Forschungsgruppe Molekulare Chemie und Chemische Biologie

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E163-03-2 - Forschungsgruppe Molekulare Chemie und Chemische Biologie
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1Aleksza, David ; Spiridon, Andreea ; Tarkka, Mika ; Hauser, Marie Theres ; Hann, Stephan ; Causon, Tim ; Kratena, Nicolas ; Stanetty, Christian ; George, Timothy ; Russell, Joanne ; Oburger, Eva Phytosiderophore pathway response in barley exposed to iron, zinc or copper starvationArticle Artikel 1-Feb-2024
2Iebed, Dina ; Conibear, Anne Claire Elucidating the role of posttranslational modifications of HMGN1 in DNA packagingPresentation Vortrag5-Dec-2023
3Soydan, Medine ; Conibear, Anne Claire Impact of site-specific acetylation of HMGN1 on its interaction with damaged DNAPresentation Vortrag5-Dec-2023
4Lenz, Agnes ; Meindl, Birgit ; Holzer, Brigitte ; Mikula, Hannes Tailoring Peptide Nucleic Acids for Enhanced RNA-TargetingPresentation Vortrag5-Dec-2023
5Herrmann, Barbara ; Sohr, Barbara ; Legado, Anna ; Schnöll, Sebastian ; Reindl, Sarah ; Goldeck, Marion ; Mikula, Hannes STOPTAC: Scissile Turn-Off Proteolysis Targeting ChimerasPresentation Vortrag5-Dec-2023
6Conibear, Anne Claire Chemical Biology Tools to Understand Protein Posttranslational Modifications in Disordered ProteinsPresentation Vortrag20-Nov-2023
7Mikula, Hannes Special issue in memoriam Fritz SauterArticle Artikel15-Nov-2023
8Wilkovitsch, Martin ; Svatunek, Dennis ; Mikula, Hannes ; Denk, Christoph Post-radiolabeling thioether oxidation to enhance the bioorthogonal reactivity of ¹⁸F-tetrazinesArticle Artikel 15-Nov-2023
9Glöcklhofer, Florian Reducing undesired solubility of squarephaneic tetraimide for use as an organic battery electrode materialPresentation Vortrag6-Nov-2023
10Svatunek-2023-CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL-vor.pdf.jpgSvatunek, Dennis "Holographic" autostereoscopic displays: a perspective on their technology and potential impact in chemistryArticle Artikel 2-Nov-2023
11Kratena-2023-JOURNAL OF LABELLED COMPOUNDS  RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS-vor.pdf.jpgKratena, Nicolas ; Draskovits, Markus ; Biedermann, Nina ; Oburger, Eva ; Stanetty, Christian Total synthesis of [¹³C₂ ]-labeled phytosiderophores of the mugineic and avenic acid familiesArticle Artikel Nov-2023
12Haidinger, Alexandra ; Dilly, Christina I ; Fischer, Roland C ; Svatunek, Dennis ; Uher, Johanna M. ; Hlina, Johann A To Bond or Not to Bond: Metal-Metal Interaction in Heterobimetallic Rare-Earth Metal-Silver ComplexesArticle Artikel 18-Oct-2023
13Conibear, Anne Claire Structural Subtleties of Protein Posttranslational ModificationsPresentation Vortrag17-Oct-2023
14Conibear, Anne Claire Decorated venom: Sulfation and amidation of alpha-conotoxinsPresentation Vortrag13-Oct-2023
15Mikula, Hannes Next-Level Chemical Tools for Bioorthogonal Click-to-ReleaseInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag10-Oct-2023
16Fernández, Israel ; Bickelhaupt, F Matthias ; Svatunek, Dennis Unraveling the Bürgi-Dunitz Angle with Precision: The Power of a Two-Dimensional Energy Decomposition AnalysisArticle Artikel 4-Oct-2023
17Conibear, Anne Claire Chemical biology tools to understand protein posttranslational modificationsPresentation Vortrag19-Sep-2023
18Conibear, Anne Claire Chemical biology tools to understand protein posttranslational modificationsPresentation Vortrag13-Sep-2023
19Kratena-2023-Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry-vor.pdf.jpgKratena, Nicolas ; Weil, Matthias ; Gärtner, Peter A biomimetic approach for the concise total synthesis of greenwaylactams A-CArticle Artikel 21-Aug-2023
20Svatunek, Dennis ; Chojnacki, Konrad ; Deb, Titas ; Eckvahl, Hannah ; Houk, K N ; Franzini, Raphael M Orthogonal Inverse-Electron-Demand Cycloaddition Reactions Controlled by Frontier Molecular Orbital InteractionsArticle Artikel 17-Aug-2023