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E191 - Institut für Computer Engineering
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1Moosbrugger Patrick - 2017 - R2U2 monitoring and diagnosis of security threats...pdf.jpgMoosbrugger, Patrick ; Rozier, Kristin Y. ; Schumann, Johann R2U2: monitoring and diagnosis of security threats for unmanned aerial systemsArticle Artikel 2017
2Bartocci Ezio - 2016 - Preface of the special issue on Model Checking of...pdf.jpgBartocci, Ezio ; Ramakrishnan, C.R. Preface of the special issue on Model Checking of Software : Selected papers of the 20th International SPIN Symposium on Model Checking of SoftwareArticle Artikel2016
3DelPreto Joseph - 2020 - Plug-and-play supervisory control using muscle and...pdf.jpgDelPreto, Joseph ; Salazar-Gomez, Andres F. ; Gil, Stephanie ; Hasani, Ramin  ; Guenther, Frank H. ; Rus, Daniela Plug-and-play supervisory control using muscle and brain signals for real-time gesture and error detectionArticle Artikel 9-Aug-2020
4Taheri Seyed Mohammad - 2017 - HellRank a Hellinger-based centrality measure for...pdf.jpgTaheri, Seyed Mohammad ; Mahyar, Hamidreza ; Firouzi, Mohammad ; Ghalebi K., Elahe ; Grosu, Radu; Movaghar, Ali HellRank: a Hellinger-based centrality measure for bipartite social networksArticle Artikel2017
5Bartocci Ezio - 2017 - First international Competition on Runtime Verification...pdf.jpgBartocci, Ezio  ; Falcone, Yliès ; Bonakdarpour, Borzoo ; Colombo, Christian ; Decker, Normann ; Havelund, Klaus ; Joshi, Yogi ; Klaedtke, Felix ; Milewicz, Reed ; Reger, Giles ; Rosu, Grigore ; Signoles, Julien ; Thoma, Daniel ; Zalinescu, Eugen ; Zhang, Yi First international Competition on Runtime Verification: rules, benchmarks, tools, and final results of CRV 2014Article Artikel 2019
6Esterle Lukas - 2016 - Cyber-physical systems challenge of the 21st century.pdf.jpgEsterle, Lukas ; Grosu, RaduCyber-physical systems : challenge of the 21st centuryArticle Artikel2016
7Yadav-2021-Asia-Pacific Education Researcher-vor.pdf.jpgYadav, Drishti Criteria for Good Qualitative Research: A Comprehensive ReviewArticle Artikel 2021
8Prabakaran Bharath Srinivas - 2019 - Architectural-Space Exploration of...pdf.jpgPrabakaran, Bharath Srinivas ; Dave, Mihika ; Kriebel, Florian ; Rehman, Semeen ; Shafique, MuhammadArchitectural-Space Exploration of Heterogeneous Reliability and Checkpointing Modes for Out-of-Order Superscalar ProcessorsArticle Artikel2019