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EXRS 2014
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Event for scientific audience
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Bologna, Italy
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1Prost, Josef ; Smolek, S. ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Markowicz, A. ; Streli, Christina Analysis of indoor aerosol particles with Total Reflection and Micro X-ray Fluorescence AnalysisPräsentation Presentation2014
2Ingerle, D. ; Kirschner, J. ; Caby, B. ; Streli, Christina Investigation of fitness landscapes for GIXRF and XRRPräsentation Presentation2014
3Rauwolf, Mirjam ; Pemmer, B. ; Ingerle, D. ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Streli, Christina ; Pahlke, A. Low Z TXRF measurements with a new SD detector with UTWPräsentation Presentation2014
4Menzel, M. ; Fittschen, U. ; Scharf, O. ; Nowak, S.H. ; Radke, M. ; Reinholz, Uwe ; Buzanich, G. ; Montoya, V.M. ; Hischenhuber, Peter ; Streli, Christina ; Havrilla, G.J. ; McIntosh, K. Shading Effects in SR-TXRF: Calculations and experimental Visualization Using a Color X-Ray CameraPräsentation Presentation2014
5Wobrauschek, Peter ; Streli, Christina ; Großmayer, Bernhard ; Griesser, M. ; Uhlir, K. ; Buzanich, G. ; Wegrzynek, D. Test, evaluation and improvement of the fundamental parameter quantification program BGFPXRF for the PART (Portable ART analyzer) systemPräsentation Presentation2014
6Ingerle, D. ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Streli, Christina The influence of beam coherence on the GIXRF characterization of nanoparticlesPräsentation Presentation2014
7Vanhoof, Christine ; Tirez, K. ; Peters, J. ; Berghmans, P. ; Cornelis, C. ; Adriaensens, E. ; Roekens, E. ; Meirer, F. ; Smolek, S. ; Maderitsch, A. ; Streli, Christina ; Steiniger, R. ; Güttlicher, J. Total element determination and speciation of arsenic in airborne particulate matter by combining ED/WDXRF, HPLC- ICP-MS and XANES analysesPräsentation Presentation2014
8Maderitsch, A. ; Smolek, S. ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Takman, P. ; Streli, Christina TXRF with liquid metal jet tubePräsentation Presentation2014
9Caby, B. ; Ingerle, D. ; Pepponi, Giancarlo ; Streli, Christina ; Nolot, E. ; Mazen, F. ; Morales, M. ; Chateigner, D. XRR & GiXRF combined analysis of Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation Ultra-Shallow junctionsPräsentation Presentation2014