Title: The impact of technical failures during cultivation of an inclusion body process
Authors: Pekarsky, Alexander 
Konopek, Vanessa 
Spadiut, Oliver 
Category: Original Research Article
Keywords: Inclusion body; Technical failure; Escherichia coli; Upstream process; Downstream process
Issue Date: 2019
Journal: Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 
In biotechnological processes, technical failures in the upstream process often lead to batch loss. It is of great interest to investigate the empirical impact of technical failures to understand and mitigate their impact accurately and reduce economic damage. We investigated the impact in the upstream and downstream of a recombinant antibody fragment inclusion body production process chain to provide integrated empirical data and knowledge. First, we provided a reproducible process chain that yielded high inclusion body content, high specific product titer, and a refolding yield of 30%. The inclusion body downstream proved to be of high reproducibility. Through the intended introduction of technical failures, we were not only able to shed more light on the empirical responses in the upstream and downstream, but also on process-boosting parameters that would have been neglected. Herein, a short increase in temperature during the cultivation clearly increased the refolding yield.
DOI: 10.1007/s00449-019-02158-x
Library ID: AC16150985
ISSN: 1615-7591
Organisation: E166-04 - Forschungsbereich Bioverfahrenstechnik 
License: CC BY 4.0 CC BY 4.0
Publication Type: Article
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