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E120-07 - Forschungsbereich Photogrammetrie
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1Murray, Brent A. ; Coops, Nicholas C. ; Winiwarter, Lukas Georg ; White, Joanne C. ; Dick, Adam ; Barbeito, Ignacio ; Ragab, Ahmed Estimating tree species composition from airborne laser scanning data using point-based deep learning modelsArticle Artikel Jan-2024
2Ghorbani-2024-IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observatio...-vor.pdf.jpgGhorbani, Fariborz ; Chen, Yi-Chen ; Hollaus, Markus ; Pfeifer, Norbert A Robust and Automatic Algorithm for TLS–ALS Point Cloud Registration in Forest Environments Based on Tree LocationsArticle Artikel 2024
3Walicka, Agata ; Pfeifer, Norbert Semantic Segmentation of Buildings Using Multisource ALS DataInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2024
4Homainejad, Nina ; Winiwarter, Lukas ; Hollaus, Markus ; Zlatanova, Sisi ; Pfeifer, Norbert Sensing Heathland Vegetation Structure from Unmanned Aircraft System Laser Scanner: Comparing Sensors and Flying HeightsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2024
5Wild, Benjamin Engineering meets graffiti: How can photogrammetry digitally safeguard the ephemeral?Presentation Vortrag8-Dec-2023
6Mandlburger, Gottfried Laserscanning aus Sicht der PhotogrammetriePresentation Vortrag4-Dec-2023
7Seely-2023-Science of Remote Sensing-vor.pdf.jpgSeely, Harry ; Coops, Nicholas C. ; White, Joanne C. ; Montwé, David ; Winiwarter, Lukas Georg ; Ragab, Ahmed Modelling tree biomass using direct and additive methods with point cloud deep learning in a temperate mixed forestArticle Artikel Dec-2023
8Mandlburger, Gottfried Bathymetry from UAVs with laser scans and imagesPresentation Vortrag30-Nov-2023
9Mandlburger, Gottfried Flächenhafte Erfassung der Wasseroberfläche mittels ALSPresentation Vortrag29-Nov-2023
10Gallay, Michal ; Kaňuk, Ján ; Zgraggen, Carlo ; Imbach, Benedikt ; Šašak, Ján ; Šupinský, Jozef ; Hollaus, Markus Unpiloted Airborne Laser Scanning of a Mixed ForestBook Contribution Buchbeitrag1-Nov-2023
11Glira-2023-Remote Sensing-vor.pdf.jpgGlira, Philipp ; Weidinger, Christoph ; Otepka-Schremmer, Johannes ; Ressl, Camillo ; Pfeifer, Norbert ; Haberler-Weber, Michaela Nonrigid point cloud registration using piecewise tricubic polynomials as transformation modelArticle Artikel Nov-2023
12Poeppl-2023-EVALUATION OF A GNSSIMULIDAR-INTEGRATION FOR AIRBORNE LASER S...-vor.pdf.jpgPöppl, Florian ; Mandlburger, Gottfried ; Pfeifer, Norbert Evaluation of a GNSS/IMU/LIDAR-Integration for Airborne Laser Scanning Using RTKLIB PPK and PPP GNSS SolutionsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 19-Oct-2023
13Mandlburger-2023-EVALUATION OF CONSUMER-GRADE AND SURVEY-GRADE UAV-LIDAR-vor.pdf.jpgMandlburger, Gottfried ; Kölle, M. ; Pöppl, Florian ; Cramer, M. Evaluation of Consumer-Grade and Survey-Grade UAV-LIDARInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 19-Oct-2023
14Farella-2023-Geometric processing of very high-resolution satellite image...-vor.pdf.jpgFarella, E. M. ; Remondino, F. ; Cahalane, C. ; Qin, R. ; Loghin, Ana-Maria ; Di Tullio, M. ; Haala, N. ; Mills, J. Geometric processing of very high-resolution satellite imagery: quality assessment for 3d mapping needsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 19-Oct-2023
15Schäfer, Jannika ; Winiwarter, Lukas Georg ; Weiser, Hannah ; Novotný, Jan ; Höfle, Bernhard ; Schmidtlein, Sebastian ; Henninger, Hans ; Stereńczak, Krzysztof ; Fassnacht, Fabian Potential and limitations of simulated airborne laser scanning data for forest biomass estimationPresentation Vortrag7-Sep-2023
16Hollaus, Markus ; Schimpl, Lorenz ; Posch, Larissa ; Kirchmeir, Hanns Deadwood detection – in-situ versus UAV-LiDAR based approachesPresentation Vortrag7-Sep-2023
17Chen, Yi-Chen ; Hollaus, Markus ; Bronne, Günther ; Pfeifer, Norbert Characterization of SilviLaser 2021 Benchmark Data SetPresentation Vortrag7-Sep-2023
18Winiwarter, Lukas Georg ; Coops, Nicholas ; Hollaus, Markus Uncertainties in biomass prediction from airborne laser scanning dataPresentation Vortrag7-Sep-2023
19Iglseder, Anna ; Prochaska, Christian ; Hoffert-Hösl, Hannes ; Lechner, Michael ; Immitzer, Markus ; Hollaus, Markus Finding homogeneity in the diversity: Combining remote sensing data for segmentation and monitoring of forests of high biodiversity valuePresentation Vortrag6-Sep-2023
20Chen, Yi-Chen ; Hollaus, Markus ; Kukko, Antero ; Hyyppä, Juha Tree Species Classification using Multi-spectral LiDAR - First Result from an Austria Study SitePresentation Vortrag6-Sep-2023