B (COST Action MINEA) Mining the European Anthroposphere

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B (COST Action MINEA) Mining the European Anthroposphere
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B (COST Action MINEA) Mining the European Anthroposphere
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COST Office
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1Cormio-2024-Data in Brief-vor.pdf.jpgCormio, Carlo ; García-Alonso, Marta ; Cleall, Peter ; Heuss-Assbichler, Soraya ; Guglietta, Daniela ; Sinnett, Danielle ; Szabo, Katalin ; Žibret, Gorazd ; Carvalho, Teresa ; Kral, Ulrich ; Werner, Tim ; Lemiere, Bruno Site-specific dataset of mining and metallurgical residues for resource managementArticle Artikel Jun-2024
2Huber, Florian Material recovery from waste incineration residues (WG 3) - IntroductionPräsentation Presentation2020
3Blasenbauer, Dominik Legal situation for utilizing MSWI bottom-ash across EuropePräsentation Presentation2020
4Müller, Sandra ; Kral, Ulrich ; Wäger, Patrik A. Developing material recovery projects: Lessons learned from processing municipal solid waste incineration residuesPräsentation Presentation2020
5Kral, Ulrich Mining the Europena Antroposphere - MINEA - OpeningPräsentation Presentation2020
6Focaccia, Sara ; Kral, Ulrich ; Cormio, Carlo ; Hengl, Ingeborg Book of Abstract. Poster session at Conference on Mining the European Anthroposphere, 20-21 Feb 2020Konferenzband Proceedings2020
7Blasenbauer, Dominik ; Bogush, Anna ; Carvalho, T. ; Cleall, P. ; Cormio, Carlo ; Guglietta, D. ; Fellner, Johann ; Fernández-Alonso, M. ; Heuss-Aßbichler, Soraya ; Huber, Florian ; Kral, Ulrich ; Kriipsalu, M. ; Krook, Joakim ; Laner, David ; Lederer, Jakob ; Lemière, B. ; Liu, G. ; Mao, R. ; Mueller, Sandra R. ; Quina, Margarida J. ; Sinnet, D. ; Stegemann, Julia ; Syc, Michal ; Szabó, Katalin ; Werner, T.T. ; Wille, Eddie ; Winterstetter, Andrea ; Zibret, Gorazd Knowledge base to facilitate anthropogenic resource assessment (MINEA Deliverable)Bericht Report2020
8Heuss-Aßbichler, Soraya ; Horváth, Zoltán ; Kral, Ulrich ; Løvik, A. ; Mueller, Sandra R. ; Simoni, Mark Uwe ; Stegemann, Julia ; Wäger, Patrik A. ; Winterstetter, Andrea Strategic roadmap on Sustainable Management of Anthropogenic Resources (MINEA Deliverable). COST Action Mining the European Anthroposphere (MINEA).Bericht Report2020
9Kral, Ulrich Why and how to classifymaterial quantities from secondary sources?Präsentation Presentation2018
10Horváth, Zoltán ; Szabó, Katalin ; Bányácski, Szilvia ; Kral, Ulrich Harmonization between national and international classification systems - Case studies for mining waste in HungaryPräsentation Presentation2018
11Kral, Ulrich COST Action: Mining the European AnthropospherePräsentation Presentation2018
12Kral, Ulrich UNECE develops Specifications toclassify material recovery projectsin the circular economyPräsentation Presentation2018
13Kral, Ulrich ; Heuss-Aßbichler, Soraya ; Osmani, Mohamed Enabling effective gypsum recovery managementby using the UN Framework Classification for ResourcesPräsentation Presentation2018
14Heiberg, Sigurd ; Heuss-Aßbichler, Soraya ; Hilton, Julian ; Horváth, Zoltán ; Kral, Ulrich ; Krook, Joakim ; Laner, David ; Müller, Felix ; Mueller, Sandra R. ; Osmani, Mohamed ; Simoni, Mark Uwe ; Stegemann, Julia ; Wäger, Patrik A. ; Winterstetter, Andrea ; Wittmer, Dominik Specifications for the application of the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources to Anthropogenic Resources, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)Bericht Report2018
15Kral Ulrich - 2018 - Vorratsklassifikation von anthropogenen Ressourcen...pdf.jpgKral, Ulrich ; Fellner, Johann ; Heuss-Aßbichler, Soraya ; Laner, David ; Müller, Felix ; Simoni, Mark Uwe ; Rechberger, Helmut ; Weber, Leopold ; Wellmer, Friedrich-Wilhelm ; Winterstetter, Andrea Vorratsklassifikation von anthropogenen Ressourcen: Historischer Kontext, Kurzvorstellung und AusblickBericht Report 2018
16Kral, Ulrich COST Action MINEA and its relevance for SCRREENPräsentation Presentation2017
17Kral, Ulrich Resource classification - What, why, how?Präsentation Presentation2017
18Kral, Ulrich Cost Action: Mining the European AnthropospherePräsentation Presentation2016
19Kral, Ulrich Mining the European AnthropospherePräsentation Presentation2016