Title: Passive use or active involvement? : the possibilities of D. Swarovski & Co in photovoltaics
Language: input.forms.value-pairs.iso-languages.en
Authors: Recheis, Arno 
Qualification level: Diploma
Advisor: Schauer, Gerd 
Issue Date: 2008
Number of Pages: 55
Qualification level: Diploma
Two facts are in the focal point of this thesis: First that the PV industry is one of the most prospering ones worldwide with a growing rate of around 40% every year, second that for reaching the Kyoto as well as the EU 2020 targets also the industry will be strongly involved. PV-power plants could be one possibility in lowering the CO2 output by producing the needed electricity; supplying optical parts could be the gate to the PV industry for Swarovski as the company is the world leader in producing cut crystal. These optical parts are needed for the concentrating Photovoltaic (CPV), which have a huge market potential as the development of these systems is just at the beginning. At the moment no kind of CPV can be favoured, new developments for whole CPV-systems or of optical parts of them are possibilities for Swarovski. Because of the low feed-in tariffs in Austria, the non-supporting of PV in Tirol and the high long time internal interests of the company itself, it is not possible to run a PV-power plant economically. There are huge differences between fixed or moving systems with advantages to optimal inclined fixed and 1-axis systems, but all of them would have negative financial results. Other reasons like a positive "green" image or being an outrider of new technologies have to be found if a PV-power plant should be erected at the company area.
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Publication Type: Thesis
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