Title: Ahpla - Business Plan
Language: English
Authors: Ferreira Ruivo, Cátia Susana 
Qualification level: Diploma
Advisor: Hisrich, Robert D.
Issue Date: 2009
Number of Pages: 53
Qualification level: Diploma
Ahpla is a specialized company in training and consulting; with headquarter on the building of Lismolde2, 1st floor, "Zona Industrial Amarela" , in "Porto de Mós" of "Leiria" region, "Potugal". The business idea appeared, with the objective to answer to the latent professional training needs in the companies on "Leiria" region, which is characterized by the high number of industries and services; this professional training at the present is only available on the two biggest cities in Portugal, Lisbon and Porto, making companies spend more money and work-time, and the company workers don't see it with good eyes due to the time they spend far away from their homes and family. The result is that companies don't improve their workers skills and as a result they are not able to improve their performance. The huge number of unemployment, people that need to acquire new skills in order to be able to be more capable to get a job, in total on this region in 2009 is expected a number of 68.158 people unemployed. Other important reason was to use the entire first floor of Lismolde2 facilities, that at the moment are undervalue, due to the low company needs of those, so our proposal was to rent it, with "all included system", electricity, water, etc... and they can use them also whenever they want according to our room availability without any costs for them (the rent contract should be on the Appendix, but it is in Portuguese, the rent cost is 400EUR per month for 6 years). "Learn today to lead tomorrow" is the most important guideline for Ahpla, making part of Ahpla mission statement; it represents the importance of the professional training of the workers in order to make a company successful in its business, and also for the person itself to achieve success on its own life and career.
Keywords: Geschäftsplan
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Publication Type: Thesis
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