Title: Preliminary design of the northern breakwater quay from the project 'Reconstruction and modernization of fishing harbor Sarafovo'
Language: English
Authors: Dimitrova, Stefina 
Qualification level: Diploma
Advisor: Krouzecky, Norbert 
Assisting Advisor: Fenton, John 
Issue Date: 2014
Number of Pages: 124
Qualification level: Diploma
Fishing harbor Sarafovo has established itself naturally throughout the last few decades to meet the preferences of fishermen, suitable with its favorable location and the migration of fish resources as an area providing good draught and allowing better organization for fishermen in the area. In the water area north and south of Sarafovo are located nine pound nets, the draught from which is unloaded and sold at Fishing Harbor Sarafovo. In addition to creating suitable conditions for the berthing and unloading of fishing vessels, first sale tendering and implementation of control and quality assessment of catches, last but not least is the significant social impact on the fishermen community in Bourgas and the region. The focus of the present Master's thesis lies solely on the northern breakwater - the main wave protective structure of the harbor. Among the main goals of the present thesis is the assessment of the coastal hydraulic phenomena and the resulting impact on the protective harbor structure. The deepwater wave properties are obtained based on the wind data gathered from several meteorological observation stations in the Bourgas Bay region. The wave transformation from deep water to the shore is studied by applying both analytical and numerical approaches. Of great importance for the particular design is the assessment of the wave properties in immediate proximity to the protective structure, as well as the evaluation of the diffracted wave height inside the harbor area. After analysis and comparison of the obtained results and taking into consideration the topographic and geologic conditions of the site, the design procedure is initiated. The type of the structure is predefined in the assignment - a quay-mole with combined functions composed of an attached rubble-mound breakwater and a steel sheet pile quay wall. The stability check includes armour unit weight calculation and determining of the wave run-up on the breakwater slope. An example of the steel sheet pile dimensioning is also included.
Keywords: Fishing Harbor Sarafovo
URI: https://resolver.obvsg.at/urn:nbn:at:at-ubtuw:1-78541
Library ID: AC12295935
Organisation: E222 - Institut für Wasserbau und Ingenieurhydrologie 
Publication Type: Thesis
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