Forschungsbereich Numerische Strömungsmechanik

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E322-02 - Forschungsbereich Numerische Strömungsmechanik
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1Garcia-Villalba-2023-Computers and Fluids-vor.pdf.jpgGarcia Villalba Navaridas, Manuel ; Fuentes, Blanca ; Dušek, Jan ; Moriche, Manuel ; Uhlmann, Markus An efficient method for particle-resolved simulations of neutrally buoyant spheresArticle Artikel 15-Sep-2023
2Duran Venegas-2023-Computers in Biology and Medicine-vor.pdf.jpgDurán Venegas, Eduardo ; García-Villalba, Manuel ; Martínez-Legazpi, Pablo ; Gonzalo, Alejandro ; McVeigh, Elliot ; Kahn, Andrew M. ; Bermejo, Javier ; Flores, Oscar ; del Álamo, Juan Carlos Pulmonary vein flow split effects in patient-specific simulations of left atrial flowArticle Artikel Sep-2023
3Koch-2023-Fluids-vor.pdf.jpgKoch, Max ; Lauterborn, Werner ; Lechner, Christiane ; Mettin, Robert Ring Vortex Dynamics Following Jet Formation of a Bubble Expanding and Collapsing Close to a Flat Solid Boundary Visualized via Dye Advection in the Framework of OpenFOAMArticle Artikel Jul-2023
4Babor-2023-Physics of Fluids-vor.pdf.jpgBabor, Lukas ; Kuhlmann, Hendrik C Lagrangian transport in the time-periodic two-dimensional lid-driven square cavityArticle Artikel Mar-2023
5Lechner, Christiane ; Koch, Max ; Lauterborn, Werner ; Mettin, Robert Fast jets from bubbles close to solid objects: examples from pillars in water to infinite planes in different liquidsArticle Artikel 16-Feb-2023
6Setnickova-2023-Separation and Purification Technology-vor.pdf.jpgSetnickova, Katerina ; Petrickovic, Roman ; Uchytil, Petr ; Loimer, Thomas Experimental and numerical study of the flux of isobutane vapors near saturation through multi-layered ceramic membranesArticle Artikel 1-Feb-2023
7Loimer-2023-Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics-vor.pdf.jpgLoimer, Thomas ; Podgolin, Stepan K ; Sodagar Abardeh, Javad ; Petukhov, Dmitrii I ; Eliseev, Andrei A Influence of heat transfer and wetting angle on condensable fluid flow through nanoporous anodic alumina membranesArticle Artikel 28-Jan-2023
8Koch, Max ; Lechner, Christiane ; Lauterborn, Werner ; Mettin, Robert ; Ohm, Won-Suk Bubble collapse directly at an object: fast jet and shock waveInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 27-Jan-2023
9Moriche Guerrero-2023-Journal of Fluid Mechanics-vor.pdf.jpgMoriche Guerrero, Manuel ; Hettmann, Daniel ; Garcia Villalba Navaridas, Manuel ; Uhlmann, Markus On the clustering of low-aspect-ratio oblate spheroids settling in ambient fluidArticle Artikel 2023
10Martinez-Muriel-2023-Journal of Fluid Mechanics-vor.pdf.jpgMartínez-Muriel, Cayetano ; Arranz Fernandez, Gonzalo ; Garcia Villalba Navaridas, Manuel ; Flores, Oscar Fluid–structure resonance in spanwise-flexible flapping wingsArticle Artikel 2023
11Koch, Max ; Lechner, Christiane ; Lauterborn, Werner ; Mettin, Robert Mushroom shaped bubbles and the fast jetPresentation VortragNov-2022
12Lechner, Christiane ; Koch, Max ; Lauterborn, Werner ; Mettin, Robert Dynamics of spheroidal bubbles close to a solid boundaryPresentation VortragNov-2022
13Altmann, Florian ; Kuzdas, Dominik ; Murschenhofer, Dominik ; Braun, Stefan A transient quasi-2D non-isothermal proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) modelPresentation Vortrag16-Sep-2022
14Koch, Max ; Lechner, Christiane ; Lauterborn, Werner ; Mettin, Robert ; VAD, Janos Mushroom shaped bubbles and the jet of 1000 m/sInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 16-Sep-2022
15Lechner, Christiane ; Koch, Max ; Lauterborn, Werner ; Mettin, Robert ; VAD, Janos Expansion and collapse of single cavitation bubbles right at a solid boundaryInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 16-Sep-2022
16Babor, Lukas ; Kuhlmann, Hendrik Linear stability of axisymmetric thermocapillary flow in a sessile droplet on a hot or cold substratePresentation Vortrag13-Sep-2022
17Loimer, Thomas ; Petukhov, Dmitrii ; Struchtrup, Henning Measurement and description of the flow of isobutane and of R142b through anodic alumina membranes with pore sizes from 25 nm to 80 nmInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag10-Jul-2022
18Koch, Max ; Lechner, Christiane ; Lauterborn, Werner ; Mettin, Robert Bubble collapse directly at an object: fast jet and shock wavePresentation VortragJul-2022
19Babor, Lukas ; Kuhlmann, Hendrik Numerical stability analysis of thermocapillary flow in droplets on heated or cooled substratesPresentation VortragJun-2022
20Lechner, Christiane ; Koch, Max ; Lauterborn, Werner ; Mettin, Robert Fast Jets from Collapsing Cavitation BubblesPräsentation Presentation2022