Title: Gas permeation biogas upgrading technology : business development analysis
Language: input.forms.value-pairs.iso-languages.en
Authors: Prechtl, Martina 
Qualification level: Diploma
Advisor: Harasek, Michael
Issue Date: 2008
Number of Pages: 76
Qualification level: Diploma
The aim of this master's thesis is to analyse the potential market for a new biogas upgrading technology based on gas permeation that has been developed in Austria. An overview of the basics of biogas production is given, such as, the positive environmental effects, the basics of the fermentation process, the chemical composition of raw biogas, the conventional energetic usage of biogas and the basics of biogas purification and upgrading. The advantages of the decoupling of the biogas production and the conversion by biogas upgrading and feeding into the gas grid are highlighted. They lead to a more efficient usage of the energy content of biogas. The technical potential for biogas in European countries was estimated by experts in the range of 3.7 - 30% of the CNG consumption. Highly relevant for the market of upgraded biogas, on both an international and national level, are the frameworks for the net integration of the biogas and the requirements of the gas quality which differs across European countries. The reference market for the availability of natural gas helps determine the economic context of biogas upgrading and the net integration and is therefore discussed in more detail. The new gas permeation process is presented. The steps involved in the development of this new technology are highlighted, along with an overview of the main competitor technologies, such as, PSA, water scrubbing and mine scrubbing. The functional principles are explained, characteristics analysed and compared and the recent market position roughly outlined according to the plant diffusion. For the evaluation and the benchmarking of these technologies the special site conditions have to be taken into account. Reliability of the technology, maintenance costs due to the consumption of process energy and other maintenance resources, the obtained gas quality and the overall costs provide the basis for the comparison of the technologies mentioned. According to the sensitivity analysis methodology, an analysis of the new gas permeation technology is done. The analysis results in a better understanding of the complex system "market for biogas gas permeation technology". As a result the investment and upgrading costs for gas permeation, niche products for gas permeation, qualified man power and service for gas permeation, and confidence in gas permeation technology are the factors which need to be investigated further in the market introduction phase. The market share for gas permeation technology and its competitor technologies are influenced by various other factors which can be identified as the crucial elements within the system. Similarly, the parameters directly linked to the marked share of biogas gas permeation technology, such as, niche products for gas permeation and the investment and upgrading costs for gas permeation support this. The only parameter that is free from external influences but influences others is the availability of natural gas. It needs to be continuously observed, however, cannot be actively acted upon. The political support for upgraded biogas has a substantial influence on other parameters which can be influenced externally by lobbying measures and are indirectly influenced by the availability of natural gas. Qualified man power and services for gas permeation and confidence in gas permeation technology illustrate a prevalence of influencing effects. They are the key drivers for successful positioning of the new technology on the market. For further strategic decisions relating to the successful market introduction of the new biogas upgrading technology, a detailed discussion of the results presented in this master's thesis is recommended. Advisable is a group of representatives consisting of all the relevant parties.
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