Forschungsbereich Mechanik fester Körper

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E325-02 - Forschungsbereich Mechanik fester Körper
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Research Division
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1Kuhlmann, Hendrik ; Troger, Hans ; Zysset, Philippe K. Tagungsband "International Symposium on Trends in Applications of Mathematics to Mechanics (STAMM)"Konferenzband Proceedings2006
2Mack, Werner ; Steindl, Alois Streiflichter zur Geschichte der "Wiener Schule der Mechanik"Buchbeitrag Book Contribution2015
3Steindl, Alois ; Altenbach, Holm ; Öchsner, Andreas Static and Dynamic BifurcationsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2018
4Vetyukov, Yury ; Irschik, H ; Belyaev, Alexander K. ; Krommer, Michael Stability and Supercritical Deformation of a Circular Ring with Intrinsic CurvatureBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2017
5Ecker, Horst ; Steindl, Alois ; Jakubek, Stefan Proceedings of 8th European Nonlinear Dynamics ConferenceKonferenzband Proceedings2014
6Heuer, Rudolf ; El Chabaan, Galeb ; Irschik, Hans ; Krommer, Michael On Nonlinear Vibrations of Bimodular Beam StructuresBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2021
7Kuleshov A S - 2019 - On Hopf bifurcation in the problem of motion of a heavy...pdf.jpgKuleshov, A. S. ; Shalimova, E. S. ; Steindl, Alois On Hopf bifurcation in the problem of motion of a heavy particle on a rotating sphere: the viscous friction caseArticle Artikel 2019
8Vetyukov, Yury Nonlinear Mechanics of Thin-Walled Structures. Asymptotics, Direct Approach and Numerical AnalysisBuch Book2014
9Schmidrathner, Christian ; Vetyukov, Yury ; Altenbach, Holm ; Irschik, H ; Matveenko, Valery P. Non-material Finite Elements for Spatial Deformations of BeltsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2019
10Staudigl, Elisabeth ; Krommer, Michael ; Humer, Alexander ; Altenbach, H ; Carrera, Erasmo ; Kulikov, Gennady Modeling of Dielectric Elastomers Accounting for Electrostriction by Means of a Multiplicative Decomposition of the Deformation Gradient TensorBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2018
11Scheidl-2021-International Journal of Mechanical Sciences-vor.pdf.jpgScheidl, Jakob ; Vetyukov, Yury ; Schmidrathner, Christian ; Schulmeister, Klemens ; Proschek, Michael Mixed Eulerian–Lagrangian shell model for lateral run-off in a steel belt drive and its experimental validationArticle Artikel 15-Aug-2021
12Schirrer, Alexander ; Aschauer, Guilherme ; Jakubek, Stefan ; Irschik, Hans ; Belyaev, Alexander K. ; Krommer, Michael Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of High-Speed Pantographs Using Real-Time Catenary EmulationBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2016
13Alpatov, A. P. ; Beletsky, Vladimir V. ; Dranovskii, V. I. ; Khoroshilov, V.S. ; Pirozhenko, A. V. ; Troger, Hans ; Zakrzhevskii, Alexander Dynamics of Tethered Space SystemsBuch Book2010
14Irschik, H ; Belyaev, Alexander K. ; Krommer, Michael Dynamics and Control of Advanced Structures and MachinesBuch Book2017
15Hansy-Staudigl Elisabeth - 2019 - A complete direct approach to nonlinear...pdf.jpgHansy-Staudigl, Elisabeth ; Krommer, Michael ; Humer, Alexander A complete direct approach to nonlinear modeling of dielectric elastomer platesArticle Artikel 2019
16Teufel, Andreas ; Steindl, Alois ; Troger, Hans ; Kozlov, V.V. Classification of Non-Smooth Bifurcations for a Friction OscillatorBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2009
17Krommer, Michael ; Vetyukov, Yury ; Altenbach, H ; Öchsner, Andreas Beams, Plates, and ShellsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2018
18Scheidl, Jakob ; Vetyukov, Yury ; Altenbach, Holm ; Chróścielewski, Jacek ; Eremeyev, Victor A. ; Wiśniewski, Krzysztof A Non-linear Theory of Thin-Walled Rods of Open Profile Deduced with Incremental Shell EquationsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2019