18th ÖMG Congress and Annual DMV Meeting

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18th ÖMG Congress and Annual DMV Meeting
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Event for scientific audience
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Universität Innsbruck
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1Länger, Helmut A simple recursion for polynomials of sums of powersPräsentation Presentation2013
2Cuchiero, Christa An HJM approach to multiple-curve modelingPräsentation Presentation2013
3Panholzer, Alois Analysis of strategies for the hiring problemPräsentation Presentation2013
4Shpartko, Polina ; Jüngel, Ansgar Drift-Diffusion model for spin-polarized electron transport in semiconductorsPräsentation Presentation2013
5Gittenberger, Bernhard Enumeration of generalized BCI lambda-termsPräsentation Presentation2013
6Koch, Othmar ; Auzinger, Winfried ; Hofstätter, Harald ; Thalhammer, Mechthild Fully Discrete Splitting Methods for Rotating Bose-Einstein CondensatesPräsentation Presentation2013
7Viertl, Reinhard Fuzzy Probability Distributions in Bayesian inferenceKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2013
8Auzinger, Winfried ; Herfort, Wolfgang Local error structures and order conditions for exponential splitting methodsPräsentation Presentation2013
9Gerhold, Stefan Local volatility models: approximation and regularizationPräsentation Presentation2013
10Herfort, Wolfgang ; Hofmann, Karl Heinrich ; Russo, Francesco G. Near Abelian Compact GroupsPräsentation Presentation2013
11Schmock, Uwe On the Existence of an Equivalent Martingale Measure in the Dalang-Morton-Willinger Theorem, which Preserves the Dependence StructurePräsentation Presentation2013
12Karigl, Günther Prüfzeichencodierung: Theorie und einige populäre AnwendungenPräsentation Presentation2013
13Rheinländer, Thorsten Semi-static hedging o fbarrier options via a general self-dualityPräsentation Presentation2013
14Arnold, Anton Some polymeric fluid flow models: steady states & large-time convergencePräsentation Presentation2013
15Dorninger, Dietmar ; Länger, Helmut Testing for classicality of a physical systemPräsentation Presentation2013
16Zeiner, Martin ; Függer, Matthias ; Schmid, Ulrich ; Kößler, Alexander ; Nowak, Thomas The Effect of Forgetting on the Performance of a SynchronizerPräsentation Presentation2013
17Schuster, Franz The theory of valuations and what it can do for youPräsentation Presentation2013
18Drmota, Michael The Thue-morse sequence along the squares in normalPräsentation Presentation2013