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E101-01 - Forschungsbereich Analysis
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1Ricco, Samuele ; Torricelli, Andrea A necessary condition for extremality of solutions to autonomous obstacle problems with general growthArticle Artikel Apr-2024
2Arnold, Anton Hypocoercivity for linear ODEs and strong stability for Runge-Kutta methodsPresentation Vortrag12-Nov-2023
3Arnold, Anton Short- and long-time behavior in evolution equations: the role of the hypocoercivity indexPresentation Vortrag9-Nov-2023
4Szmolyan, Peter Switching mechanisms in multiscale biological systemsPresentation Vortrag27-Oct-2023
5Achleitner, Franz ; Arnold, Anton ; Carlen, Eric The hypocoercivity index for the short time behavior of linear time-invariant ODE systemsArticle Artikel 25-Oct-2023
6Cancès, Clément ; Herda, Maxime ; Massimini, Annamaria ; Franck, Emmanuel ; Fuhrmann, Jürgen ; Michel-Dansac, Victor ; Navoret, Laurent Finite Volumes for a Generalized Poisson-Nernst-Planck System with Cross-Diffusion and Size ExclusionInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag1-Oct-2023
7Gerencser, Mate Regularisation by non-Markovian muliplicative noisePresentation Vortrag22-Sep-2023
8Kremp, Helena Katharina Weak solutions for singular Lévy SDEs in the rough regimePresentation Vortrag21-Sep-2023
9Kremp, Helena Katharina A nonlinear SPDE approximation of the Dean-Kawasaki equationPresentation Vortrag19-Sep-2023
10Achleitner, Franz ; Arnold, Anton ; Carlen, Eric ; Jüngel, Ansgar ; Mehrmann, Volker The Hypocoercivity Index for the short time behavior of linear time-invariant ODE systemsPresentation Vortrag18-Sep-2023
11Woracek, Harald Jacobi operators with discrete spectrum and growth of the Nevanlinna matrixPresentation Vortrag18-Sep-2023
12Nigsch, Eduard ; Achleitner, Franz ; Arnold, Anton ; Mehrmann, Volker Hypocoercivity in Hilbert SpacesInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag18-Sep-2023
13Körner, Jannis Optimally truncated WKB approximation for the 1D stationary Schrödinger equation in the semi-classical limitPresentation Vortrag12-Sep-2023
14Eichinger, Benjamin Necessary and sufficient conditions for Universality LimitsPresentation Vortrag8-Sep-2023
15Arnold, Anton ; Carrillo, José Antonio ; Matthes, Daniel All relative entropies for general nonlinear Fokker-Planck equationsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag8-Sep-2023
16Gerencser, Mate Integration along stochastic processesPresentation Vortrag7-Sep-2023
17Baumgartner, Lukas ; Szmolyan, Peter Robertson Model - A multi-parameter singular perturbation problemPresentation Vortrag31-Aug-2023
18Holzinger, Alexandra Mean-field convergence in L2-norm for a diffusion model with aggregationPresentation Vortrag22-Aug-2023
19Arnold, Anton Hypocoercivity for linear ODEs and strong stability for Runge-Kutta methodsPresentation Vortrag10-Aug-2023
20Eichinger, Benjamin Necessary and Sufficient conditions for Universality limitsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag8-Aug-2023