Forschungsbereich Technische Dynamik und Fahrzeugdynamik

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E325-01 - Forschungsbereich Technische Dynamik und Fahrzeugdynamik
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Research Division
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1Klinger, Florian ; Edelmann, Johannes ; Plöchl, Manfred Enhanced Braking of E-ScootersPresentation Vortrag18-Oct-2023
2Ecker, Horst Probability Analysis and Uncertainty Theory: Useful Methods for the Reconstruction ExpertInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag5-Oct-2023
3Fichtinger-2023-Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Pa...-am.pdf.jpgFichtinger, Andreas ; Edelmann, Johannes ; Plöchl, Manfred ; Höll, Manuel ; Unterreiner, Michael Slip slope change detection based on active drive force excitationArticle Artikel 19-Sep-2023
4Loesch-2023-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgLösch, Maximilian ; Fallmann, Markus ; Poks, Agnes ; Kozek, Martin Simulation-based sizing of a secondary loop cooling system for a refrigerated vehicleArticle Artikel 2-Sep-2023
5Spiryagin, Maksym ; Edelmann, Johannes ; Cole, Colin Vehicle system dynamics in digital twin technologiesArticle Artikel1-Sep-2023
6Spiryagin, Maksym ; Edelmann, Johannes ; Klinger, Florian ; Cole, Colin Vehicle System Dynamics in Digital Twin Studies in Rail and Road DomainsPresentation Vortrag21-Aug-2023
7Mandl, Philipp ; Edelmann, Johannes ; Plöchl, Manfred Enhancing controllability and path tracking with overactuated autonomous vehiclesPresentation VortragAug-2023
8Scheu, Thomas ; Poks, Agnes ; Donner, Florian Peter ; Weigand, Michael Dynamic Simulation of a Rotorcraft Main Transmission with Continuous Variable RatioInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag16-Jun-2023
9Poks-2023-Applied Thermal Engineering-vor.pdf.jpgPoks, Agnes ; Fallmann, Markus ; Fink, Lorenz Florian ; Rinnofner, Lukas ; Kozek, Martin Fault detection and isolation for a secondary loop refrigeration systemArticle Artikel 5-Jun-2023
10Steindl, Alois ; Edelmann, Johannes ; Plöchl, Manfred Critical Manifolds in a Simple Two-wheel Vehicle ModelPresentation Vortrag2-Jun-2023
112023-IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles-am.pdf.jpgWei, Sijie ; Pfeffer, Peter ; Edelmann, Johannes State of the Art: Ongoing Research in Assessment Methods for Lane Keeping Assistance SystemsArticle Artikel 21-Apr-2023
12Steindl, Alois ; Edelmann, Johannes ; Plöchl, Manfred Influence of Tyre Characteristics on Periodic Motions for an Understeering VehicleArticle Artikel 24-Mar-2023
13Zehetbauer-2023-Vehicle System Dynamics-vor.pdf.jpgZehetbauer, Florian ; Edelmann, Johannes ; Plöchl, Manfred A minimal model to study self-excited vibrations of a tram wheelset in curves with small radius of curvatureArticle Artikel 2023
14Spiryagin-2023-Vehicle System Dynamics-vor.pdf.jpgSpiryagin, Maksym ; Edelmann, Johannes ; Klinger, Florian ; Cole, Colin Vehicle system dynamics in digital twin studies in rail and road domainsArticle Artikel 2023
15Arslan, Eray ; Zigo, Milan Calibration of hardening parameters for the absence of hysteresis test-dataPresentation Vortrag2023
16Plöchl, Manfred ; Mastinu, Giampiero Safe vehicle handling, in any situation? – a continuous topic for vehicle dynamics engineers over timePresentation Vortrag14-Sep-2022
17Fichtinger, Andreas ; Edelmann, Johannes ; Plöchl, Manfred Tire-Road Friction Potential Estimation for All-Wheel Drive Vehicles with Active Longitudinal Tire Force ExcitationInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag14-Sep-2022
18Arslan, Eray ; Mack, Werner ; Apatay, Tunç Analytical study of thermo-mechanically loaded FGM-steel/aluminum hollow spherical structuresPresentation Vortrag6-Sep-2022
19Egner, Clara Sofia ; Schmiedmayer, Heinz-Bodo ; Kainz, Hans Analysis of Joint Contact Forces in the Lower Extremities in Latin American Dance SportPresentation VortragSep-2022
20Steindl, Alois ; Edelmann, Johannes ; Plöchl, Manfred Influence of Tyre Characteristics on Periodic Motions for an Understeering VehiclePresentation Vortrag17-Aug-2022