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1Kuznets, Roman What Proof Theory Can Do for YouPresentation Vortrag17-Jan-2024
2Hunold, Sascha Unveiling the Complexities of Performance Analysis and Optimization in HPC SystemsPresentation Vortrag8-Dec-2023
3di Angelo, Monika ; Salzer, Gernot Consolidation of Ground Truth Sets for Weakness Detection in Smart ContractsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 5-Dec-2023
4Ostrowski, Erik ; Shafique, Muhammad ISLE: A Framework for Image Level Semantic Segmentation EnsembleInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 3-Dec-2023
5Prabakaran, Bharath Srinivas ; Ostrowski, Erik ; Shafique, Muhammad ReFit: A Framework for Refinement of Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation Using Object Border Fitting for Medical ImagesInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 1-Dec-2023
6Prabakaran, Bharath Srinivas ; Mrazek, Vojtech ; Vasicek, Zdenek ; Sekanina, Lukas ; Shafique, Muhammad Xel-FPGAs: An End-to-End Automated Exploration Framework for Approximate Accelerators in FPGA-Based SystemsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 30-Nov-2023
7Hunold-2023-Verifying Performance Guidelines for MPI Collectives at Scale-vor.pdf.jpgHunold, Sascha Verifying Performance Guidelines for MPI Collectives at ScaleInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 12-Nov-2023
8Swartvagher-2023-Using Mixed-Radix Decomposition to Enumerate Computation...-vor.pdf.jpgSwartvagher, Philippe ; Hunold, Sascha ; Träff, Jesper Larsson ; Vardas, Ioannis Using Mixed-Radix Decomposition to Enumerate Computational Resources of Deeply Hierarchical ArchitecturesInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 12-Nov-2023
9Monika di Angelo ; Durieux, Thomas ; Ferreira João F. ; Gernot Salzer SmartBugs 2.0: An Execution Framework for Weakness Detection in Ethereum Smart ContractsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 8-Nov-2023
10Tundo, Alessandro ; Mobilio, Marco ; Ilager, Shashikant Shankar ; Brandic, Ivona ; Bartocci, Ezio ; Mariani, Leonardo An Energy-Aware Approach to Design Self-Adaptive AI-based Applications on the EdgeInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 8-Nov-2023
11Laso Rodriguez, Ruben ; Casado, Fernando E. The research career after the PhDPresentation Vortrag3-Nov-2023
12Kropatschek, Sebastian Johannes ; Kurniawan, Kabul ; Bhosale, Pushparaj Rajaram ; Hollerer, Siegfried ; Kiesling, Elmar ; Winkler, Dietmar Towards A Knowledge Graph-based Framework for Integrated Security and Safety Analysis in Digital Production SystemsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2-Nov-2023
13Denzler, Patrick Heinrich ; Ramsauer, Daniel ; Scheuchenstuhl, Daniel ; Kastner, Wolfgang Experiences Modeling a OPC UA / DDS Gateway in AADL in the Context of Fog ComputingArticle Artikel31-Oct-2023
14Girlando-2023-A decision procedure for IS4-vor.pdf.jpgGirlando, Marianna ; Kuznets, Roman ; Marin, Sonia ; Morales, Marianela ; Straßburger, Lutz A decision procedure for IS4Inproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 31-Oct-2023
15Kuznets-2023-Simplicial approaches to crashing agents-vor.pdf.jpgKuznets, Roman Simplicial approaches to crashing agentsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 31-Oct-2023
16Dobe, Oyendrila ; Schupp, Stefan Alexander ; Bartocci, Ezio ; Bonakdarpour, Borzoo ; Legay, Axel ; Pajic, Miroslav ; Wang, Yu Lightweight Verification of HyperpropertiesInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 19-Oct-2023
17Randrianomentsoa-2023-Logical Methods in Computer Science-vor.pdf.jpgRandrianomentsoa, Rojo Fanamperana ; van Ditmarsch, Hans ; Kuznets, Roman Impure simplicial complexes: complete axiomatizationArticle Artikel 18-Oct-2023
18Hollerer, Siegfried ; Kastner, Wolfgang ; Sauter, Thilo Towards a Comprehensive Ontology Considering Safety, Security, and Operation Requirements in OTInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 12-Oct-2023
19Pannosch, Jürgen ; Kastner, Wolfgang Reference Model for Building AutomationInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 12-Oct-2023
20Bhosale, Pushparaj ; Kastner, Wolfgang ; Sauter, Thilo Integrated Safety-Security Risk Assessment for Industrial Control System: An Ontology-based ApproachInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 12-Oct-2023