Title: Agile software development within the flat organization case study: evaluating the implementation in a small tech start-up
Language: English
Authors: Papachartofyli, Orthodoxia 
Qualification level: Diploma
Advisor: Stapleton, Lawrence 
Issue Date: 2018
Number of Pages: 89
Qualification level: Diploma
The present study focuses on giving a short overview of different organizational structures and of most famous Agile frameworks, in order to provide a background context for conducting research in a small software company. By focusing on a specific software company, the study aims to assess the effectiveness of the organizational structure selected for this company and if and how this structure relates to the success -or not- of Agile implementation. The population of the study includes the aforementioned software company and the participants are 28 employees of this company and the 3 people of whom the company's leadership consists. The literature review of Agile, the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each organizational structure as well as the personal professional experience of the author in the company as well as in the field of Agile helped formulate the objectives and research questions of this study. A questionnaire was designed and provided to the 28 participants and follow-up clarifications, comments and interviews with the leadership were conducted when needed. Literature review demonstrates that choosing the appropriate structure to fit the organization or having the ability to adjust it as efficiently when needed, is crucial for every organization. By analysing the questionnaire results and assessing important findings revealed during the interviews, the study revealed that the employees and the company’s leadership perceive the simplicity of structure of the company as a factor that contributes to the successful operation of the company, as they feel it aids in establishing direct communication, cooperation, adaptability, fast decision-making and cross-functionality that are needed in order for Agile software development practices to succeed.
Keywords: Organizational structure; hierarchy; Agile software development; flat structure; Scrum; Kanban
Organizational structure; hierarchy; Agile software development; flat structure; Scrum; Kanban
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Organisation: E017 - Continuing Education Center 
Publication Type: Thesis
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