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1Miksovsky, Philipp ; Kornpointner, Christoph ; Lanaridi, Olga ; Sainz Martinez, Aitor ; Limbeck, Andreas ; Eder, Dominik ; Schnürch, Michael ; Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Schröder, Katharina Waste valorization. Recovery of valuable compounds from waste materials with alternative solventsPresentation Vortrag26-May-2023
2Sainz Martinez, Aitor ; Lanaridi, Olga ; Stagel, Kristof ; Halbwirth, Heidi ; Schnürch, Michael ; Schröder, Katharina Extraction techniques for bioactive compounds of cannabisArticle Artikel 22-Mar-2023
3Murray-2023-LWT - Food Science and Technology-vor.pdf.jpgMurray, Helen ; Dietl-Schuller, Claudia ; Lindner, Marlene ; Korntheuer, Karin ; Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Gössinger, Manfred Prediction of the potential colour stability of strawberry nectar by use of a Stability Prediction Value (SPV)Article Artikel 1-Jan-2023
4Serna-Loaiza-2022-Food and Bioproducts Processing-vor.pdf.jpgSerna-Loaiza, Sebastian ; Kornpointner, Christoph ; Pazzaglia, Anita ; Jordan, Christian ; Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Friedl, Anton Biorefinery concept for the valorization of grapevine shoots: Study case for the Austrian variety Grüner VeltlinerArticle Artikel Nov-2022
5Kornpointner-2022-Frontiers in Plant Science-vor.pdf.jpgKornpointner, Christoph ; Scheibelreiter, Jakob ; Halbwirth, Heidrun Snailase: A Promising Tool for the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Flavonoid Glycosides From Plant ExtractsArticle Artikel 9-Jun-2022
6Hausjell-2022-Scientific Reports-vor.pdf.jpgHausjell, Johanna ; Weissensteiner, Julia ; Molitor, Christian ; Schlangen, Karin ; Spadiut, Oliver ; Halbwirth, Heidrun First purified recombinant CYP75B including transmembrane helix with unexpected high substrate specificity to (2R)-naringeninArticle Artikel 20-May-2022
7Walliser-2022-Plants-vor.pdf.jpgWalliser, Benjamin ; Marinovic, Silvija ; Kornpointner, Christoph ; Schlosser, Christopher ; Abouelnasr, Mustafa ; Hutabarat, Olly Sanny ; Haselmair-Gosch, Christian ; Molitor, Christian ; Stich, Karl ; Halbwirth, Heidrun The (Bio)chemical Base of Flower Colour in Bidens ferulifoliaArticle Artikel 2-May-2022
8Fitzky, Anne ; Peron, Arianna ; Kaser, Lisa ; Karl, Thomas ; Graus, Martin ; Tholen, Danny ; Pesendorfer, Mario ; Mahmoud, Maha ; Trimmel, Heidelinde ; Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Sandén, Hans ; Rewald, Boris Diversity and interrelations among the constitutive BVOC emission blends and changes during salt and drought stress of four broad-leaved tree species at seedling stageInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag2022
9Walliser, Benjamin ; Lucaciu, Calin Rares ; Molitor, Christian ; Marinovic, Silvija ; Nitarska, Daria Agata ; Aktaş, Didem ; Rattei, Thomas ; Kampatsikas, Ioannis ; Stich, Karl ; Haselmair-Gosch, Christian ; Halbwirth, Heidi Dahlia variabilis cultivar 'Seattle' as a model plant for anthochlor biosynthesisArtikel Article 2021
10Kornpointner, Christoph ; Sainz Martinez, Aitor ; Marinovic, Silvija ; Haselmair-Gosch, Christian ; Jamnik, Polona ; Schröder, Katharina ; Löfke, Christian ; Halbwirth, Heidi Chemical composition and antioxidant potential of Cannabis sativa L. rootsArtikel Article 2021
11Nitarska, Daria ; Boehm, Robert ; Debener, Thomas ; Lucaciu, Rares Calin ; Halbwirth, Heidi First genome edited poinsettias: targeted mutagenesis of flavonoid 3′‑hydroxylase using CRISPR/Cas9 results in a colour shiftArtikel Article 2021
12Faramarzi, S. ; Halbwirth, H. ; Yadollahi, A. Enzymes activity of phenylpropanoid pathway in red flesh applesArtikel Article2021
13Cebulj, Anka ; Mikulic-Petkovsek, Maja ; Lucaciu, Calin Rares ; Veberic, Robert ; Marinovic, Silvija ; Kolarek, Martina ; Hutabarat, Olly Sanny ; Faramarzi, Shadab ; Rattei, Thomas ; Molitor, Christian ; Hudina, Metka ; Haselmair-Gosch, Christian ; Halbwirth, Heidi ; Slatnar, Ana Alteration of the phenylpropanoid pathway by watercore disorder in apple (Malus x domestica)Artikel Article 2021
14Gacnik, Sasa ; Veberič, Robert ; Hudina, Metka ; Marinovic, Silvija ; Halbwirth, Heidi ; Mikulič-Petkovšek, Maja Salicylic and Methyl Salicylic Acid Affect Quality and Phenolic Profile of Apple Fruits Three Weeks before the HarvestArtikel Article 2021
15Molitor, Christian Endogenous Enzymes and their Role in Browning Reactions of Fruit JuicesPräsentation Presentation2021
16Kornpointner, Christoph ; Sainz Martinez, Aitor ; Schnürch, Michael ; Halbwirth, Heidi ; Bica-Schröder, Katharina Combined ionic liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide based dynamic extraction of six cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa LArtikel Article 2021
17Weissensteiner, Julia ; Molitor, Christian ; Marinovic, Silvija ; Führer, Lisa ; Waqas Hassan, Syed ; Hutabarat, Olly Sanny ; Spornberger, Andreas ; Stich, Karl ; Hausjell, Johanna ; Spadiut, Oliver ; Haselmair-Gosch, Christian ; Halbwirth, Heidi Molecular and Enzymatic Characterization of Flavonoid 3′-Hydroxylase of Malus × domesticaArtikel Article 2021
18Doppler, Philipp ; Kornpointner, Christoph ; Halbwirth, Heidi ; Remias, Daniel ; Spadiut, Oliver Tetraedron minimum, First Reported Member of Hydrodictyaceae to Accumulate Secondary CarotenoidsArtikel Article 2021
19Sainz Martinez, Aitor ; Kornpointner, Christoph ; Haselmair-Gosch, Christian ; Mikulic-Petkovsek, Maja ; Schröder, Katharina ; Halbwirth, Heidi Dynamic streamlined extraction of iridoids, anthocyanins and lipids from haskap berriesArtikel Article 2021
20Gacnik, Sasa ; Veberic, Robert ; Marinovic, Silvija ; Halbwirth, Heidi ; Mikulic-Petkovsek, Maja Effect of pre-harvest treatments with salicylic and methyl salicylic acid on the chemical profile and activity of some phenylpropanoid pathway related enzymes in apple leavesArtikel Article 2021