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E166-03 - Forschungsbereich Chemische Verfahrenstechnik und Energietechnik
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1Pratschner-2021-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgPratschner, Simon ; Skopec, Pavel ; Hrdlicka, Jan ; Winter, Franz Power-to-Green Methanol via CO2 Hydrogenation—A Concept Study including Oxyfuel Fluidized Bed Combustion of BiomassArticle Artikel 30-Jul-2021
2Schuh-2019-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgSchuh, Sebastian ; Frühhaber, Jens ; Lauer, Thomas ; Winter, Franz A Novel Dual Fuel Reaction Mechanism for Ignition in Natural Gas–Diesel CombustionArticle Artikel 19-Nov-2019
3Huber-2020-Energy Science and Engineering-vor.pdf.jpgHuber, Clemens ; Setoodeh Jahromy, Saman ; Birkelbach, Felix ; Weber, Jakob ; Jordan, Christian ; Schreiner, Manfred ; Harasek, Michael ; Winter, Franz The multistep decomposition of boric acidArticle Artikel 5-Feb-2020
4Azam-2020-Energy Science and Engineering-vor.pdf.jpgAzam, Mudassar ; Ashraf, Asma ; Setoodeh Jahromy, Saman ; Raza, Waseem ; Khalid, Hassan ; Raza, Nadeem ; Winter, Franz Isoconversional nonisothermal kinetic analysis of municipal solid waste, refuse‐derived fuel, and coalArticle Artikel 6-Jul-2020
5Priscak-2020-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgPriscak, Juraj ; Fürsatz, Katharina ; Kuba, Matthias ; Skoglund, Nils ; Benedikt, Florian ; Hofbauer, Hermann Investigation of the Formation of Coherent Ash Residues during Fluidized Bed Gasification of Wheat Straw LigninArticle Artikel 1-Aug-2020
6SetoodehJahromy_Impact Partial Pressure Conversion and_2019.pdf.jpgSetoodeh Jahromy, Saman ; Birkelbach, Felix ; Jordan, Christian ; Huber, Clemens ; Harasek, Michael ; Werner, Andreas ; Winter, Franz Impact of Partial Pressure, Conversion, and Temperature on the Oxidation Reaction Kinetics of Cu2O to CuO in Thermochemical Energy StorageArticle Artikel 5-Feb-2019
7Schuh-2019-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgSchuh, Sebastian ; Ramalingam, Ajoy ; Minwegen, Heiko ; Heufer, Karl Alexander ; Winter, Franz Experimental Investigation and Benchmark Study of Oxidation of Methane–Propane–n-Heptane Mixtures at Pressures up to 100 barArticle Artikel 4-Sep-2019
8Fuersatz-2021-Energy-vor.pdf.jpgFürsatz, Katharina ; Fuchs, Josef ; Benedikt, Florian ; Kuba, Matthias ; Hofbauer, Hermann Effect of biomass fuel ash and bed material on the product gas composition in DFB steam gasificationArticle Artikel 15-Mar-2021
9Schuh-2020-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgSchuh, Sebastian ; Winter, Franz Dual Fuel Reaction Mechanism 2.0 including NOx Formation and Laminar Flame Speed Calculations Using Methane/Propane/n-Heptane Fuel BlendsArticle Artikel 11-Feb-2020
10Azam-2019-Energy Science and Engineering-vor.pdf.jpgAzam, Mudassar ; Setoodeh Jahromy, Saman ; Raza, Waseem ; Jordan, Christian ; Harasek, Michael ; Winter, Franz Comparison of the combustion characteristics and kinetic study of coal, municipal solid waste, and refuse‐derived fuel: Model‐fitting methodsArticle Artikel 22-Aug-2019
11Huber-2019-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgHuber, Clemens ; Setoodeh Jahromy, Saman ; Jordan, Christian ; Schreiner, Manfred ; Harasek, Michael ; Werner, Andreas ; Winter, Franz Boric Acid: A High Potential Candidate for Thermochemical Energy StorageArticle Artikel 21-Mar-2019