Title: Open source Web-based interaction with 3-dimensional building models via human interaction devices : a usability study
Language: English
Authors: Glawischnig, Stefan
Qualification level: Diploma
Advisor: Frank, Andreas U. 
Assisting Advisor: Mahdavi, Ardeshir
Issue Date: 2013
Glawischnig, S. (2013). Open source Web-based interaction with 3-dimensional building models via human interaction devices : a usability study [Diploma Thesis]. reposiTUm. https://resolver.obvsg.at/urn:nbn:at:at-ubtuw:1-50590
Number of Pages: 47
Qualification level: Diploma
The present contribution describes the concepts and implementation of a vendor and platform independent building monitoring framework. Building sensor data (e.g. electricity power consumption, air flow, temperature) is collected from various data sources and stored in a database. The data storage and user interface design concepts are introduced with focus on data preprocessing and web based distribution functionalities. A showcase implementation at the example of a building information terminal is utilized to conduct a usability study. The application implements support for various input methods. By using a personal computer, a touch screen and a gesture input device (control an application without direct physical contact), the study is conducted to specify which input device offers the best learning experience.
Keywords: 3D; Gebäudemodell; Computerinteraktion; BIM; HCI; Nutzbarkeitsstudie; Gebäudemonitoring; User Interface Design
3D; Building Model; Human Interaction Devices; BIM; HCI; Usability Study; Building Monitoring; User Interface Design
URI: https://resolver.obvsg.at/urn:nbn:at:at-ubtuw:1-50590
Library ID: AC07815098
Organisation: E120 - Institut für Geoinformation und Kartographie 
Publication Type: Thesis
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