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Zeck, Günther Michael
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VorschauAutor_innen / Heraus­geber­_innenTitelDokumenttypErscheinungs­datum
1Cojocaru, Andreea Elena ; Corna, Andrea ; Reh, Miriam ; Zeck, Günther High spatial resolution artificial vision inferred from the spiking output of retinal ganglion cells stimulated by optogenetic and electrical meansArticle Artikel 9-Dez-2022
2Corna, Andrea ; Lausen, Timo ; Thewes, Roland ; Zeck, Günther Electrical imaging of axonal stimulation in the retinaInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag1-Sep-2022
3Werginz, Paul ; Corna, Andrea ; Zeck, Günther Avoidance of axonal activation in epiretinal implants using short biphasic pulsesInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag Sep-2022
4Cetkovic, Ana ; Bellapianta, Alessandro ; Irimia-Vladu, Mihai ; Hofinger, Jakob ; Yumusak, Cigdem ; Corna, Andrea ; Scharber, Markus Clark ; Zeck, Günther ; Sariciftci, Niyazi Serdar ; Bolz, Matthias ; Salti, Ahmad In Vitro Cytotoxicity of D18 and Y6 as Potential Organic Photovoltaic Materials for Retinal ProsthesesArticle Artikel 4-Aug-2022
5Corna, Andrea ; Ramesh, Poornima ; Jetter, Florian ; Lee, Meng-Jung ; Macke, Jackob H ; Zeck, Günther Michael In-vitro evaluation of artificial vision restoration in the retina using high density micro-electrode arraysPresentation Vortrag7-Jul-2022
6Zeck, Günther Michael Interfacing CMOS-based microelectronics with biological cells and tissuesPresentation Vortrag2-Jun-2022
7Eickenscheidt, Max ; Herrmann, Thoralf ; Weisshap, Marius ; Mittnacht, Anne ; Rudmann, Linda ; Zeck, Günther ; Stieglitz, Thomas An optoelectronic neural interface approach for precise superposition of optical and electrical stimulation in flexible array structuresArticle Artikel 1-Jun-2022
8Gasparini, Sylvia J ; Tessmer, Karen ; Reh, Miriam ; Wieneke, Stephanie ; Carido, Madalena ; Völkner, Manuela ; Borsch, Oliver ; Swiersy, Anka ; Zuzic, Marta ; GOUREAU, Olivier ; Kurth, Thomas ; Busskamp, Volker ; Zeck, Günther ; Karl, Mike O ; Ader, Marius Transplanted human cones incorporate into the retina and function in a murine cone degeneration modelArticle Artikel 28-Apr-2022
9Reh, Miriam ; Lee,Meng-Jung ; Zeck, Günther Expression of Channelrhodopsin‐2 in Rod Bipolar Cells Restores ON and OFF Responses at High Spatial Resolution in Blind Mouse RetinaArticle Artikel 2022
10Steins, Helen ; Mierzejewski, Michael ; Brauns, Lisa ; Stumpf, Angelika ; Kohler, Alina ; Heusel, Gerhard ; Corna, Andrea ; Herrmann, Thoralf ; Jones, Peter D. ; Zeck, Günther ; von Metzen, Rene ; Stieglitz, Thomas A flexible protruding microelectrode array for neural interfacing in bioelectronic medicineArticle Artikel 2022
11Lausen, Timo ; Keil, Stefan ; Dodel, Norman ; Schulz, Mathias ; Corna, Andrea ; Zeck, Gunther ; Cojocaru, Andreea-Elena ; Thewes, Roland A Low-Noise Ex-Vivo CMOS MEA with 4k Recording Sites, 4k Recording Channels, and 1k Stimulation SitesInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag2022
12Corna, Andrea ; Ramesh, Poornima ; Macke, Jakob ; Zeck, Günther Michael Discrimination of simple objects decoded from the output of retinal ganglion cells upon sinusoidal electrical stimulationArtikel Article 2021
13Reh, Miriam ; Lee, Meng-Jung ; Zeck, Günther Michael Spatial and temporal resolution of optogenetically recovered vision in ChR2-transduced mouse retinaArtikel Article 2021
14Zeck, Günther Michael Assessing and improving vision restoration using ex vivo retinaPräsentation Presentation2021
15Samardzija, Marijana ; Corna, Andrea ; Gomez-Sintes, Raquel ; Jarboui, Mohamed Ali ; Armento, Angela ; Roger, Jerome E. ; Petridou, Eleni ; Haq, Wadood ; Paquet-Durand, Francois ; Zrenner, Eberhart ; de la Villa, Pedro ; Zeck, Günther Michael ; Grimm, Christian ; Boya, Patricia ; Ueffing, Marius ; Trifunovic, Dragana HDAC inhibition ameliorates cone survival in retinitis pigmentosa miceArtikel Article 2021
16Schnichels, Sven ; Schultheiss, Maximilian ; Klemm, Patricia ; Blak, Matthias ; Herrmann, Thoralf ; Melchinger, Marion ; Bartz-Schmidt, Karl-Ulrich ; Löscher, Marina ; Zeck, Günther Michael ; Spitzer, Martin Stehphan ; Hurst, Jose Cyclosporine A Protects Retinal Explants against HypoxiaArtikel Article 2021
17Elghajiji, Aya ; Weston, Stephen ; Zeck, Günther Michael ; Hengerer, Sebastian ; Tosh, David ; Rocha, Paulo Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy as a Tool for Monitoring Cell Differentiation from Floor Plate Progenitors to Midbrain Neurons in Real TimeArtikel Article 2021

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VorschauAutor_innen / Heraus­geber­_innenTitelDokumenttypErscheinungs­datum
1Giefing, Markus Printed flexible microelectrode array for biomedical applicationsThesis Hochschulschrift2022