Forschungsbereich Low Temperature Physics and Superconductivity

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E141-06 - Forschungsbereich Low Temperature Physics and Superconductivity
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Research Division
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1Semper, Florian ; Unterrainer, Raphael Nikolaus ; Kagerbauer, Sigrid ; Shipulin, Ilya A ; Hühne, Ruben ; Eisterer, Michael Effects of neutron radiation on the local Jc in YBCO on RABiTS templatesPresentation Vortrag6-Sep-2023
2Bodenseher, Alexander ; Unterrainer, Raphael Nikolaus ; Shipulin, Ilya A ; Hühne, Ruben ; Eisterer, Michael Change of superfluid density due to scattering caused by neutron induced defectsPresentation Vortrag6-Sep-2023
3Pfeiffer-2023-Superconductor Science and Technology-vor.pdf.jpgPfeiffer, Stephan ; Baumgartner, Thomas ; Löffler, Stefan ; Stöger-Pollach, Michael ; Hopkins, Simon C. ; Ballarino, A. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Bernardi, Johannes Analysis of inhomogeneities in Nb₃Sn wires by combined SEM and SHPM and their impact on Jc and TcArticle Artikel 4-Apr-2023
4Eisterer, Michael ; Bodenseher, Alexander ; Holleis, Sigrid ; Kagerbauer, Daniel ; Shigeyuki Ishida ; Akira Iyo ; Hiroshi Eisaki Scanning Hall Probe Microscopy on Magnetically Ordered and Superconducting EuRb-1144 Single CrystalsPresentation Vortrag7-Dec-2022
5Bodenseher, Alexander ; Unterrainer, Raphael Nikolaus ; Eisterer, Michael Influence of neutron radiation on the superconducting and normal state properties of REBCO filmsPresentation Vortrag15-Nov-2022
6Semper, Florian ; Eisterer, Michael Magnetic characterization of Tl-1223Presentation Vortrag11-Nov-2022
7Holleis, Sigrid ; Shipulin, Ilya A ; Zhengxing Zhou ; Hühne, Ruben ; Bernardi, Johannes ; Eisterer, Michael Reduced granularity of BHO-doped YBCO coated conductors assessed by high-resolution scanning Hall probe microscopyPresentation Vortrag27-Oct-2022
8Laura Wheatley ; Baumgartner, Thomas ; Eisterer, Michael ; Paul Bagot ; Susie Speller ; Michael Moody ; Chris Grovenor Nanoscale analysis of neutron irratiated Nb3Sn for particle accelerator and fusion applicationsPresentation Vortrag27-Oct-2022
9Unterrainer, Raphael Nikolaus ; Bodenseher, Alexander ; David Fischer ; Dennis Whyte ; Shipulin, Ilya A ; Hühne, Ruben ; Eisterer, Michael Recovery of n and p+ irradiation damaged high temperature superconductors for fusion magnet applicationsPresentation Vortrag26-Oct-2022
10Prikhna, Tatiana ; Eisterer, Michael High pressure-high temperature manufacturing and superconducting characteristics of MgB2-, Y123- and (Cu,C)-1234-based materialsPresentation Vortrag25-Oct-2022
11Semper, Florian ; Holleis, Sigrid ; Shipulin, Ilya A ; Hühne, Ruben ; Eisterer, Michael Effects of Ag doping on the supercurrent transport in YBCO on RABiTS and IBAD-MgO templatesPresentation Vortrag25-Oct-2022
12Bader, David ; Shigeyuki Ishida ; Junichiro Kato ; Shungo Nakagawa ; Taichiro Nishio ; Takanar Kashiwagi ; Hiroshi Eisaki ; Eisterer, Michael Effects of oxygen doping on irradiated Bi-2212 single crystalsPresentation Vortrag24-Oct-2022
13Eisterer, Michael Radiation effects in superconductorsPresentation Vortrag12-Oct-2022
14Eisterer, Michael Influence of fast neutron irradiation on the properties of conventional and high temperature superconductorsPresentation Vortrag1-Sep-2022
15Shipulin, Ilya A ; Anna Thomas, Aleena ; Holleis, Sigrid ; Eisterer, Michael ; Nielsch, Kornelius ; Hühne, Ruben Effect of Silver Doping on the Superconducting and Structural Properties of YBCO Films Grown by PLD on Different TemplatesArticle Artikel 3-Aug-2022
16Eisterer, Michael ; Unterrainer, Raphael Nikolaus ; Fischer, David Understanding and Retarding the Degradation of Fusion Magnets due to Neutron RadiationPresentation Vortrag21-Jul-2022
17Eisterer, Michael ; Cardwell, David A. ; Larbalestier, David C. ; Braginski, Aleksander Magnetic Measurements of Critical Current Density, Pinning, and Flux CreepBook Contribution Buchbeitrag5-Jul-2022
18Eisterer, Michael Neutron irradiation effects on the superconducting performance of REBCO coated conductorsPresentation Vortrag24-Jun-2022
19Prikhna, T. A. ; Kasatkin, A. L. ; Eisterer, M. ; Moshchil, V. E. ; Shapovalov, A. P. ; Romaka, V. V. ; Rabier, J. ; Jouline, A. ; Chaud, X. ; Rindfleisch, M. ; Tomsic, M. ; Ponomaryov, S. S. ; Shaternik, A. V. ; Sverdun, V. B. Influence of Oxygen Concentration and Distribution on Microstructure and Superconducting Characteristics of MgB<inf>2</inf>-Based Materials and Melt-Textured YBCOArticle Artikel 1-Jun-2022
20Holleis, Sigrid ; Anna Thomas, Aleena ; Shipulin, Ilya A ; Hühne, Ruben ; Steiger-Thirsfeld, Andreas ; Bernardi, Johannes ; Eisterer, Michael Magnetic granularity in PLD-grown Fe(Se,Te) films on simple RABiTS templatesArticle Artikel 17-May-2022