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Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
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1Arslan, Eray A comparison between multi-layered and functionally graded spherical pressure vesselsArtikel Article2013
2Flatscher, Thomas ; Schuecker, Clara ; Pettermann, Heinz E. A Constitutive Model for Continuous Fiber Reinforced Polymer PliesArtikel Article2009
3Düring, Bertram A semi-smooth Newton method for an inverse problem in option pricingArtikel Article2008
4Rupp, Karl ; Tillet, Philippe ; Jüngel, Ansgar ; Grasser, Tibor Achieving Portable High Performance for Iterative Solvers on AcceleratorsArtikel Article2014
5Müllner, Herbert W. ; Wieczorek, André ; Fidi, Wolfgang ; Eberhardsteiner, Josef Advances in Numerical Prediction of Extrusion Tools Used for Fabrication of Rubber ProfilesArtikel Article2008
6Sockel, Helmut Aerodynamic effects caused by a train entering a tunnelArtikel Article2002
7Rammerstorfer, Franz G. ; Bauer, Stefan ; Scheidl, Jakob Analytical modelling of autofrettage processes - Historical approaches and new resultsArtikel Article2018
8Arslan, Eray ; Eraslan, Ahmet Nedim Analytical stress analysis of partially plastic graded curved bars subjected to pure bendingArtikel Article2011
9Bucher, Christian Asymptotic sampling - a tool for efficient reliability computation in high dimensionsArtikel Article2015
10Usta, R. ; Arslan, Eray Bending behavior of a bi-morph piezoelectric curved beamArtikel Article2014
11Leigh, Graham ; Afshari, Bahareh Circular proofs for the modal mu-calculusArtikel Article2016
12Zigo, Milan ; Arslan, Eray ; Mack, Werner ; Kepplinger, Gerhard Computationally effective spot-weld fatigue life estimation for vehicle componentsArtikel Article2019
13Hofstetter, Karin ; Hellmich, Christian ; Eberhardsteiner, Josef Continuum Micromechanics Estimation of Wood StrengthArtikel Article2006
14Muldoon, Frank ; Kuhlmann, Hendrik Control of hydrothermal waves in a thermocapillary flow using a gradient-based control strategyArtikel Article2011
15Edelmann, Johannes ; Plöchl, Manfred Controllability of the powerslide motion of an automobile with different actuation inputsArtikel Article2016
16Alipour, Mobin ; De Paoli, Marco Convective dissolution in porous media: experimental investigation in Hele‐Shaw cellArtikel Article2019
17Edelmann, Johannes ; Haudum, Martin ; Plöchl, Manfred Coordination of guidance and stabilization tasks for bicycle rider modellingArtikel Article2015
18Höfinger, Gerhard ; Jia, Xin ; Mang, Herbert A. Correlation of Constraint Conditions in Koiter's Initial Postbuckling Analysis and the Consistently Linearized Eigenvalue ProblemArtikel Article2010
19Froehlich, Christoph ; Kemmetmüller, Wolfgang ; Kugi, Andreas Cycle-based Adaption of a Model-Predictive Control Strategy for Injection Molding MachinesArtikel Article2019
20Jia Xin - 2013 - Determination of the derivative of the tangent stiffness matrix...pdf.jpgJia, Xin ; Mang, Herbert A. Determination of the derivative of the tangent stiffness matrix with respect to the load parameterArticle Artikel Dec-2013