66th annual meeting of the Austrian Physical Society (ÖPG)

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66th annual meeting of the Austrian Physical Society (ÖPG)
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Event for scientific audience
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1Konrad, Gertrud ; Abele, Hartmut ; Märkisch, B. ; Schmidt, U. ; Theroine, Camille ; Soldner, Torsten A cold neutron beam facility for particle physics at the ESSPräsentation Presentation2016
2Lackner, Peter A novel SMSI mechanism driving the creation of ultra-thin zirconia (ZrO₂) layersPräsentation Presentation2016
3Schmiedbauer, N. Active noise cancelling for heat pump applicationsPräsentation Presentation2016
4Wagner, Margareta Adsorption and Growth of Sexiphenyl on In₂O₃(111)Präsentation Presentation2016
5Sevcsik, Eva Biophysik - die Brücke zwischen Biologie und Physik; invited talkPräsentation Presentation2016
6Setvin, Martin Charging single O₂ molecules on the TiO₂ anatase (101) surfacePräsentation Presentation2016
7Hulva, Jan Combined Experimental and Computational Study of Water on Fe₃O₄ (001)Präsentation Presentation2016
8Brousse, Clement ; Bosina, Joachim ; Erhart, Jacqueline ; Fillunger, Harald ; Klopf, Michael ; Moser, Daniel ; Thoma, Max ; Konrad, Gertrud Design of the Magnetic Shielding for NoMoSPräsentation Presentation2016
9Mertens, S.F.L. Fluoride-free wet-chemical preparation of oxide single crystal surfacesPräsentation Presentation2016
10Riva, Michele In-situ atomic-scale control of the growth of a polar perovskite oxide: SrTiO₃(110) homoepitaxy by pulsed laser depositionPräsentation Presentation2016
11Gloss, Jonas Ion-beam-induced magnetic and structural phase transformation of fcc Fe thin films on different substratesPräsentation Presentation2016
12Müllner, Matthias ; Balajka, Jan ; Hemmi, A. ; Schmid, Michael ; Diebold, Ulrike ; Mertens, S.F.L. Monodisperse tungsten oxide cluster deposition from solutionPräsentation Presentation2016
13Jericha, Erwin PERC - A Status ReportPräsentation Presentation2016
14Klopf, Michael ; Moser, Daniel ; Raffelt, Lukas ; Roick, C. ; Saul, Heiko ; Klenke, Jens ; Konrad, Gertrud ; Lennert, Peter ; Mach, Wilfried ; Märkisch, B. ; Schmidt, U. ; Soldner, Torsten ; Virot, Romain ; Abele, Hartmut PERKEO III - Measurement of the Proton AsymmetryPräsentation Presentation2016
15Franchini, C. Polaron-driven (1x2)-reconstruction of rutile TiO₂(110)Präsentation Presentation2016
16Bliem, Roland Single Rh adatoms at the Fe₃O₄(001) surface and their interaction with gas moleculesPräsentation Presentation2016
17Parkinson, Gareth S. Single-Atom Catalysis - An Atomic-Scale ViewPräsentation Presentation2016
18Wimberger, P. Space-, time- and frequency resolved recording and analysis of sound emissions and sound source localisation using a multichannel measuring systemPräsentation Presentation2016
19Balajka, Jan Stability and Structure of TiO₂ surfaces in liquid waterPräsentation Presentation2016
20Meier, Matthias Water Adsorption on Magnetite: Insights from DFTPräsentation Presentation2016