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1Girardin, Antoine ; Brunner, Nicolas ; Kriváchy, Tamás Building separable approximations for quantum states via neural networksArticle Artikel 24-Jun-2022
2Schimmoller, Alex J. ; McCaul, Gerard ; Abele, Hartmut ; Bondar, Denys I. Decoherence-free entropic gravity: Model and experimental testsArtikel Article 2021
3Wagner, Richard ; Kersten, Wenzel ; Danner, Armin ; Lemmel, Hartmut ; Pan, Alok Kumar ; Sponar, Stephan Direct experimental test of commutation relation via imaginary weak valueArtikel Article 2021
4Riva, Michele ; Franceschi, Giada ; Schmid, Michael ; Diebold, Ulrike Epitaxial growth of complex oxide films: Role of surface reconstructionsArtikel Article 2019
5Sponar, Stephan ; Danner, Armin ; Pecile, Vito ; Einsidler, Nico ; Demirel, Bülent ; Hasegawa, Yuji Experimental test of entropic noise-disturbance uncertainty relations for three-outcome qubit measurementsArtikel Article 2021
6Garbe-2022-Physical Review Research PRResearch-vor.pdf.jpgGarbe, Louis ; Abah, Obinna ; Felicetti, Simone ; Puebla, Ricardo Exponential time-scaling of estimation precision by reaching a quantum critical pointArticle Artikel 26-Oct-2022
7Larimian, Seyedreza ; Erattupuzha, Sonia ; Baltuška, Andrius ; Kitzler-Zeiler, Markus ; Xie, Xinhua Frustrated double ionization of argon atoms in strong laser fieldArtikel Article 2020
8Chalupa-Gantner, Patrick ; Kugler, Fabian B. ; Hille, Cornelia ; von Delft, Jan ; Andergassen, Sabine ; Toschi, Alessandro Fulfillment of sum rules and Ward identities in the multiloop functional renormalization group solution of the Anderson impurity modelArticle Artikel 20-Apr-2022
9Savchenko, M. L. ; Shuvaev, A. ; Dmitriev, I. A. ; Bykov, A. A. ; Bakarov, A. K. ; Kvon, Z. D. ; Pimenov, A. High harmonics of the cyclotron resonance in microwave transmission of a high-mobility two-dimensional electron systemArtikel Article 2021
10Mitra, Toshali ; Mondkar, Sukrut ; Mukhopadhyay, Ayan ; Rebhan, Anton ; Soloviev, Alexander Hydrodynamic attractor of a hybrid viscous fluid in Bjorken flowArtikel Article 2020
11Valli, Angelo ; Bahlke, Marc Philipp ; Kowalski, Alexander ; Karolak, Michael ; Herrmann, Carmen ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio Kondo screening in Co adatoms with full Coulomb interactionArtikel Article 2020
12Hu, Hongtao ; Larimian, Seyedreza ; Erattupuzha, Sonia ; Wen, Jin ; Baltuška, Andrius ; Kitzler-Zeiler, Markus ; Xie, Xinhua Laser-induced dissociative recombination of carbon dioxideArtikel Article 2019
13Mayr-Schmölzer, Wernfried ; Planer, Jakub ; Redinger, Josef ; Grüneis, Andreas ; Mittendorfer, Florian Many-electron calculations of the phase stability of ZrO₂ polymorphsArtikel Article 2020
14Patrick, Sam ; Geelmuyden, August ; Erne, Sebastian ; Barenghi, Carlo F. ; Weinfurtner, Silke Origin and evolution of the multiply quantized vortex instabilityArticle Artikel 8-Jun-2022
15Pickem, Matthias ; Tomczak, Jan M. ; Held, Karsten Particle-hole asymmetric lifetimes promoted by nonlocal spin and orbital fluctuations in SrVO₃ monolayersArticle Artikel 30-Sep-2022
16Lemmel, Hartmut ; Geerits, Niels ; Danner, Armin ; Hofmann, Holger F. ; Sponar, Stephan Quantifying the presence of a neutron in the paths of an interferometerArticle Artikel 27-Apr-2022
17Hille, Cornelia ; Eckhardt, Christian Johannes ; Kauch, Anna ; Toschi, Alessandro ; Andergassen, S. Quantitative functional renormalization group description of the two-dimensional Hubbard modelArtikel Article 2020
18Mennemann, J.-F. ; Mazets, I. E. ; Pigneur, M. ; Stimming, H. P. ; Mauser, N. J. ; Schmiedmayer, J. ; Erne, S. Relaxation in an extended bosonic Josephson junctionArtikel Article 2021
19Zhang, P. ; Das, A. ; Barts, E. ; Azhar, M. ; Si, L. ; Held, Karsten ; Mostovoy, M. ; Banerjee, T. Robust skyrmion-bubble textures in Sr Ru O3 thin films stabilized by magnetic anisotropyArtikel Article 2020
20Bonetti, Pietro M. ; Toschi, Alessandro ; Hille, Cornelia ; Andergassen, Sabine ; Vilardi, Demetrio Single-boson exchange representation of the functional renormalization group for strongly interacting many-electron systemsArticle Artikel 14-Jan-2022