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1Getzner, Michael ; Färber, Barbara ; Yamu, Claudia 2D Versus 3D: The Relevance of the Mode of Presentation for the Economic Valuation of an Alpine LandscapeArtikel Article 2016
2Zanabria, Claudia ; Andrén, Filip ; Strasser, Thomas An Adaptable Engineering Support Framework for Multi-Functional Energy Storage System ApplicationsArtikel Article 2018
3Huymajer, Marco ; Woegerbauer, Matthias ; Winkler, Leopold ; Mazak-Huemer, Alexandra ; Biedermann, Hubert An Interdisciplinary Systematic Review on Sustainability in Tunneling-Bibliometrics, Challenges, and SolutionsArtikel Article 2022
4Jjagwe Joseph - 2019 - Assessment of a Cattle Manure Vermicomposting System...pdf.jpgJjagwe, Joseph ; Komakech, Allan John ; Karungi, Jeninah ; Amann, Arabel ; Wanyama, Joshua ; Lederer, Jakob Assessment of a Cattle Manure Vermicomposting System Using Material Flow Analysis : A Case Study from UgandaArticle Artikel 2019
5Koeck-2023-Sustainability-vor.pdf.jpgKöck, Bianca-Maria ; Friedl, Anton ; Serna Loaiza, Sebastián ; Wukovits, Walter ; Mihalyi-Schneider, Bettina Automation of Life Cycle Assessment—A Critical Review of Developments in the Field of Life Cycle Inventory AnalysisArticle Artikel 21-Mar-2023
6Tamantini, Swati ; Del Lungo, Alberto ; Romagnoli, Manuela ; Paletto, Alessandro ; Keller, Michael ; Bersier, Jacques ; Zikeli, Florian Basic Steps to Promote Biorefinery Value Chains in Forestry in ItalyArtikel Article 2021
7Maldet, Matthias ; Schwabeneder, Daniel ; Lettner, Georg ; Loschan, Christoph ; Corinaldesi, Carlo ; Auer, Hans Beyond Traditional Energy Sector Coupling: Conserving and Efficient Use of Local ResourcesArtikel Article 17-Jun-2022
8Bhattacharya-2022-Sustainability-vor.pdf.jpgBhattacharya, Sweta ; Victor, Nancy ; Chengoden, Rajeswari ; Ramalingam, Murugan ; Selvi, Govardanan ; Maddikunta, Praveen ; Donta, Praveen ; Dustdar, Schahram ; Jhaveri, Rutvij ; Gadekallu, Thippa Blockchain for Internet of Underwater Things: State-of-the-Art, Applications, Challenges, and Future DirectionsArticle Artikel 24-Nov-2022
9Weigert-2022-Sustainability-vor.pdf.jpgWeigert, Maximilian ; Melnyk, Oleksandr ; Winkler, Leopold ; Raab, Jacqueline Carbon Emissions of Construction Processes on Urban Construction SitesArticle Artikel Oct-2022
10Soteropoulos-2021-Sustainability-vor.pdf.jpgSoteropoulos, Aggelos ; Berger, Martin ; Mitteregger, Mathias Compatibility of Automated Vehicles in Street Spaces: Considerations for a Sustainable ImplementationArticle Artikel Mar-2021
11Lukitsch-2020-Sustainability-vor.pdf.jpgLukitsch, Benjamin ; Ecker, Paul ; Elenkov, Martin ; Janeczek, Christoph ; Haddadi Sisakht, Bahram ; Jordan, Christian ; Krenn, Claus ; Ullrich, Roman ; Gföhler, Margit ; Harasek, Michael Computation of Global and Local Mass Transfer in Hollow Fiber Membrane ModulesArticle Artikel Mar-2020
12Reisinger-2021-Sustainability-vor.pdf.jpgReisinger, Julia ; Hollinsky, Patrick ; Kovacic, Iva Design Guideline for Flexible Industrial Buildings Integrating Industry 4.0 ParametersArticle Artikel Oct-2021
13Spörl, Philipp ; Göndör, Aron ; Irrgeher, Johanna ; Prohaska, Thomas ; Trimmel, Simone ; Capari, Leo ; Haluza, Daniela ; Scharf, Bernhard ; Kasper-Giebl, Anne ; Pitha, Ulrike Development of a mobile module-based wind tunnel for the determination of collection efficiencies of particulate matter on surface structuresArtikel Article 2021
14Voeroes-2023-Sustainability-vor.pdf.jpgVörös, Fanni ; Gartner, Georg ; Peterson, Michael P. ; Kovács, Béla Do Social Aspects Affect Built-in Car Navigation Habits? A Stereotype StudyArticle Artikel Mar-2023
15Schabka-2022-Sustainability-vor.pdf.jpgSchabka, Marc ; Kammerhofer, Aurelia ; Batiajew, Valerie ; Juschten, Maria Driving Forces and Barriers for the Implementation of Mobility Services in Austria - A Practitioner PerspectiveArticle Artikel 12-Sep-2022
16Fischer, Henriette Susanne ; Aichholzer, Martin ; Korjenic, Azra Ecological Potential of Building Components in Multi-Storey Residential Construction: A Comparative Case Study between an Existing Concrete and a Timber Building in AustriaArticle Artikel 7-Apr-2023
17Saracevic-2019-Sustainability-vor.pdf.jpgSaracevic, Ervin ; Koch, Daniel ; Stuermer, Bernhard ; Mihalyi-Schneider, Bettina ; Miltner, Angela ; Friedl, Anton Economic and Global Warming Potential Assessment of Flexible Power Generation with Biogas PlantsArticle Artikel May-2019
18Hollands-2021-Sustainability-vor.pdf.jpgHollands, Jutta ; Korjenic, Azra Evaluation and Planning Decision on Façade Greening Made Easy—Integration in BIM and Implementation of an Automated Design ProcessArticle Artikel Aug-2021
19Macharia-2021-Sustainability Switzerland-vor.pdf.jpgMacharia, Pauline ; Wirth, Maria ; Yillia, Paul ; Kreuzinger, Norbert Examining the relative impact of drivers on energy input for municipal water supply in AfricaArticle Artikel 29-Jul-2021
20Nimmegeers, Philippe ; Parchomenko, Alexej ; De Meulenaere, Paul ; D’hooge, Dagmar R. ; Van Steenberge, Paul H. M. ; Rechberger, Helmut ; Billen, Pieter Extending Multilevel Statistical Entropy Analysis towards Plastic Recyclability PredictionArtikel Article 2021