Microelectronics Reliability

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Microelectronics Reliability
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1Kaczer, B. ; Franco, J. ; Weckx, P. ; Roussel, Ph.J. ; Putcha, V. ; Bury, E. ; Simicic, M. ; Chasin, A. ; Linten, D. ; Parvais, B. ; Catthoor, F. ; Rzepa, G. ; Waltl, M. ; Grasser, T. A Brief Overview of Gate Oxide Defect Properties and Their Relation to MOSFET Instabilities and Device and Circuit Time-Dependent VariabilityArtikel Article 2018
2de Orio, R.L. ; Ceric, H. ; Selberherr, S. A Compact Model for Early Electromigration Failures of Copper Dual-Damascene InterconnectsArtikel Article2011
3Rafiee, P. ; Khatibi, G. A fast reliability assessment method for Si MEMS based microcantilever beamsArtikel Article2014
4Seliger, N. ; Pogany, D. ; Fürböck, C. ; Habaš, P. ; Gornik, E. ; Stoisiek, M. A Laser Beam Method for Evaluation of Thermal Time Constant in Smart Power DevicesArtikel Article 1997
5Filipovic, Lado A Method for Simulating the Influence of Grain Boundaries and Material Interfaces on ElectromigrationArtikel Article 2019
6Khan, Sajid ; Shah, Ambika Prasad ; Chouhan, Shailesh Singh ; Gupta, Neha ; Pandey, Jai Gopal ; Vishvakarma, Santosh Kumar A Symmetric D Flip-Flop Based PUF with Improved UniquenessArtikel Article 2020
7Wilhelmer, Christoph ; Waldhoer, Dominic ; Jech, Markus ; El-Sayed, Al-Moatasem Bellah ; Cvitkovich, Lukas ; Waltl, Michael ; Grasser, Tibor Ab initio investigations in amorphous silicon dioxide: Proposing a multi-state defect model for electron and hole captureArtikel Article2022
8Tyaginov, S. ; Starkov, I. ; Enichlmair, H. ; Jungemann, Ch. ; Park, J.M. ; Seebacher, E. ; Orio, R. ; Ceric, H. ; Grasser, T. An Analytical Approach for Physical Modeling of Hot-Carrier Induced DegradationArtikel Article2011
9Ceric, H. ; Zahedmanesh, H. ; Croes, K. Analysis of Electromigration Failure of Nano-Interconnects through a Combination of Modeling and Experimental MethodsArtikel Article 2019
10Heer, Michael ; Dubec, Victor ; Bychikhin, Sergey ; Pogany, Dionyz ; Gornik, Erich ; Frank, M ; Konrad, A ; Schulz, J Analysis of triggering behaviour of high voltage CMOS LDMOS clamps and SCRs during ESD induced latch-upArtikel Article2006
11Pogany, D. ; Bychikhin, S. ; Heer, M. ; Mamanee, W. ; Gornik, E. Application of transient interferometric mapping method for ESD and latch-up analysisArtikel Article2011
12Magnien, J. ; Khatibi, G. Assessment of mechanical reliability of surface mounted capacitor by an accelerated shear fatigue test techniqueArtikel Article2014
13Heer, Michael ; Dubec, Victor ; Blaho, M. ; Bychikhin, Sergey ; Pogany, Dionyz ; Gornik, Erich ; Denison, Marie ; Stecher, Matthias ; Groos, Gerhard Automated setup for thermal imaging and electrical degradation study of power DMOS devicesArtikel Article2005
14Dubec, Victor ; Bychikhin, Sergey ; Pogany, Dionyz ; Gornik, Erich ; Brodbeck, T ; Stadler, Wolfgang Backside Interferometric Methods for Localization of ESD-Induced Leakage Current and Metal ShortsArtikel Article2007
15Franco, J. ; Graziano, S. ; Kaczer, B. ; Crupi, F. ; Ragnarsson, L.-Å. ; Grasser, T. ; Groeseneken, G. BTI Reliability of Ultra-Thin EOT MOSFETs for Sub-Threshold LogicArtikel Article2012
16Walter, Thomas ; Khatibi, Golta ; Nelhiebel, Michael ; Steffeneli, Mario Characterization of cyclic delamination behavior of thin film multilayersArtikel Article 1-Oct-2018
17Camargo, V. V. A. ; Kaczer, Ben ; Grasser, Tibor ; Wirth, G. Circuit Simulation of Workload-Dependent RTN and BTI Based on Trap KineticsArtikel Article2014
18Sharma, P. ; Tyaginov, S. ; Wimmer, Y. ; Rudolf, F. ; Rupp, K. ; Enichlmair, H. ; Park, J.-M. ; Ceric, H. ; Grasser, T. Comparison of Analytic Distribution Function Models for Hot-Carrier Degradation in nLDMOSFETsArtikel Article 2015
19Holzer, Stefan ; Sheikholeslami, Alireza ; Karner, Markus ; Grasser, Tibor ; Selberherr, Siegfried Comparison of Deposition Models for a TEOS LPCVD ProcessArtikel Article2007
20Rzepa, G. ; Franco, J. ; O’Sullivan, B. ; Subirats, A. ; Simicic, M. ; Hellings, G. ; Weckx, P. ; Jech, M. ; Knobloch, T. ; Waltl, M. ; Roussel, P.J. ; Linten, D. ; Kaczer, B. ; Grasser, T. Comphy -- A Compact-Physics Framework for Unified Modeling of BTIArtikel Article 2018