Forschungsbereich Angewandte Geometrie

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E104-04 - Forschungsbereich Angewandte Geometrie
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Research Division
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1Bauer, Martin ; Bruveris, Martins ; Michor, Peter W. Why use Sobolev metrics on the space of curvesBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2015
2Aurenhammer, F. ; Wallner, J. ; Peternell, M. ; Pottmann, H. ; Gold, Chris Voronoi Diagrams for Oriented SpheresKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2007
3Aurenhammer, F. ; Wallner, Johannes ; Peternell, Martin ; Pottmann, Helmut Voronoi Diagrams for Oriented SpheresBericht Report2007
4Sun, Xiang ; Jiang, Caigui ; Wallner, Johannes ; Pottmann, Helmut ; Bobenko, A. Vertex Normals and Face Curvatures of Triangle MeshesBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2016
5Pottmann, Helmut ; Hofer, Michael ; Ravani, Bahram Variational motion designBericht Report2003
6Wang, W. ; Pottmann, Helmut ; Liu, Y. Using squared distance minimization for curve reconstruction from unorganized data pointsBericht Report2004
7Sharifmoghaddam, Kiumars ; Nawratil, Georg ; Rasoulzadeh, Arvin ; Tervooren, Jonas Using Flexible Trapezoidal Quad-Surfaces for Transformable DesignKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2021
8Wallner, Johannes ; Schiftner, Alexander ; Kilian, M. ; Flöry, Simon ; Höbinger, Mathias ; Deng, Bailin ; Huang, Q. ; Pottmann, Helmut Tiling freeform shapes with straight panels:Algorithmic methods.Konferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2010
9Pottmann, Helmut ; Steiner, Tibor ; Hofer, Michael ; Haider, C. ; Hanbury, Allan The isophotic metric and its application to feature sensitive morphology on surfacesBericht Report2003
10Pottmann, Helmut ; Wallner, Johannes The focal Geometry of circular and Conical MeshesBericht Report2006
11Leopoldseder, Stefan ; Pottmann, Helmut ; Zhao, H. The d^2-Tree: A Hierarchical Representation of the Squared Distance FuntionBericht Report2003
12Peternell, Martin ; Manhart, Friedrich The Convolution of a Paraboloid and a Parametrized SurfaceBericht Report2003
13Mitra, Niloy ; Pauly, M. ; Guibas, L. SymmetrizationBericht Report2007
14Peternell, Martin ; Pottmann, Helmut ; Steiner, Tibor ; Zhao, H. Swept VolumesBericht Report2004
15Lai, Y. ; Hu, Shi-Min ; Pottmann, Helmut Surface Fitting Based on a Feature Sensitive ParametrizationBericht Report2005
16Flöry, Simon ; Hofer, Michael Surface Fitting and Registration of Point Clouds using Approximations of The unsigned Distance FunctionBericht Report2009
17Nawratil, Georg ; Pottmann, Helmut Subdivision Schemes for the Fair Discretization of the Spherical Motion GroupBericht Report2007
18Brell-Cokcan, Sigrid ; Schmiedhofer, Heinz ; Schiftner, Alexander ; Ziegler, Rene ; Paoletti, Ingrid "Structurize-Planarize-Materialize" Design of Freeform Building Envelopes with PQ MeshesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2009
19Birsak, Michael ; Rist, Florian ; Wonka, Peter ; Musialski, Przemyslaw String Art: Towards Computational Fabrication of String ImagesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2018
20Schiftner, Alexander ; Balzer, Jonathan Statics-Sensitive Layout of Planar Quadrilateral MeshesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2010