Forschungsbereich Architekturtheorie und Technikphilosophie

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E259-04 - Forschungsbereich Architekturtheorie und Technikphilosophie
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Research Division
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PreviewAuthors / EditorsTitleTypeIssue Date
1Villa, Riccardo Matteo Digital EposPresentation Vortrag2-Nov-2023
2Villa, Riccardo Matteo Books of All Books. Towards an Epos of the DigitablePresentation Vortrag15-Sep-2023
3Villa, Riccardo Matteo The Art of KenosisPresentation Vortrag8-Aug-2023
4Ramm, Sophie Johanna Giving Vision a RestPresentation Vortrag8-Aug-2023
5Villa, Riccardo Matteo The Unnamable PicturePresentation Vortrag26-May-2023
6Frijns-2023-International Journal of Social Robotics-vor.pdf.jpgFrijns, Helena Anna ; Schürer, Oliver ; Koeszegi, Sabine Theresia Communication Models in Human-Robot Interaction: An Asymmetric MODel of ALterity in Human-Robot Interaction (AMODAL-HRI)Artikel Article Mar-2023
7Bühlmann, Vera Pantomime at the Cosmic Convivia: Michel Serres' Commedia dell’Arte as a Comedy of Professions in the light of Environmental HumanitiesPresentation Vortrag11-Nov-2022
8Bühlmann, Vera Meridian Proprioception 
and the Common in the Outwith of "World" – A Canonical Question for Quantum LiteracyPresentation Vortrag16-Sep-2022
9Mayer, Susi Leben im DurchhausSpecial Contribution Spezialbeitrag24-Aug-2022
10Bühlmann, Vera Digital Dignity - On Computational Amphoras and the Public Nature of KnowledgePresentation Vortrag22-Jun-2022
11Bühlmann, Vera Figuring Things Out: a General Treatise on Sculpture.Presentation Vortrag16-Jun-2022
12Garcia Argüelles, Cristina ‘New Spaces for Digital Art’Presentation Vortrag13-Jun-2022
13Villa, Riccardo Matteo Iconostasis. Rethinking the Image in the Digital Age.Presentation Vortrag11-Jun-2022
14Bühlmann, Vera Free Will and the Rational: A Cosmic Self that Cannot Say 'I'Presentation Vortrag11-May-2022
15Garcia Argüelles, Cristina ‘What kinds of Time do Images engender?’Presentation VortragMay-2022
16Bühlmann, Vera Bodies of Thinking and the Fascist AffectPresentation Vortrag12-Mar-2022
17Bühlmann, Vera Figures, Faces, and Masks: We are all Migrants, Native to the UniversePresentation Vortrag22-Feb-2022
18Bühlmann, Vera Involution as Architectonic Activism: Playing in Scales of Positive and Negative Entropy Or Natural Philosophy in a New KeyPresentation Vortrag10-Feb-2022
19Bühlmann, Vera ; Mayrhofer-Hufnagl, Ingrid Computational Architecture, Architectonic ModelsBook Contribution Buchbeitrag2022
20Bühlmann, Vera ; Manouach, Ilan ; Engelhardt, Anna The Meridian VoiceBook Contribution Buchbeitrag2022