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E308-02-1 - Forschungsgruppe Strukturpolymere
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1Schlossnikl-2024-Resources, Conservation and Recycling-vor.pdf.jpgSchlossnikl, Jessica ; Pinter, Elisabeth ; Jones, Mitchell Peter ; Koch, Thomas ; Archodoulaki, Vasiliki-Maria Unexpected obstacles in mechanical recycling of polypropylene labels: Are ambitious recycling targets achievable?Article Artikel Jan-2024
2Seidler, Sabine digital human zentral: (K)ein Widerspruch?Book Contribution Buchbeitrag22-Dec-2023
3Pöllinger, Alexander ; Koch, Thomas ; Krenn, Stefan ; Wilde, Fabian ; Tolnai, Domonkos ; Plank, Bernhard ; Heupl, Sarah ; Bernardi, Johannes ; Whitmore, Karin ; Langela, Marc ; Seichter, Sandra ; Schöbel, Michael Thermo-mechanical properties and internal architecture of PI composites for high-pressure hydrogen applicationsArticle Artikel 15-Dec-2023
4Raghuram, Harsha ; Seier, Martina ; Koch, Thomas ; Jones, Mitchell P. ; Archodoulaki, Vasiliki-Maria Smart design choices provide new applications for recycled polypropylene: The case for tribologyArticle Artikel Dec-2023
5Zain, Gamal ; Ruppitsch, Larissa Alena ; Koch, Thomas ; Svajdlenkova, Helena ; Liska, Robert ; Mosnáček, Jaroslav Investigation of polymer networks for dental fillings formed by photochemically induced atom transfer radical polymerization of bifunctional methacrylatesArticle Artikel 29-Nov-2023
6Kojic, Danijela ; Ehrmann, Katharina ; Wolff, Raffael ; Mete, Yazgan ; Koch, Thomas ; Stampfl, Jürgen ; Baudis, Stefan ; Liska, Robert Stereolithographic 3D printing of pure poly(ether–ester) networks from spirocyclic monomers via cationic ring-opening photopolymerization at high temperaturesArticle Artikel 14-Nov-2023
7Fantoni, Antonella ; Koch, Thomas ; Liska, Robert ; Baudis, Stefan Towards High-Performance Thermosets from Renewable Resources: Development of a Sustainable Material Platform using Epoxy-Alcohol PolyadditionInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag18-Oct-2023
8Göschl, Michael ; Taschner, Roland ; Koch, Thomas ; Wolff, Raffael ; Liska, Robert ; Knaack, Patrick High-performance Sulfonium Borate Initiators for Hot LithographyInproceedings KonferenzbeitragOct-2023
9Kojic, Danijela ; Ehrmann, Katharina ; Wolff, Raffael ; Mete, Yazgan Diren ; Koch, Thomas ; Stampfl, Jürgen ; Baudis, Stefan ; Liska, Robert 3D-Printing of Degradable Polyether-esters via Cationic Ring-Opening Polymerization of Spirocyclic CompoundsInproceedings KonferenzbeitragOct-2023
10Fantoni, Antonella ; Koch, Thomas ; Liska, Robert ; Baudis, Stefan Synthesis and Characterization of Homogeneous Epoxy Networks: Development of a Sustainable Material Platform Using Epoxy-Alcohol PolyadditionInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 7-Sep-2023
11Pieringer, Florian ; Ruppitsch, Larissa Alena ; Ehrmann, Katharina ; Peer, Gernot ; Kury, Markus ; Koch, Thomas ; Catel, Yohann ; Stampfl, Jürgen ; Moszner, Norbert ; Liska, Robert Cyclopolimerization as Versatile Tool in Photopolymerization Towards Low Shrinkage BehaviorInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag4-Sep-2023
12Mete, Yazgan Diren ; Wolff, Raffael ; Schandl, Stephan ; Kojic, Danijela ; Klikovits, Nicolas ; Koch, Thomas ; Ehrmann, Katharina ; Knaack, Patrick ; Stampfl, Jürgen ; Liska, Robert New Polymer Materials by Ionic and Catalytic Photopoly-Merization Using Hot LithographyInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag4-Sep-2023
13Mihalyi, Sophia ; Tagliavento, Michelle ; Boschmeier, Emanuel ; Archodoulaki, Vasiliki-Maria ; Bartl, Andreas ; Quartinello, Felice ; Guebitz, Georg M. Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation with Weizmannia coagulans for recovery of synthetic fibers and production of lactic acid from blended textile wasteArticle Artikel Sep-2023
14Seier-2023-Resources, Conservation and Recycling-vor.pdf.jpgSeier, Martina ; Roitner, Julia ; Archodoulaki, Vasiliki-Maria ; Jones, Mitchell Peter Design from recycling: Overcoming barriers in regranulate use in a circular economyArticle Artikel Sep-2023
15Fantoni-2023-ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY  ENGINEERING-vor.pdf.jpgFantoni, Antonella ; Ecker, Jakob ; Ahmadi, Mojtaba ; Koch, Thomas ; Stampfl, Jürgen ; Liska, Robert ; Baudis, Stefan Green monomers for 3D printing: epoxy-methacrylate interpenetrating polymer networks as a versatile alternative for toughness enhancement in additive manufacturingArticle Artikel 14-Aug-2023
16Ehrmann, Katharina ; Kojic, Danijela ; Schandl, Stephan ; Wolff, Raffael ; Koch, Thomas ; Stampfl, Jürgen ; Gauci, Steven ; Mert, Tugce ; Barner-Kowollik, Christopher ; Liska, Robert From Free Radical to Radical-Free Lithographic 3D PrintingPresentation VortragAug-2023
17Seier, Martina ; Archodoulaki, Vasiliki-Maria ; Koch, Thomas ; Duscher, Bernadette ; Gahleitner, Markus Prospects for Recyclable Multilayer Packaging: A Case StudyArticle Artikel 6-Jul-2023
18Ruppitsch, Larissa Alena ; Ecker, Jakob ; Koch, Thomas ; Ehrmann, Katharina ; Stampfl, Jürgen ; Liska, Robert Dynamic monomers for hot lithography: the UPy motif as a versatile tool towards stress relaxation, reprocessability, and 3D printingArticle Artikel 1-Jul-2023
19Chalupa-Gantner, Franziska ; Koch, Thomas ; Puchhammer Jakob ; Lunzer, Markus ; Ovsianikov, Aleksandr Standardized Material Characterization of Two-Photon Polymerized Materials on the Macroscopic ScalePresentation VortragJun-2023
20Wolff, Raffael ; Knaack, Patrick ; Seidler, Konstanze ; Gorsche, Christian ; Koch, Thomas ; Stampfl, Jürgen ; Liska, Robert Additive manufacturing of high-performance polycyanurates via photo-induced catalytic poly-trimerizationArticle Artikel 28-May-2023