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1Mastalir Mathias - 2017 - A triazine-based NiII PNP pincer complex as catalyst...pdf.jpgMastalir, Mathias ; Kirchner, Karl A triazine-based Ni(II) PNP pincer complex as catalyst for Kumada–Corriu and Negishi cross-coupling reactionsArticle Artikel2017
2Rothbauer Mario - 2019 - Tomorrow today organ-on-a-chip advances towards...pdf.jpgRothbauer, Mario ; Rosser, Julie M ; Zirath, Helene; Ertl, Peter Tomorrow today: organ-on-a-chip advances towards clinically relevant pharmaceutical and medical in vitro modelsArticle Artikel2019
3Sarac Bojan - 2017 - Thermodynamic study for micellization of imidazolium based...pdf.jpgŠarac, Bojan ; Medoš, Žiga ; Cognigni, Alice; Bica, Katharina; Chen, Li-Jen ; Bešter-Rogač, M. Thermodynamic study for micellization of imidazolium based surface active ionic liquids in water: Effect of alkyl chain length and anionsArticle Artikel2017
4Kirchner Karl - 2016 - Synthesis and characterization of cationic dicarbonyl...pdf.jpgKirchner, Karl ; Glatz, Matthias ; Schröder-Holzhacker, Christian ; Bichler, Bernhard ; Stöger, Berthold ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Veiros, Luis F. Synthesis and characterization of cationic dicarbonyl Fe(II) PNP pincer complexesArticle Artikel2016
5Knittl Esther Theresa - 2018 - Syntheses characterization and biological...pdf.jpgKnittl, Esther Theresa ; Abou-Hussein, Azza A. ; Linert, Wolfgang  Syntheses, characterization, and biological activity of novel mono- and binuclear transition metal complexes with a hydrazone Schiff base derived from a coumarin derivative and oxalyldihydrazineArticle Artikel2018
6Cognigni Alice - 2017 - Surface-active ionic liquids in catalysis Impact of...pdf.jpgCognigni, Alice; Kampichler, Sebastian ; Bica, KatharinaSurface-active ionic liquids in catalysis: Impact of structure and concentration on the aerobic oxidation of octanol in waterArticle Artikel2017
7Ressmann Anna K - 2013 - Surface-active Ionic Liquids for Micellar Extraction of...pdf.jpgRessmann, Anna K. ; Zirbs, Ronald ; Pressler, Martin ; Gaertner, Peter ; Bica, KatharinaSurface-active Ionic Liquids for Micellar Extraction of Piperine from Black PepperArticle Artikel2013
8Vijayan Paranthaman - 2019 - RutheniumII carbonyl complexes containing thiourea...pdf.jpgVijayan, Paranthaman ; Vijayapritha, Subbarayan ; Ruba, Chidambaram ; Viswanathamurthi, Periasamy ; Linert, Wolfgang Ruthenium(II) carbonyl complexes containing thiourea ligand: Enhancing the biological assets through biomolecules interaction and enzyme mimetic activitiesArticle Artikel2019
9Anschuber Martin - 2018 - Rhodium-catalyzed direct alkylation of benzylic amines...pdf.jpgAnschuber, Martin ; Pollice, Robert ; Schnürch, Michael  Rhodium-catalyzed direct alkylation of benzylic amines using alkyl bromidesArticle Artikel2018
10Rothbauer Mario - 2018 - Recent advances in microfluidic technologies for...pdf.jpgRothbauer, Mario; Zirath, Helene ; Ertl, Peter Recent advances in microfluidic technologies for cell-to-cell interaction studiesArticle Artikel2018
11Eilenberger Christoph - 2018 - Optimized alamarBlue assay protocol for drug...pdf.jpgEilenberger, Christoph ; Kratz, Sebastian Rudi Adam ; Rothbauer, Mario ; Ehmoser, Eva-Kathrin ; Ertl, Peter ; Küpcü, Seta Optimized alamarBlue assay protocol for drug dose-response determination of 3D tumor spheroidsArticle Artikel2018
12Linder Thomas - 2018 - One-pot synthesis of triazines as potential agents...pdf.jpgLinder, Thomas ; Schnürch, Michael ; Mihovilovic, Marko D.One-pot synthesis of triazines as potential agents affecting cell differentiationArticle Artikel2018
13Mueller Danny - 2017 - Microwave alkylation of lithium tetrazolate.pdf.jpgMüller, Danny ; Knoll, Christian; Weinberger, Peter Microwave alkylation of lithium tetrazolateArticle Artikel2017
14Svajdlenkova Helena - 2016 - Microstructural PALS study of regulated...pdf.jpgŠvajdlenková, Helena ; Šauša, Ondrej ; Steindl, Johannes; Koch, Thomas; Gorsche, ChristianMicrostructural PALS study of regulated dimethacrylates: Thiol- versus β-allyl sulfone-based networksArticle Artikel2016
15Steindl Johannes - 2017 - Light-triggered radical silane-ene chemistry using a...pdf.jpgSteindl, Johannes ; Svirkova, Anastasiya ; Marchetti-Deschmann, Martina ; Moszner, Norbert; Gorsche, ChristianLight-triggered radical silane-ene chemistry using a monoalkyl substituted bis(trimethylsilyl)silaneArticle Artikel2017
16Bichler Bernhard - 2014 - An ironII complex featuring 3 and labile 2-bound PNP...pdf.jpgBichler, Bernhard; Glatz, Mathias ; Stöger, Berthold; Mereiter, Kurt; Veiros, Luis F.; Kirchner, Karl An iron(II) complex featuring κ3 and labile κ2-bound PNP pincer ligands - striking differences between CH2 and NH spacersArticle Artikel2014
17Groell Birgit - 2017 - Improved simplicity and practicability in...pdf.jpgGröll, Birgit ; Schaaf, Patricia ; Schnürch, Michael  Improved simplicity and practicability in copper-catalyzed alkynylation of tetrahydroisoquinolineArticle Artikel 2017
18Friesen Sergej - 2017 - Hydration and Counterion Binding of C12MIM Micelles.pdf.jpgFriesen, Sergej ; Buchecker, Thomas ; Cognigni, Alice ; Bica, Katharina; Buchner, Richard Hydration and Counterion Binding of [C12MIM] MicellesArticle Artikel2017
19Schroeder-Holzhacker Christan - 2016 - High-spin ironII complexes with...pdf.jpgSchröder-Holzhacker, Christan ; Stöger, Berthold; Pittenauer, Ernst; Allmaier, Günther ; Veiros, Luis F.; Kirchner, Karl High-spin iron(II) complexes with mono-phosphorylated 2,6-diaminopyridine ligandsArticle Artikel2016
20Bittner Roland W - 2017 - Fluorine-free liquid-repellent surfaces made from...pdf.jpgBittner, Roland ; Schröder, Katharina  ; Hoffmann, Helmuth Fluorine-free, liquid-repellent surfaces made from ionic liquid-infused nanostructured siliconArticle Artikel 2017