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Sangiovanni, Giorgio

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1Gabel, Judith ; Pickem, Matthias ; Scheiderer, Philipp ; Dudy, Lenart ; Leikert, Berengar ; Fuchs, Marius ; Stübinger, Martin ; Schmitt, Matthias ; Küspert, Julia ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio ; Tomczak, Jan M. ; Held, Karsten ; Lee, Tien‐Lin ; Claessen, Ralph ; Sing, Michael Toward Functionalized Ultrathin Oxide Films: The Impact of Surface Apical OxygenArtikel Article 2021
2Wagner, Niklas ; Ciuchi, Sergio ; Toschi, Alessandro ; Trauzettel, Björn ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio Resistivity Exponents in 3D Dirac Semimetals From Electron-Electron InteractionArtikel Article 2021
3Valli, Angelo ; Bahlke, Marc Philipp ; Kowalski, Alexander ; Karolak, Michael ; Herrmann, Carmen ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio Kondo screening in Co adatoms with full Coulomb interactionArtikel Article 2020
4Springer, Daniel ; Kim, Bongjae ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Adler, Severino ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio ; Toschi, Alessandro Osmates on the Verge of a Hund's-Mott Transition: The Different Fates of NaOsO3 and LiOsO3Artikel Article 2020
5Springer, Daniel ; Chalupa, Patrick ; Toschi, Alessandro ; Ciuchi, Sergio ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio Interplay between local response and vertex divergences in many-fermion systems with on-site attractionArtikel Article 2020
6Wallerberger, Markus ; Hausoel, Andreas ; Gunacker, Patrik ; Kowalski, Alexander ; Parragh, Nicolaus ; Goth, Florian ; Held, Karsten ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio w2dynamics: Local one- and two-particle quantities from dynamical mean field theoryArtikel Article2019
7Gunnarsson, O. ; Schäfer, Thomas ; LeBlanc, James ; Merino, J. ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio ; Rohringer, Georg ; Toschi, Alessandro Parquet decomposition calculations of the electronic self-energyPräsentation Presentation2017
8Di Sante, Domenico ; Hausoel, Andreas ; Barone, Paolo ; Tomczak, Jan M. ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio ; Thomale, Ronny Realizing double Dirac particles in the presence of electronic interactionsArtikel Article2017
9Hausoel, A. ; Karolak, Michael ; Sasioglu, Esoy ; Lichtenstein, A. I. ; Held, Karsten ; Katanin, A. A. ; Toschi, Alessandro ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio Local magnetic moments in iron and nickel at ambient and Earth's core conditionsArtikel Article2017
10Schäfer, Thomas ; Gunnarsson, O. ; Ciuchi, Sergio ; Wallerberger, Markus ; LeBlanc, J. p. f. ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio ; Rohringer, Georg ; Toschi, Alessandro Irreducible vertex divergences: Non-Perturbative Landscape of the Mott-Hubbard transitionPräsentation Presentation2016
11Schäfer, Thomas ; Gunnarsson, O. ; Gull, E. ; LeBlanc, J. p. f. ; Merino, J. ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio ; Rohringer, Georg ; Toschi, Alessandro The physics underlying electronic spectra: from parquet decomposition to fluctuation diagnosticsPräsentation Presentation2016
12Schäfer, Thomas ; Gunnarsson, O. ; LeBlanc, J. p. f. ; Gull, E. ; Merino, J. ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio ; Rohringer, Georg ; Toschi, Alessandro Fluctuation diagnostics of electronic spectraKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2016
13Schäfer, Thomas ; Gunnarsson, O. ; LeBlanc, J. p. f. ; Gull, E. ; Merino, J. ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio ; Toschi, Alessandro Fluctuation diagnostics of the electronic self-energy - origin of the pseudogap physicsPräsentation Presentation2015
14Zhong, Zhicheng ; Wallerberger, Markus ; Tomczak, Jan M. ; Taranto, Ciro ; Parragh, Nicolaus ; Toschi, Alessandro ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio ; Held, Karsten Electronics with Correlated Oxides: SrVO3/SrTiO3 as a Mott TransistorArtikel Article2015
15Li, Gang ; Hanke, Werner ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio ; Trauzettel, Björn Interacting weak topological insulators and their transition to Dirac semimetal phasesArtikel Article2015
16Parragh, Nicolaus ; Toschi, Alessandro ; Held, Karsten ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio Conserved quantities of SU(2)-invariant interactions for correlated fermions and the advantages for quantum Monte Carlo simulationsArtikel Article2012
17Zhong, Zhicheng ; Wissgott, Philipp ; Held, Karsten ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio Microscopic understanding of the orbital splitting and its tuning at oxide interfacesArtikel Article2012