Title: Creation and development of management system in small start up company in post communist countries to support its long term strategy
Language: English
Authors: Klein, Igor 
Qualification level: Diploma
Advisor: Kosturiak, Jan 
Issue Date: 2010
Number of Pages: 82
Qualification level: Diploma
Scope of my master thesis is aimed at very practical managerial mission- creation and development of company management system in small start up company in automotive industry. The main idea originates in the necessity to have company management system that is nowadays in era of very intense, hyper competition a distinctive competitive advantage. anagement system has to be base for the long term development and success of the company. My thesis are dealing with company management system in very specific environment of post communist countries, strongly analyzing and focusing on the cultural heritage that has tremendous impact on the management system. As a theoretical base for my managerial mission I studied and analyzed company management systems of Toyota Corporation, Bata Company and ZIPF model of professor Milan Zelený. My focus is on the most valuable part of the company management system on the people. I am dealing with the specific necessities of building professional relationships, feedback, coaching, delegation and effective communication, which are the cornerstones in developing people and consequently company management system especially in start up company. For the practical part of my thesis I am analyzing and subsequently reasoning importance of understanding cultural heritage of country where the company is being developed. My experience is linked to 5 years of developing company GPI in Slovakia. Cultural heritage that is being inherited through people is a powerful weapon. The role of organization and leaders is to understand how to utilize positive aspects of cultural background on one side and how to eliminate negative aspects of culture. The ultimate goal is to have a management system that is reflecting changing environment, management system that is able to develop and innovate in order to support long term company existence.
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Publication Type: Thesis
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