Title: Sustainable success criteria for Outlet center : the tenants' point of view
Language: English
Authors: Hainzl, Harald Andreas Johann 
Qualification level: Diploma
Advisor: Will, Joachim 
Issue Date: 2012
Number of Pages: 88
Qualification level: Diploma
This thesis aims to examine the criteria, which influence the successful performance of Outlet Center from the tenants' point of view and how it can be sustained. Outlet Centers are a specialized retail format and have enjoyed an impressive growth in Europe since the first center opened in 1983 in France. The market has grown from just a handful of centers in France and UK to more 140 Outlet Centers across 22 European countries. Along this growth there have been several centers that failed to achieve economic success. Sustainability and energy efficiency are popular topics in media, but it is worth questioning if these topics are implemented in Outlet Centers. How far are energy efficient systems already in practice and how is sustainability of the real estate structure and business model dealt with? The tenants and their brand attraction are vital ingredients for the success of Outlet Centers. Their view from the daily operation is key, as they will have to pay for the bill in the end. In order to approach these topics the research for the master thesis was conducted by using the insights from work experience, an extensive online questionnaire among Outlet Center tenants, complementing expert interviews and a wide literature study. In order to establish a research basis the location, center, store, operation and sustainability criteria were defined. The analysis was done along of these criteria and sustainability criteria were analyzed separately although they are integrated into the other criteria. Outlet Center tenants are very focused on their daily business. Products and brand are their main business focus and pivotal to the success of Outlet Center. The other crucial criteria they have on Outlet Center are related to its location (among others turnover potential) and costs. Furthermore tenants value the brand mix as one very important component and they like to have attractive brands as neighbors to increase their own footfall. Investors and especially operators are also important contributors to the success of Outlet Centers, but are not as vital as the before mentioned ones. The tenants marketing and brand strategy are influencing the decision on an Outlet Center, but quality locations are always attractive. Sustainability and energy-efficiency are currently not important to tenants and they are not prepared to pay a premium for it. Tenants are only interested in sustainability if the total costs can be decreased or if the brand strength can be improved by it.
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Publication Type: Thesis
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