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1Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Steiner, Soner Predictive Theory of Anomalous Volume Magnetostriction in Fe–Ni Alloys: Bond Repopulation Mechanism of the Invar EffectArticle Artikel 28-Dec-2023
2Tereshina‐Chitrova, Evgenia A. ; Pourovskii, Leonid V. ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Horak, Lukas ; Bao, Zhaohui ; Mackova, Anna ; Malinsky, Petr ; Gouder, Thomas ; Caciuffo, Roberto Strain‐driven Switching Between Antiferromagnetic States in Frustrated Antiferromagnet UO₂ Probed by Exchange Bias EffectArticle Artikel 22-Dec-2023
3Staudinger, Moritz ; Hajszan, Tobias ; Miksa, Tomasz ; Himmelbauer, Irene ; Aberer, Daniel ; Rauber, Andreas ; Dorigo, Wouter Reproducible Query Processing and Data Citation of in Situ Soil Moisture DataInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 25-Sep-2023
4Garmroudi, Fabian ; Parzer, Michael ; Riss, Alexander ; Bourgès, Cédric ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Mori, Takao ; Bauer, Ernst ; Pustogow, Andrej High thermoelectric performance in metallic NiAu alloys via interband scatteringArticle Artikel Sep-2023
5Lin, Kun ; Li, Guodong ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Pourovskii, Leonid V ; Jiang, Suihe ; Kato, Kenichi ; Yu, Chengyi ; Cao, Yili ; Li, Qiang ; Kuang, Xiaojun ; Xing, Xianran The Structure of Terbium in the Ferromagnetic StateArticle Artikel 2-Aug-2023
6Sun, Yanming ; Cao, Yili ; Hu, Shixin ; Avdeev, Maxim ; Wang, Chin-Wei ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Ren, Yang ; Lapidus, Saul H ; Chen, Xin ; Li, Qiang ; Deng, Jinxia ; Miao, Jun ; Lin, Kun ; Kuang, Xiaojun ; Xing, Xianran Interplanar Ferromagnetism Enhanced Ultrawide Zero Thermal Expansion in Kagome Cubic Intermetallic (Zr,Nb)Fe₂Article Artikel 25-Jul-2023
7Melic, Alena ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph Joint propagation characteristics of acoustic and electromagnetic waves in shallow oceanInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag15-Jun-2023
8Steiner-2023-Time Series in HPC An exploratory study with distributed tim...-vor.pdf.jpgSteiner, Soner ; de Oliveira Gomes, Rosana ; Beyerle, Gregor ; Dimitrov, Dimitar ; Zabloudil, Jan Time Series in HPC: An exploratory study with distributed time series data for energy use casesInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 13-Jun-2023
9Khmelevskyi, S. ; Pourovskii, L. V. ; Tereshina-Chitrova, E. A. Structure of the normal state and origin of the Schottky anomaly in the correlated heavy-fermion superconductor UTe₂Article Artikel 5-Jun-2023
10Cao, Yili ; Zhou, Haowei ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Lin, Kun ; Avdeev, Maxim ; Wang, Chin-Wei ; Wang, Bingjie ; Hu, Fengxia ; Kato, Kenichi ; Hattori, Takanori ; Abe, Jun ; Ohara, Koji ; Kawaguchi, Saori ; Li, Qiang ; Fukuda, Masayuki ; Nishikubo, Takumi ; Lee, Koomok ; Koike, Takehiro ; Liu, Qiumin ; Miao, Jun ; Deng, Jinxia ; Shen, Baogen ; Azuma, Masaki ; Xing, Xianran Pressure-Modulated Magnetism and Negative Thermal Expansion in the Ho₂Fe₁₇ Intermetallic CompoundArticle Artikel 5-Apr-2023
11Kim, Bongjae ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Franchini, Cesare ; Mazin, I I Suppressed Fluctuations as the Origin of the Static Magnetic Order in Strained Sr₂RuO₄Article Artikel 13-Jan-2023
12Medeiros Dalla Costa-2023-Computer Aided Engineering in Augmented Reality...-vor.pdf.jpgMedeiros Dalla Costa, Diego ; Hahn, Franz Josef Johann ; Reichl, Irene Computer Aided Engineering in Augmented Reality: Flow Visualizations for Hydro Power ApplicationsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2023
13Steiner, Soner Collaboration with the SME TAILSIT during the SHAPE project PARTS: Electromagnetic simulations with the finite/boundary element method for large systems using HPCPresentation Vortrag31-May-2022
14Steiner, Soner Presenting the jupyterhub at Vienna Scientific Cluster via one example from machine learning and one from material sciencePresentation Vortrag1-Jun-2021
15Steiner, Soner ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Tatlisu, Halit ; Dominik Legut The effect of magnetism to the elastic constants in the high entropy alloy CoCrFeMnNiPresentation Vortrag31-May-2021
16Steiner, Soner ; Rogl, Gerda ; Michor, Herwig ; Bursik, Josef ; Giester, Gerald ; Grytsiv, Andriy ; Rogl, Peter F. ; Detz, Hermann DFT simulation of the physical properties of the newly discovered Ti3Co5B2 -type novel borides Mn(3−x) {Rh,Ir}5B2 using HPC in addition to X-ray single crystal and TEM data evaluationKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2021
17Acocella-2018-Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics-vor.pdf.jpgAcocella, Angela ; Höfinger, Siegfried ; Haunschmid, Ernst ; Pop, Sergiu C ; Narumi, Tetsu ; Yasuoka, Kenji ; Yasui, Masato ; Zerbetto, Francesco Structural determinants in the bulk heterojunctionArticle Artikel 30-Jan-2018