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E325-02 - Forschungsbereich Mechanik fester Körper
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1Vetyukov, Yury ; Humer, Alexander Dancing rod problem in the context of Lagrangian mechanicsPresentation Vortrag3-Jul-2023
2Scheidl, Jakob ; Vetyukov, Yury ; Kaczmarczyk, Stefan Modelling and Simulation of the Nonlinear Vibrations of Axially Moving Long Slender Continua in Tall Host StructuresPresentation Vortrag21-Jun-2023
3Vetyukov, Yury Transmission of rotation by a geometrically imperfect flexible shaft in a curved channelPresentation Vortrag20-Jun-2023
4Scheidl, Jakob ; Steindl, Alois Out-of-plane buckling and dynamic instability of an axially moving flat Euler-Bernoulli beam under the action of in-plane distributed forcesPresentation Vortrag2-Jun-2023
5Kocbay, Emin ; Scheidl, Jakob ; Vetyukov, Yury An augmented stress resultant plasticity model to accelerate shell finite element simulations of sheet metal roll formingPresentation Vortrag2-Jun-2023
6Vetyukov-2023-International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics-vor.pdf.jpgVetyukov, Yury ; Oborin, Evgenii Snap-through instability during transmission of rotation by a flexible shaft with initial curvatureArticle Artikel 19-May-2023
7Kocbay-2023-Thin-Walled Structures-vor.pdf.jpgKocbay, Emin ; Scheidl, Jakob ; Riegler, Fabian ; Leonhartsberger, Martin ; Lamprecht, Matthias ; Vetyukov, Yury Mixed Eulerian–Lagrangian modeling of sheet metal roll formingArticle Artikel May-2023
8Scheidl-2023-Acta Mechanica-vor.pdf.jpgScheidl, Jakob ; Vetyukov, Yury Review and perspectives in applied mechanics of axially moving flexible structuresArticle Artikel 2023
9Vetyukov, Yury Vibrations of a flexible rod partially sliding in a rigid sleeve: finite element and semi-analytical solutions for the the dancing rod problemInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2023
10Kocbay, Emin ; Scheidl, Jakob ; Vetyukov, Yury Mixed Eulerian-Lagrangian modeling of sheet metal roll formingPresentation Vortrag2-Dec-2022
11Eisentraeger-2022-Computers and Structures-vor.pdf.jpgEisenträger, S ; Kiendl, J. ; Michaloudis, Georgios ; Duy, Robert ; Y. Vetyukov Stability analysis of plates using cut Bogner-Fox-Schmit elementsArticle Artikel 1-Oct-2022
12Steindl, Alois ; Edelmann, Johannes ; Plöchl, Manfred Influence of Tyre Characteristics on Periodic Motions for an Understeering VehiclePresentation Vortrag17-Aug-2022
13Kocbay, Emin ; Vetyukov, Yury Non-material kinematic modelling in roll forming of steel sectionsPresentation VortragAug-2022
14Vetyukov, Yury Sticking and sliding of an endless elastic strip on a moving rough surfacePresentation VortragAug-2022
15Vetyukov, Yury ; Scheidl, Jakob Transient deformation of a beam travelling on a moving rough surfacePresentation Vortrag20-Jul-2022
16Vetyukov, Yury ; Oborin, Evgenii Snap-through instability during transmission of rotation by a flexible shaft with intrinsic curvaturePresentation VortragJun-2022
17Scheidl, Jakob ; Vetyukov, Yury ; Hans Irschik ; Michael Krommer ; Valerii P. Matveenko ; Alexander K. Belyaev Steady Motion of a Belt in Frictional Contact with a Rotating PulleyInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2022
18Scheidl-2021-International Journal of Mechanical Sciences-vor.pdf.jpgScheidl, Jakob ; Vetyukov, Yury ; Schmidrathner, Christian ; Schulmeister, Klemens ; Proschek, Michael Mixed Eulerian–Lagrangian shell model for lateral run-off in a steel belt drive and its experimental validationArticle Artikel 15-Aug-2021
19Vetyukov-2021-Nonlinear Dynamics-vor.pdf.jpgVetyukov, Yury Endless elastic beam travelling on a moving rough surface with zones of stick and slidingArtikel Article Jun-2021
20Lamprecht-2021-The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Techno...-vor.pdf.jpgLamprecht, Matthias ; Koçbay, Emin ; Leonhartsberger, Martin ; Vetyukov, Yury ; Bleicher, Friedrich Nonlinearmechanicalmodel of the shaft of a roll forming mill and parameter identificationArtikel Article Feb-2021