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dc.description.abstractIn the 21st century, the importance of eco-innovation for logistics and transportation increases because of global warming. The solar and wind-powered boat concept is ingenuity in efforts to solve the problem of carbon emissions.The goal of this thesis is to explain the aspect of mechanics and structures of the wings, also solar- and battery-technology with good examples of the concepts along with lots of drawings, which are easy to understand. After explaining the aspects clearly and succinctly, the possible ways to develop a design in this field are given to lead the investors in the right direction for an effective start. With this intention, this study examined also the software for Computer-aided Design and Computer-aided Engineering such as CATIA and ANSYS software.Finally, all the aspects, to analyze some specific parts of the Volitan sailing yacht design, are covered in this thesis. It is a luxury 32 meters long concept sailing yacht design. It has two wingsails and their surfaces covered by solar panels on both sides. The solid sails can tilt, shift and rotate to catch the wind and get the best angle to convert sunlight into electricity with the solar panel. The Volitan design also has two extension arms under the solid sails. Their main task is holding the 200 HP electric motors on each side of the boat. This X-shape sailing boat with these four futuristic wings, two wingsails and two extension arms, won lots of awards such as International Design Awards 2007 in Nautical Boats and Transportation Category, Green Dot Awards 2008 in Transportation Category. Unfortunately, the design has not been produced yet. This study investigates the advantages and disadvantages of the design as well as analysing the possible frame structures for the 4 extensions and the possible ways to join themto the yacht main hull.The following list is the main researches and results that are presented in the masterthesis:The solar-powered boat concept is defined and explained with good examples that exist. Information about solar power and battery technology is shared.The wind-powered boat concept is defined and explained with good examples that exist. Information about the mechanics of wind loads and the structure of the solid wings is shared.The Volitan Yacht Design is defined and explained.The computational methods in engineering, which are useful to design and analysis a product in ship & boat design are mentioned, and some software recommendations are made.The prototype shipbuilding in Vienna Model Basin LTD is introduced and the extrapolation of model test measurements is briefly explained.The 55 parts are designed in CATIA and 4 bearing designs are downloaded for the analyses and 2D drawings are created for the presentation of the joints.The analyses of the Volitan yacht design are made in CATIA and ANSYS.The possible ways to join the additional parts such as the wings to the yacht are examined.The frame of the upper and lower wings are designed.en
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dc.titleSolar and wind powered boats - a proof of concept for the extraordinary Volitan yachten
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