Title: Leading order HVP Contributions to the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon from Holographic QCD
Other Titles: Hadronische Vakuumpolarisationsbeiträge zum anomalen magnetischen Moment des Muons in führender Ordnung in holographischer QCD
Language: English
Authors: Stadlbauer, Michael 
Qualification level: Diploma
Advisor: Rebhan, Anton 
Issue Date: 2021
Number of Pages: 72
Qualification level: Diploma
In this thesis the hadronic vacuum polarization (HVP) is calculated using a variety of differentholographic QCD (AdS/QCD) models. These AdS/QCD models are based on the gauge/gravity duality(the generalization of the AdS/CFT correspondence). Since the low energy regime of QCD is notaccessible with perturbation theory, one usually has to rely on lattice QCD (LQCD) or calculationsusing experimental data (usually cross sections). However, the LQCD calculations and theexperimental data give different results. Therefore, it is interesting to see what AdS/QCD modelspredict for the HVP since they provide the possibility for calculating observables in the low energyregime directly.
Keywords: Hadronic vacuum polarization; muon; anomalous magnetic moment; holographic QCD; AdS; CFT; AdS; QCD
URI: https://doi.org/10.34726/hss.2021.83043
DOI: 10.34726/hss.2021.83043
Library ID: AC16124100
Organisation: E136 - Institut für Theoretische Physik 
Publication Type: Thesis
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