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E307-02-3 - Forschungsgruppe Tribologie
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1Srbulovic, Maja ; Gkagkas, Konstantinos ; Gachot, Carsten ; Vernes, András Statistics of Sliding on Periodic and Atomically Flat SurfacesArtikel Article2021
2Jalikop, Shreyas V. ; Scheichl, Bernhard ; Eder, Stefan J. ; Hönig, Stefan A new computational fluid dynamics model to optimize sucker rod pump operation and designArtikel Article 2021
3Murzin, Serguei P. ; Balyakin, Valeriy B. ; Gachot, Carsten ; Fomchenkov, Sergey A. ; Blokhin, Maksim V. ; Kazanskiy, Nikolay L. Ultraviolet nanosecond laser treatment to reduce the friction coefficient of silicon carbide ceramicsArtikel Article 2021
4Eder-2020-ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces-am.pdf.jpgEder, Stefan ; Rodríguez Ripoll, Manel ; Cihak-Bayr, Ulrike ; Dini, Daniele ; Gachot, Carsten Unraveling and Mapping the Mechanisms for Near-Surface Microstructure Evolution in CuNi Alloys under SlidingArticle Artikel 15-Jul-2020
5Fecske, Szeréna-Krisztina ; Gkagkas, Konstantinos ; Gachot, Carsten ; Vernes, András Interdependence of Amplitude Roughness Parameters on Rough Gaussian SurfacesArtikel Article 2020
6Kohlhauser, B. ; Ripoll, M.R. ; Riedl, H. ; Koller, C.M. ; Koutna, N. ; Amsüss, A. ; Hutter, H. ; Ramirez, G. ; Gachot, C. ; Erdemir, A. ; Mayrhofer, P.H. How to get noWear? - A new take on the design of in-situ formed high performing low-friction tribofilmsArtikel Article 2020
7Jalikop, Shreyas V. ; Scheichl, Bernhard ; Gachot, Carsten Fundamentals of Directional Spreading of Lubricants over Multi-Scale Textured SurfacesPräsentation Presentation2020
8Jalikop, Shreyas V. ; Scheichl, Bernhard ; Eder, Stefan J. ; Hönig, Stefan Computational Fluid Dynamics Model to Improve Sucker Rod Pump Operating ModeKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2020
9Kohlhauser, Bernhard ; Ripoll, Manel Rodriguez ; Riedl, Helmut ; Koller, Christian Martin ; Koutná, Nikola ; Ramirez, Giovanni ; Erdemir, Ali ; Gachot, Carsten ; Mayrhofer, Paul Heinz On the In-situ Formation of Transition Metal Disulphides in Lubricated WN or WC Coating ContactsPräsentation Presentation2019
10Jalikop, Shreyas V. ; Scheichl, Bernhard ; Eder, Stefan J. Fluid-Structure Interaction of Coupled Valves in Sucker Rod PumpPräsentation Presentation2019
11Jalikop, Shreyas V. ; Scheichl, Bernhard ; Hönig, Stefan ; Eder, Stefan J. Simulation-aided identification of mid-cycle valve closure of a down-hole pumpArtikel Article 2019
12Eder-2018-ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces-am.pdf.jpgEder, Stefan ; Cihak-Bayr, Ulrike ; Gachot, Carsten ; Rodríguez Ripoll, Manel Interfacial Microstructure Evolution Due to Strain Path Changes in Sliding ContactsArticle Artikel 18-Jul-2018
13Kohlhauser, Bernhard ; Riedl, Helmut ; Ripoll Rodríguez, Manel ; Gachot, Carsten ; Mayrhofer, Paul Heinz In-situ solid lubricant formation on W or Mo based carbide and nitride coatings in lubricated tribo contactsPräsentation Presentation2018
14Gachot, Carsten Novel Laser-based Coating for Forming ProcessesPräsentation Presentation2018
15Gachot, Carsten The importance of lubricants in machine elementsPräsentation Presentation2018
16Gachot, Carsten Integrated Tribo-Design, Faculty of Mechanical EngineeringPräsentation Presentation2018
17Linz, Mathias ; Rodríguez Ripoll, Manel ; Pauly, Christoph ; Bernardi, Johannes ; Steiger-Thirsfeld, Andreas ; Franek, Friedrich ; Mücklich, Frank ; Gachot, Carsten Heterogeneous Strain Distribution and Saturation of Geometrically Necessary Dislocations in a Ferritic-Pearlitic Steel during Lubricated SlidingArtikel Article 2018
18Torres, H. ; Slawik, S. ; Gachot, C. ; Prakash, B. ; Rodríguez Ripoll, M. Microstructural design of self-lubricating laser claddings for use in high temperature sliding applicationsArtikel Article 2018
19Torres, H. ; Vuchkov, T. ; Slawik, S. ; Gachot, C. ; Prakash, B. ; Rodríguez Ripoll, M. Self-lubricating laser claddings for reducing friction and wear from room temperature to 600° CArtikel Article 2018
20Guo, Liang ; Wong, Patrick ; Gachot, Carsten Facilitating the Study of the Texturing Effect on Hydrodynamic LubricationArtikel Article 2018