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E322-01 - Forschungsbereich Strömungsmechanik
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1Scheichl-2023-Introductory Lectures Applying Perturbation and Related Me...-smur.pdf.jpgScheichl, Bernhard Introductory Lectures: Applying Perturbation and Related Methods to Rationally Describe the “Teapot Effect” Under Capillary and Weak Viscous ActionPresentation Vortrag 4-Jun-2023
2Scheichl-2023-Predicting Capillary Ripples and Nonlinear SquireTaylor Mode...-ao.pdf.jpgScheichl, Bernhard ; Bowles, R. Predicting Capillary Ripples and Nonlinear Squire–Taylor Modes by Viscous–Inviscid Interaction past a Trailing EdgePresentation Vortrag 21-Mar-2023
3Braun-2023-The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America-vor.pdf.jpgBraun, Stefan ; Nowotny, Helmut ; Benes, Ewald ; Gröschl, Martin Layered piezoelectric structures with arbitrary acoustic termination impedancesArticle Artikel Mar-2023
4Jalikop, Shreyas V. ; Mariappan, Muthukumar ; Scheichl, Bernhard ; Bobji, M S Lubricant flow in and around tribo-contact of micro-textured surfacesPresentation Vortrag4-Dec-2022
5Wagner, Lukas ; Braun, Stefan ; Scheichl, Bernhard Popping the cork of a champagne bottle: simulating the coupled gas and cork dynamicsPresentation Vortrag20-Nov-2022
6Wagner, Lukas ; Braun, Stefan ; Scheichl, Bernhard V0009: Popping the cork of a champagne bottle: simulation of the coupled gas and cork dynamicsMultimedia and Design Multimedia und Design7-Oct-2022
7Altmann, Florian ; Kuzdas, Dominik ; Murschenhofer, Dominik ; Braun, Stefan A transient quasi-2D non-isothermal proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) modelPresentation Vortrag16-Sep-2022
8Kaczvinszki, Markus ; Braun, Stefan Singular trajectories in incipient 3D laminar-turbulent transitionPresentation Vortrag16-Sep-2022
9Jalikop, Shreyas V. ; Scheichl, Bernhard Experimental and theoretical multiple-scales investigation of droplet migration on a textured surfacePresentation Vortrag15-Sep-2022
10Kuzdas, Dominik ; Braun, Stefan Self-induced vortex wind-up in transitional separation bubblesPresentation VortragSep-2022
11De Paoli-2022-Journal of Fluid Mechanics-vor.pdf.jpgDe Paoli, Marco ; Pirozzoli, Sergio ; Zonta, Francesco ; Soldati, Alfredo Strong Rayleigh–Darcy convection regime in three-dimensional porous mediaArticle Artikel 25-Jul-2022
12McLean-2022-Journal of Fluid Mechanics-vor.pdf.jpgMcLean, E. ; Bowles, R. ; Scheichl, B. ; Vanden-Broeck, J.-M. Improved calculations of waterfalls and weir flowsArtikel Article 25-Jun-2022
13Alipour-2022-Journal of Fluid Mechanics-vor.pdf.jpgAlipour, Mobin ; De Paoli, Marco ; Soldati, Alfredo Influence of Reynolds number on the dynamics of rigid, slender and non-axisymmetric fibres in channel flow turbulenceArticle Artikel 10-Mar-2022
14Braun, Stefan In memoriam: Alfred Kluwick (1942-2022)Artikel Article2022
15Jalikop, Shreyas V. ; Scheichl, Bernhard Experimental and theoretical multiple-scale investigation of droplet migration on a textured surfacePräsentation Presentation2022
16Wagner, Lukas ; Braun, Stefan ; Scheichl, Bernhard Numerical investigation of the gas jet formation immediately after opening a champagne bottlePräsentation Presentation2022
17Mangani, Francesca ; Soligo, Giovanni ; Roccon, Alessio ; Soldati, Alfredo Influence of density and viscosity on deformation, breakage, and coalescence of bubbles in turbulenceArtikel Article2022
18Alipour, Mobin ; De Paoli, Marco ; Soldati, Alfredo Influence of Reynolds number on the dynamics of rigid, slender and non-axisymmetric fibres in channel flow turbulenceArtikel Article 2022
19Wang, Jietuo ; Dalla Barba, Federico ; Roccon, Alessio ; Sardina, Gaetano ; Soldati, Alfredo ; Picano, Francesco Modelling the direct virus exposure risk associated with respiratory eventsArtikel Article 2022
20Fritz, Bernhard ; Scheichl, Bernhard Comprehensive multi-scale cylinder lubrication model for reciprocating piston compressors: From rigid-body dynamics to lubricant-flow simulationArtikel Article 2022