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IEEE International Integrated Reliability Workshop
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1Waltl, Michael ; Wagner, Paul-Jürgen ; Reisinger, H. ; Rott, K. ; Grasser, Tibor Advanced Data Analysis Algorithms for the Time-Dependent Defect Spectroscopy of NBTIKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2012
2Bukhori, Muhammad Faiz ; Grasser, Tibor ; Kaczer, Ben ; Reisinger, Hans. ; Asenov, Asen ‘Atomistic’ simulation of RTS amplitudes due to single and multiple charged defect states and their interactionsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2010
3Southwick III, R. G. ; Purnell, Shem T. ; Rapp, Blake A. ; Thompson, Ryan J. ; Pugmire, Shane K ; Kaczer, Ben ; Grasser, Tibor ; Knowlton, B. Cryogenic to Room Temperature Effects of NBTI in High-k PMOS DevicesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2011
4Rott, K. ; Schmitt-Landsiedel, D. ; Reisinger, H. ; Rott, Gunnar Andreas ; Georgakos, G ; Schluender, C ; Aresu, S. ; Gustin, W. ; Grasser, Tibor Impact and measurement of short term threshold instabilities in MOSFETs of analog circuitsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2012
5Bina, Markus ; Aichinger, T. ; Pobegen, G. ; Gös, Wolfgang ; Grasser, Tibor Modeling of DCIV Recombination Currents Using A Multistate Multiphonon ModelKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2011
6Tyaginov, S. E. ; Grasser, Tibor Modeling of Hot-Carrier Degradation: Physics and Controversial IssuesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2012
7Grasser, T. ; Aichinger, Th. ; Reisinger, H. ; Franco, J. ; Wagner, P.-J. ; Nelhiebel, M. ; Ortolland, C. ; Kaczer, B. On the ‘permanent’ component of NBTIKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2010
8Wagner, Paul-Jürgen ; Kaczer, Ben ; Scholten, A ; Reisinger, H. ; Bychikhin, Sergey ; Pogany, Dionyz ; Vandamme, L.K.J. ; Grasser, Tibor On the Correlation Between NBTI, SILC, and Flicker NoiseKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2012
9Schanovsky, Franz ; Grasser, Tibor On the Microscopic Limit of the Reaction-Diffusion Model for the Negative Bias Temperature InstabilityKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2011
10Pobegen, Gregor ; Nelhiebel, Michael ; Grasser, Tibor Recent Results Concerning the Influence of Hydrogen on the Bias Temperature InstabilityKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2012
11Kaczer, Ben ; Toledano-Luque, M. ; Franco, J. ; Grasser, Tibor ; Roussel, Ph. J. ; Camargo, V. V. A. ; Mahato, S. ; Simoen, E. ; Catthoor, F. ; Wirth, G.I. ; Groeseneken, G. Recent Trends in CMOS Reliability: From Individual Traps to Circuit SimulationsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2011
12Hehenberger, Ph. ; Reisinger, H. ; Grasser, T. Recovery of negative and positive bias temperature stress in pMOSFETsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2010
13Reisinger, H. ; Grasser, Tibor ; Hofmann, K. ; Gustin, W. ; Schlünder, C. The impact of recovery on BTI reliability assessmentsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2010