59th Annual Denver X-ray Conference

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59th Annual Denver X-ray Conference
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Event for scientific audience
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1Smolek, S. ; Margui, E. ; Kregsamer, Peter ; Queralt, I. ; Streli, Christina Analysis Of Plant Leaves Related To Remediation Sutdies In Post-Mining Areas By Laboratory Based Micro-Xrf SpectrometryPräsentation Presentation2010
2Pepponi, Giancarlo ; Meirer, F. ; Sahiner, M.A. ; Giubertoni, D. ; Gennaro, S. ; Demenev, E. ; Bersani, M. ; Foad, M.A. ; Streli, Christina ; Pianetta, P. Grazing Incidence X-Ray Absorption Applied To The Characterisation Of As Shallow Implants In SiPräsentation Presentation2010
3Beckhoff, B. ; Kolbe, M. ; Müller, M. ; Nutsch, A. ; Altmann, R. ; Borionetti, G. ; Pello, C. ; Polgnano, M.L. ; Codegoni, C. ; Grasso, S. ; Cazzini, E. ; Bersani, M. ; Lazzeri, P. ; Gennaro, S. ; Kregsamer, Peter ; Posch, F. Investigation of Spin-coated inorganic contamination on Si surfacs by various analytical techniquesPräsentation Presentation2010
4Horntrich, C. ; Smolek, S. ; Maderitsch, A. ; Kregsamer, Peter ; Simon, R. ; Nutsch, A. ; Knoerr, M. ; Streli, Christina Investigation Of The Element Distribution In Txrf Samples Using Sr µxrfPräsentation Presentation2010
5Meirer, F. ; Hofstätter, J. ; Smolek, S. ; Pemmer, B. ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Simon, R. ; Fuchs, R. K. ; Allen, M. R. ; Condon, K. W. ; Reinwald, S. ; McClenathan, D. ; Keck, B. ; Phipps, R. J. ; Burr, D. B. ; Roschger, Paul ; Paschalis, E.P. ; Klaushofer, K. ; Streli, Christina Levels and Spatial Distribution of Trace Elements in Bone Following Strontium Treatment in Calcium Deficient RatsPräsentation Presentation2010
6Karydas, A.G. ; Kantarelou, V. ; Sokaras, D. ; Wegrzynek, D. ; Chinea-Cano, Ernesto ; Markowicz, A. ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Streli, Christina ; Uhlir, K. ; Griesser, M. Micro-XRF analysis of metal alloys: From the laboratory calibration towards in-situ analysesPräsentation Presentation2010
7Wobrauschek, Peter Txrf- A Versatile Tool For Trace Element Analysis: A ReviewPräsentation Presentation2010