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Hackl, Thomas ; Poik, Mathias ; Schitter, Georg Single-Harmonic Response Open-Loop Kelvin-Probe Force MicroscopyArticle Artikel 16-Feb-2024
Kolincio, Kamil K. ; Roman, Marta ; Garmroudi, Fabian ; Parzer, Michael ; Bauer, Ernst , et alCharge density wave, enhanced mobility, and large nonsaturating magnetoresistance across the magnetic states of HoNiC2 and ErNiC2Article Artikel 23-Feb-2024
Jukić, Domagoj-Krešimir ; Kugi, Andreas ; Kemmetmüller, Wolfgang Strategien für den optimalen Betrieb von PumpspeicherkraftwerkenArticle Artikel 29-Feb-2024
Reyhani, Moien ; Marko, Lukas ; Janisch, Georg ; Kugi, Andreas Real-time observer designs for elastic-joint industrial robots: Experimental comparison and new strategiesArticle Artikel May-2024
Kirner-2024-IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters-vor.pdf.jpgKirner, Annika Katharina ; Ott, Christian Impact Analysis for the Planning of Targeted Non-Slippage Impacts of Robot ManipulatorsArticle Artikel Mar-2024
Pecak, Jan ; Talmazan, Radu A. ; Svatunek, Dennis ; Kirchner, Karl ; Podewitz, Maren Is Mn(I) More Promising Than Fe(II)─A Comparison of Mn vs Fe Complexes for Olefin MetathesisArticle Artikel 5-Feb-2024
Fleiss-2024-Journal of Energy Chemistry-vor.pdf.jpgFleiß, Benjamin ; Priscak, Juraj ; Hammerschmid, Martin ; Fuchs, Josef ; Müller, Stefan , et alCO₂ capture costs of chemical looping combustion of biomass: A comparison of natural and synthetic oxygen carrierArticle Artikel May-2024
Lovrekovic-2023-Physical Review D-vor.pdf.jpgLovrekovic, Iva ; Schaefer, K. Conformal Galilean spin-3 gravity in 3DArticle Artikel 15-Jul-2023
Krlovic-2024-Science of the Total Environment-vor.pdf.jpgKrlovic, Nikola ; Saracevic, Ernis ; Derx, Julia ; Gundacker, Claudia ; Krampe, Jörg , et alA source-based framework to estimate the annual load of PFAS in municipal wastewaterArticle Artikel 10-Apr-2024
Talic, Almir ; Cerimovic, Samir ; Beigelbeck, Roman ; Kohl, Franz ; Sauter, Thilo , et alThe Impact of Surface Discontinuities on MEMS Thermal Wind Sensor AccuracyArticle Artikel 9-May-2023
Efkarpidis, Nikolaos ; Imoscopi, Stefano ; Bratukhin, Aleksey ; Brannvall, Rickard ; Franzl, Gerald , et alProactive Scheduling of Mixed Energy Resources at Different Grid LevelsArticle Artikel 27-Sep-2023
Felt, Ulrike ; Öchsner, Susanne ; Rae, Robin ; Osipova, Ekaterina Doing co-creation: power and critique in the development of a European health data infrastructureArticle Artikel Aug-2023
Carlin, Brendon Nikolas NO-HOUSE: SHAMELESS ARCHITECTURE IN 21st -CENTURY JAPANArticle Artikel1-Mar-2023
Talmazan-2023-Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling-vor.pdf.jpgTalmazan, Radu Alexandru ; Podewitz, Maren PyConSolv: A Python Package for Conformer Generation of (Metal-Containing) Systems in Explicit SolventArticle Artikel 11-Sep-2023
Zelaya Lainez-2023-Materials Today Proceedings-vor.pdf.jpgZelaya Lainez, Luis Haroldo ; Balduzzi, Giuseppe ; Lahayne, Olaf ; Lukacevic, Markus ; Hellmich, Christian , et alMicromechanics of non-embedded spruce wood: Novel polishing and indentation protocolArticle Artikel 2023
de Pagter-2023-International Journal of Social Robotics-vor.pdf.jpgde Pagter, Jesse Ethics and robot democratization: reflecting on integrative ethics practicesArticle Artikel Dec-2023
Rousseau-2023-Water Resources Research-vor.pdf.jpgRousseau, Gauthier ; Izumoto, Satoshi ; Le Borgne, Tanguy ; Heyman, Joris Dispersion versus diffusion in mixing frontsArticle Artikel Nov-2023
Berlanga-Vazquez-2023-European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry-vor.pdf.jpgBerlanga-Vázquez, Armando ; Talmazan, Radu A. ; Reyes‐Mata, Carlos A. ; Guzmán-Percástegui, Edmundo ; Flores-Alamo, Marcos , et alConformational Effects of Regioisomeric Substitution on the Catalytic Activity of Copper/Calix[8]arene C−S CouplingArticle Artikel 22-Feb-2023
Gallistel, Ursula ; Raab, Jacqueline Behauptungs- und Beweislast zufolge COVID-19-bedingter Mehrkosten - Eine bauwirtschaftliche BetrachtungArticle ArtikelMar-2023
Lin, Shuyao ; Shen, Chen ; Zhang, Hongbin Electric-field-tunable thermal conductivity in anti-ferroelectric materialsArticle Artikel Mar-2023
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in descending order): 1 to 20 of 33892
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