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Kollegger, Johann ; Suza, Dominik ; Proksch-Weilguni, Clemens ; Träger, Wolfgang First application of the balanced lowering method to build two bridges in AustriaArticle Artikel 13-Apr-2022
Díaz López, Estefanía ; Comas-Vives, Aleix Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of the dry reforming of methane catalyzed by the Ru (0001) surface based on density functional theory calculationsArticle Artikel 5-May-2022
Knötig, Hedwig Maria ; Nauschütz, Josephine ; Opačak, Nikola ; Höfling, Sven ; Koeth, Johannes ; Weih, Robert ; Schwarz, Benedikt Mitigating Valence Intersubband Absorption in Interband Cascade LasersArticle Artikel 5-Jul-2022
Gavioli, Chiara ; Krejci, Pavel Phase transitions in porous mediaArticle Artikel 20-Sep-2022
Alasatri, Suresh ; Schneider, Michael ; Mirwald, Johannes ; Hofko, Bernhard ; Schmid, Ulrich Accuracy and Precision of Resonant Piezoelectric Mems Viscosity Sensors in Highly Viscous Bituminous MaterialsArticle Artikel 2022
Stampfl, J ; Baudis, Stefan ; Heller, Christian ; Liska, Robert ; Neumeister, Andre ; KLING, Rainer ; Ostendorf, Andreas ; Spitzbart, Manfred Photopolymers with tunable mechanical properties processed by laser-based high-resolution stereolithographyArticle Artikel 2008
Zeininger, Johannes ; Winkler, Philipp ; Raab, Maximilian ; Suchorski, Yuri ; Prieto, Mauricio J. ; Tănase, Liviu C. ; de Souza Caldas, Lucas ; Tiwari, Aarti ; Schmidt, Thomas ; Stöger-Pollach, Michael ; Steiger-Thirsfeld, Andreas ; Roldan Cuenya, Beatriz ; Rupprechter, Günther Pattern Formation in Catalytic H₂ Oxidation on Rh: Zooming in by Correlative MicroscopyArticle Artikel 2022
Agustí, J. ; Minoguchi, Y. ; Fink, J. M. ; Rabl, P. Long-distance distribution of qubit-qubit entanglement using Gaussian-correlated photonic beamsArticle Artikel 2022
Cupak, C. ; Pitthan, Eduardo ; Moro, M.V. ; Fellinger, M. ; Primetzhofer, D. ; Aumayr, F. Retention of deuterium in beryllium: A combined investigation using TDS, ERDA and EBSArticle Artikel 14-Sep-2022
Schützenhofer, Stefan ; Kovacic, Iva ; Rechberger, Helmut ; Mack, Stephanie Improvement of Environmental Sustainability and Circular Economy through Construction Waste Management for Material ReuseArticle Artikel5-Sep-2022
Taheri, Javid ; Dustdar, Schahram ; Villari, Massimo IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing Special Issue on Sustainability of Fog/Edge Computing SystemsArticle Artikel2022
Siddiqui-2022-IEEE Access-vor.pdf.jpgSiddiqui, Shahbaz ; Hameed, Sufian ; Shah, Syed Attique ; Ahmad, Ijaz ; Aneiba, Adel ; Draheim, Dirk ; Dustdar, Schahram Toward Software-Defined Networking-Based IoT Frameworks: A Systematic Literature Review, Taxonomy, Open Challenges and ProspectsArticle Artikel 2022
Huang, Chaoran ; Yao, Lina ; Wang, Xianzhi ; Sheng, Quan Z. ; Dustdar, Schahram ; Wang, Zhongjie ; Xu, Xiaofei Intent-Aware Interactive Internet of Things for Enhanced Collaborative Ambient IntelligenceArticle Artikel 13-Sep-2022
Deng, Ze ; Wang, Yue ; Liu, Tao ; Dustdar, Schahram ; Ranjan, Rajiv ; Zomaya, Albert ; Liu, Yizhi ; Wang, Lizhe Spatial-Keyword Skyline Publish/Subscribe Query Processing Over Distributed Sliding Window Streaming DataArticle Artikel 8-Sep-2022
Chajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut Residuation in twist products and pseudo-Kleene posetsArticle Artikel 2022
Baudis, Stefan Knochen, Knorpel und Gefäße maßschneidern mit LichtArticle Artikel 2016
Hinkov, Borislav ; Pilat, Florian ; Lux, Laurin ; Souza, Patricia L ; David, Mauro ; Schwaighofer, Andreas ; Ristanić, Daniela ; Schwarz, Benedikt ; Detz, Hermann ; Andrews, Aaron M ; Lendl, Bernhard ; Strasser, Gottfried A mid-infrared lab-on-a-chip for dynamic reaction monitoringArticle Artikel 2022
Polak, Ladislav ; Milos, Jiri ; Zedka, Radim ; Blumenstein, Jiri ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph BER and throughput performances of IEEE 802.11ay SC-PHY over measured 60 GHz indoor channelsArticle Artikel 26-Jun-2022
Ehrmann, Katharina ; Potzmann, Paul ; Dworak, Claudia ; Bergmeister, Helga ; Eilenberg, Magdalena ; Grasl, Christian ; Koch, Thomas ; Schima, Heinrich ; Liska, Robert ; Baudis, Stefan Hard Block Degradable Polycarbonate Urethanes: Promising Biomaterials for Electrospun Vascular ProsthesesArticle Artikel 2020
Böckle, Raphael ; Sistani, Masiar ; Martina Bažíková ; Wind, Lukas ; Sadre‐Momtaz, Zahra ; den Hertog, Martien I. ; Murphey, Corban G. E. ; Cahoon, James F. ; Weber, Walter M. Reconfigurable Complementary and Combinational Logic Based on Monolithic and Single‐Crystalline Al‐Si HeterostructuresArticle Artikel 2022
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in descending order): 1 to 20 of 1050
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