Title: Hybridization of biomass steam gasification in dual fluidized bed reactor with concentrated solar energy
Authors: Gomez-Barea, A. 
Suarez-Almeida, M. 
Silva, M. 
Pfeifer, C. 
Karl, J. 
Ghoniem, A. 
Keywords: Biomass steam gasification; dual fluidized bed
Issue Date: 2019
Book Title: Proceedings of the ICPS 19 
Production of syngas from biomass gasification using concentrated solar energy is an attractive
technology to produce storable renewable energy and CO2 reduction. Although many solar
gasification reactors have been conceptually developed during the last decades, none has
reached commercial status yet. Several challenges have hindered the deployment of the
technology due to difficulties derived from: high temperature and/or large reactor volume
required for complete fuel conversion; producing a steady syngas output independent on solar
radiation variation; achieving effective rate of heat supply to the gasifier when scaling-up. In
this paper, a new approach to conduct allothermal gasification of biomass with steam using
concentrating solar energy with the potential to overcome the aforementioned technical
challenges is presented. It is based on the use of solid particles as thermal energy carrier and
storage media. The great advantage of this configuration is that the solar receiver and the
reactor are uncoupled, while thermal integration is highly efficient since carrier particles are
directly used in the reactor. This paper reviews the state of the art of the most important aspects
to develop the technology and presents a model to preliminary analyze the performance of the
reactor under various configurations.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12708/15432
DOI: 10.34726/108
Organisation: E166-03-1 - Forschungsgruppe Zukunftsf√§hige Energietechnik 
License: Urheberrechtsschutz 1.0
Publication Type: Inproceedings
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