel2017
17Cherevan Alexey S - 2018 - Beware of doping Ta2O5 nanotube photocatalyst using...pdf.jpgCherevan, Alexey S. ; Gebhardt, Paul ; Kunzmann, Andreas ; Costa, Ruben ; Eder, DominikBeware of doping: Ta2O5 nanotube photocatalyst using CNTs as hard templatesArticle Artikel2018
18Sommariva M - 2016 - Application of Differential PDF to the Structural...pdf.jpgSommariva, M. ; Dadivanyan, N. ; Gateshki, M. ; Rayner, M. ; Lukashuk, L. ; Rupprechter, G. ; Föttinger, K. Application of Differential PDF to the Structural Characterization of Supported CatalystsArticle Artikel2016
19Biegger Felix - 2017 - Aerosol-assisted CVD of thioether-functionalised indium...pdf.jpgBiegger, Felix ; Jungwirth, Felix ; Seifner, Michael Stanislaus ; Rameshan, Christoph  ; Barth, Sven Aerosol-assisted CVD of thioether-functionalised indium aminoalkoxidesArticle Artikel 2017