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E141-05 - Forschungsbereich Radiation Physics
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1Riehle-2023-Journal of Archaeological Science Reports-vor.pdf.jpgRiehle, Kai ; Kistler, Erich ; Öhlinger, Birgit ; Sterba, Johannes H. ; Mommsen, Hans Mirroring Mediterraneanization: Pottery production at Archaic Monte Iato, Western Sicily (6th to 5th century BCE)Article Artikel Oct-2023
2Allegretta, Ignazio ; Krstajic, D. ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Kregsamer, Peter ; Ingerle, Dieter ; Streli, Christina ; Porfido, C. ; Terzano, R. A new strategy for the quantification of light elements (F-Fe) in aluminosilicates via a Low-Z TXRF spectrometerPresentation Vortrag7-Sep-2023
3Cakir, Cafer Tufan ; Buzanich, A. G. ; Reinholz, U. ; Streli, Christina ; Radtke, M. Enhancing Surface Analysis and Data Collection Efficiency using GE-XANES and Machine Learning: A Synchrotron-Based StudyPresentation Vortrag7-Sep-2023
4Kregsamer, Peter ; Fenninger, Lukas Josef ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Streli, Christina A comprehensive uncertainty budget asessment for a TXRF spectrometer Atomika 8030CPresentation Vortrag6-Sep-2023
5Streli, Christina ; Kregsamer, Peter ; Eder, Dominik ; Ayala Leiva, Pablo Rony Alberto TXRF as a powerful tool for investigating emerging catalysis materials.Presentation Vortrag6-Sep-2023
6Weinberger, Mathias ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Kregsamer, Peter ; Margui, Eva ; Jablan, Jasna ; Streli, Christina Total-reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis of coffee samplesPresentation Vortrag6-Sep-2023
7Ingerle, Dieter ; Meirer, Florian ; Siebers, Kirsten ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Streli, Christina GIMOXS- a new spectrometer for GIXRF for the nondestructive characterization of light element containing nanomaterials in the laboratoryPresentation Vortrag5-Sep-2023
8Siebers, Kirsten ; Brouwer, A.C.M. ; Ingerle, Dieter ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Streli, Christina ; Meirer, Florian Surface Functionalization for Advanced Sample Preparation in TXRFPresentation Vortrag5-Sep-2023
9Iro-2023-SoftwareX-vor.pdf.jpgIro, Michael ; Ingerle, Dieter ; Hampel Sven ; Fittschen, Ursula Elisabeth Adriane ; Dhamgaye, Vishal ; Fox, Oliver J. L. ; Streli, Christina voxTrace: A voxel-based Monte-Carlo ray-tracing code for the simulation of X-ray fluorescence spectraArticle Artikel Jul-2023
10Hampel, Sven ; Mähler, Frithjof ; Iro, Michael ; Ingerle, Dieter ; Streli, Christina ; Fox, Oliver J. L. ; Sawhney, Kawal ; Fittschen, Ursula Elisabeth Adriane 3D printed metal containing polymer layers as reference samples in micro XRF analysisPresentation Vortrag12-Apr-2023
11Michotte, Claude ; Courte, Sylvain ; Coulon, Richard ; Nonis, M ; Ratel, G ; Maringer, Franz Josef ; Brettner-Messler, R. ; Dziel, Tomasz ; Listkowska, Anna ; van Rooy, M. W. ; Van Staden, Marianne ; Lubbe, Jeanne ; Zimmerman, Beate Update of the BIPM comparison BIPM.RI(II)-K1.I-131 of activity measurements of the radionuclide ¹³¹I to include the 2015 results of the BEV (Austria) and the POLATOM (Poland), the 2017 result of the NMISA (South Africa), and to link the CCRI(II)-S6.I-131 comparisonArticle Artikel 12-Jan-2023
12Pichler-2022-Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry-vor.pdf.jpgPichler, Vanessa ; Welch, Jan M. ; Sterba, Johannes H. Radiochemical effects of thermal neutron capture in Cr(tmhd)₃: method developmentArticle Artikel Dec-2022
13Iro-2022-Journal of Synchrotron Radiation-vor.pdf.jpgIro, Michael ; Ingerle, Dieter ; Radtke, Martin ; Guilherme Buzanich, Ana ; Kregsamer, Peter ; Streli, Christina Investigation of polycapillary half lenses for quantitative confocal micro-X-ray fluorescence analysisArticle Artikel Nov-2022
14Meouchi, Cynthia ; Barna, Sandra ; Puchalska, Monika ; TRAN, LINH ; Rosenfeld, Anatoly ; Verona, Claudio ; Verona Rinati, Gianluca ; Palmans, Hugo ; Magrin, Giulio On the measurement uncertainty of microdosimetric quantities usingdiamond and silicon microdosimeters in carbon-ion beamsArticle Artikel Oct-2022
15Iro, Michael ; Ingerle, Dieter ; Kregsamer, Peter ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Streli, Christina Steps towards the quantitative interpretation of confocal micro-X-ray fluorescence measurements (QCMXRF)Presentation Vortrag4-Aug-2022
16Streli, Christina Trace analysis workshop: Special techniquesPresentation Vortrag2-Aug-2022
17Wobrauschek, Peter Trace analysis workshop: Introduction and instrumentationPresentation Vortrag2-Aug-2022
18Wobrauschek, Peter Workshop Basic XRFPresentation Vortrag1-Aug-2022
19Gunchin, Gerelmaa ; Osan, Janos ; Migliori, Alessandro ; Shagjjamba, D. ; Streli, Christina Determination of chromium and zinc speciation in airborne particulate matter by x-ray absorption near-edge structurePresentation Vortrag30-Jun-2022
20Cakir, Cafer Tufan ; Buzanich, Ana Guilherme ; Streli, Christina ; Radtke, Martin Implementation of Bayesian optimization on grazing-exit XANES: applications on compositionally complex alloysPresentation Vortrag28-Jun-2022