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1Zenz-2024-Computers and Fluids-vor.pdf.jpgZenz, Constantin ; Buttazzoni, Michele ; Florian, Tobias ; Crespo Armijos, Katherine Elizabeth ; Gómez Vázquez, Rodrigo ; Liedl, Gerhard ; Otto, Andreas A compressible multiphase Mass-of-Fluid model for the simulation of laser-based manufacturing processesArticle Artikel 15-Jan-2024
2Klamert-2023-Applied Sciences-vor.pdf.jpgKlamert, Victor ; Achsel, Timmo ; Toker, Efecan ; Bublin, Mugdim ; Otto, Andreas Real-time optical detection of artificial coating defects in PBF-LB/P using a low-cost camera solution and convolutional neural networksArticle Artikel 13-Oct-2023
3Zenz-2023-Additive Manufacturing-vor.pdf.jpgZenz, Constantin ; Buttazzoni, Michele ; Martínez Ceniceros, Mario ; Gomez Vazquez, Rodrigo ; Blasco Puchades, José Ramón ; Portoles, Luis ; Otto, Andreas Simulation-based process optimization of laser-based powder bed fusion by means of beam shapingArticle Artikel 5-Sep-2023
4Zenz, Constantin ; Otto, Andreas ; Buttazzoni, Michele ; Bielak, Robert ; Durán Oscuez, Carlos Geovanny ; Mosbah, Salem Residual Stress Modelling in Laser-Based Powder Bed Fusion using a Fluid Mechanical Analogy ModelPresentation Vortrag27-Jul-2023
5Otto, Andreas ; Florian, Tobias ; Zenz, Constantin ; Buttazzoni, Michele Optimization of static and dynamic beam shapes for laser beam welding by means of numerical process simulationsPresentation Vortrag27-Jun-2023
6Klamert-2023-Applied Sciences-vor.pdf.jpgKlamert, Victor ; Schiefermair, Lukas ; Bublin, Mugdim ; Otto, Andreas In Situ Analysis of Curling Defects in Powder Bed Fusion of Polyamide by Simultaneous Application of Laser Profilometry and Thermal ImagingArticle Artikel 15-Jun-2023
72023-International Journal of Mechanical Sciences-vor.pdf.jpgQuintero, F. ; Doval, A.F. ; Goitia, A. ; Vazquez, R. ; Crespo, K. ; Barciela, R. ; Fernández-Arias, M. ; Lusquiños, F. ; Otto, Andreas ; Pou, J. Analysis of the oscillations induced by a supersonic jet applied to produce nanofibersArticle Artikel 15-Jan-2023
8Zenz, Constantin ; Buttazzoni, Michele ; Otto, Andreas Multi-Scale Simulation of Laser-Based Powder Bed Fusion Using a Continuum Mechanics ApproachPresentation Vortrag23-Sep-2022
9Zenz, Constantin ; Buttazzoni, Michele ; Otto, Andreas CUSTODIAN technical webinar: How to solve PBF-LB/M challenges in industry: SimulationPresentation Vortrag30-Aug-2022
10Zenz, Constantin ; Buttazzoni, Michele ; Otto, Andreas CUSTODIAN technical webinar: How to improve the flexibility, robustness and productivity of the LBW (Laser Beam welding) process: SimulationPresentation Vortrag30-Aug-2022
11Otto, Andreas ; Buttazzoni, Michele ; Zenz, Constantin Numerical Simulation of Laser Powder Bed FusionPresentation Vortrag21-Jun-2022
12Matsumoto, Hisashi ; Lin, Zhibin ; Schrauben, Joel N. ; Kleinert, Jan ; Gomez Vazquez, Rodrigo ; Buttazzoni, Michele ; Otto, Andreas Rapid formation of high aspect ratio through holes in thin glass substrates using an engineered, QCW laser approachArticle Artikel 8-Mar-2022
13Kumar, Dhiraj ; Liedl, Gerhard ; Otto, Andreas ; Artner, Werner Insights into the Correlation between Residual Stresses, Phase Transformation, and Wettability of Femtosecond Laser-Irradiated Ductile IronArtikel Article 2022
14Bleicher, Fritz ; Haas, Franz ; Otto, Andreas ; Zeman, Klaus Production SystemsArtikel Article2021
15Murzin, Serguei P. ; Kazanskiy, Nikolay L. ; Stiglbrunner, Christian Analysis of the Advantages of Laser Processing of Aerospace Materials Using Diffractive OpticsArtikel Article 2021
16Buttazzoni, Michele ; Zenz, Constantin ; Otto, Andreas ; Gómez Vázquez, Rodrigo ; Liedl, Gerhard ; Arias, Jorge Luis A Numerical Investigation of Laser Beam Welding of Stainless Steel Sheets with a GapArtikel Article 2021
17Kumar, Dhiraj ; Sauer, Markus ; Kroechert Ching, Karla ; Kalss, Georg ; Catarina V.D. dos Santos, A. ; Ramer, Georg ; Foelske, Annette ; Lendl, Bernhard ; Liedl, Gerhard ; Otto, Andreas Wettability transition of femtosecond laser patterned nodular cast iron (NCI) substrateArtikel Article 2021
18Murzin, S. P. ; Kazanskiy, N. L. ; Stiglbrunner, C. Development of technologies of laser material processing with use of diffractive opticsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2021
19Bielak, Robert ; Murzin, Serguei P. ; Liedl, Gerhard ; Otto, Andreas Modelling of temperature fields in DP1000 steel during laser treatment using diffractive optical elementsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2020
20Drobniak, Pierre ; Otto, Andreas ; Vázquez, Rodrigo Gómez ; Arias, Rosa Maria ; Arias, Jorge Luis Simulation of keyhole laser welding of stainless steel plates with a gapKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2020