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E134-02 - Forschungsbereich Applied Interface Physics
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1Celebi, Alper Tunga ; Olgiati, Matteo ; Altmann, Florian ; Kogler, Matthias ; Kalchgruber, Lukas ; Appenroth, Julia ; Ramach, Ulrich ; Valtiner, Markus ; Mears, Laura Louise Elizabeth ; Wandelt, Klaus ; Bussetti, Gianlorenzo Experimental and theoretical understanding of processes at solid-liquid interfaces at molecular resolutionBook Contribution Buchbeitrag2024
2Pichler, Christian Functional carbon surfaces as electrode materials for catalysis and energy storagePresentation Vortrag22-Nov-2023
3Pichler, Christian Functional carbon surfaces as electrode materials for catalysis and energy storagePresentation Vortrag19-Oct-2023
4Feldmann, Florian Characterization of the Galvanic Protection of Zinc Flake Coating by Spectroelectrochemistry and Industrial TestingPresentation Vortrag17-Oct-2023
5Olgiati, Matteo Visualising and quantifying adsorption on muscovite mica with AFMPresentation Vortrag17-Oct-2023
6Ramach, Ulrich ; Lee, Jinhoon ; Altmann, Florian ; Schussek, Martin ; Olgiati, Matteo ; Dziadkowiec, Joanna ; Mears, Laura ; Celebi, Alper Tunga ; Lee, Dong Woog ; Valtiner, Markus Real-time visualisation of ion exchange in molecularly confined spaces where electric double layers overlapArticle Artikel 1-Oct-2023
7Gusev, Alexey ; Braga, Elena ; Zamnius, Ekaterina ; Kiskin, Mikhail ; Ali, Amjad ; Baryshnikov, Glib ; Linert, Wolfgang Mononuclear copper(i) complexes bearing a 3-phenyl-5-(pyridin-4-yl)-1,2,4-triazole ligand: synthesis, crystal structure, TADF-luminescence, and mechanochromic effectsArticle Artikel 22-Sep-2023
8Brötzner, Johannes ; Biber, Herbert Alexander ; Jäggi, N. ; Szabo, P. S. ; Cupak, Christian ; Galli, A. ; Wurz, P. ; Aumayr, Friedrich Erosion of the Lunar Surface by Solar Wind IonsPresentation Vortrag11-Sep-2023
9Olgiati, Matteo Towards understanding interfacial thermodynamics: visualising and quantifying cation adsorption on muscovite mica with AFMPresentation Vortrag8-Sep-2023
10Pichler, Christian ; Bhattacharjee, S. ; Reisner, E. Succinic acid as central intermediate for the conversion of waste substrates to ethylenePresentation Vortrag30-Aug-2023
11Kalchgruber, Lukas Characterizing corrosion and passivation processes on steel samples after scratching the surfacePresentation Vortrag30-Aug-2023
12Kogler, Matthias Understanding corrosion passivation layers on high entropy alloys using High Sensitivity – Low Energy Ion Scattering Spectroscopy (LEIS)Presentation Vortrag29-Aug-2023
13Fellinger, Martina ; Cupak, Christian ; Hahn, Christopher ; Alberti, G. ; Vavassori, D. ; Dellasega, D. ; Passoni, M. ; Pedroni, M. ; Uccello, A. ; Vassallo, E. ; Aumayr, Friedrich Sputtering of tungsten nano-pyramidsPresentation Vortrag25-Aug-2023
14Feldmann-2023-Materials and Corrosion-vor.pdf.jpgFeldmann, Florian ; Mears, Laura Louise Elizabeth ; Roth, Marcel ; Valtiner, Markus Characterisation of the galvanic protection of zinc flake coating by spectroelectrochemistry and industrial testingArticle Artikel Aug-2023
15Wiener-2023-Materials and Corrosion-vor.pdf.jpgWiener, Simon Georg Michael ; Strauß, Bernhard ; Luckeneder, Gerald ; Hagler, Josef ; Valtiner, Markus Thermoset thin film primers: influence of substrate, layer thickness and wettability of additives in laboratory testingArticle Artikel Aug-2023
16Han-2023-Science Advances-vor.pdf.jpgHan, Tianyi ; Cao, Wei ; Xu, Zhi ; Adibnia, Vahid ; Olgiati, Matteo ; Valtiner, Markus ; Ma, Liran ; Zhang, Chenhui ; Ma, Ming ; Luo, Jianbin ; Banquy, Xavier Hydration layer structure modulates superlubrication by trivalent La³⁺ electrolytesArticle Artikel 12-Jul-2023
17Fürthauer, Sebastian The physics of highly crosslinked cytoskeletal networkPresentation Vortrag4-Jul-2023
18Zampetaki, Alexandra ; Fürthauer, Sebastian Cytoskeletal Networks at InterfacesPresentation Vortrag4-Jul-2023
19Tomilin, Sergey ; Karavaynikov, Andrey ; Lyashko, Sergey ; Tomilina, Olga ; Berzhansky, Vladimir ; Gusev, Alexey ; Linert, Wolfgang ; Yanovsky, Alexander Asymmetric Magneto-Optical Rotation in Magnetoplasmonic NanocompositesArticle Artikel Jul-2023
20Ponomareva-2023-Journal of The Electrochemical Society-am.pdf.jpgPonomareva, Maria ; Nadlinger, Markus ; Schimo-Aichhorn, Gabriela ; Duchoslav, Jiri ; Stifter, David ; Luckeneder, Gerald ; Steger, Roland ; Grienberger, Sandra ; Kogler, Matthias ; Valtiner, Markus Alkaline Cleaning of Zn–Al–Mg Hot-Dip Galvanized Steels: Mechanisms and Surface Oxide ChemistryArticle Artikel 23-Jun-2023