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1Macharia-2021-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgMacharia, Pauline ; Kitaka, Nzula ; Yillia, Paul T. ; Kreuzinger, Norbert Assessing future water demand and associated energy input with plausible scenarios for water service providers (Wsps) in sub-saharan africaArticle Artikel 13-Apr-2021
2Schultis-2019-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgSchultis, Daniel-Leon ; Ilo, Albana Behaviour of Distribution Grids with the Highest PV Share Using the Volt/Var Control Chain StrategyArticle Artikel 12-Oct-2019
3Huber-2019-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgHuber, Clemens ; Setoodeh Jahromy, Saman ; Jordan, Christian ; Schreiner, Manfred ; Harasek, Michael ; Werner, Andreas ; Winter, Franz Boric Acid: A High Potential Candidate for Thermochemical Energy StorageArticle Artikel 21-Mar-2019
4Najaf Khosravi-2021-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgNajaf Khosravi, Shiva ; Mahdavi, Ardeshir A CFD-Based Parametric Thermal Performance Analysis of Supply Air Ventilated WindowsArticle Artikel 23-Apr-2021
5Azam-2021-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgAzam, Mudassar ; Ashraf, Asma ; Setoodeh Jahromy, Saman ; Miran, Sajjad ; Raza, Nadeem ; Wesenauer, Florian ; Jordan, Christian ; Harasek, Michael ; Winter, Franz Co-Combustion Studies of Low-Rank Coal and Refuse-Derived Fuel: Performance and Reaction KineticsArticle Artikel 24-Jun-2021
6Marchgraber-2020-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgMarchgraber, Jürgen ; Alacs, Christian ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.student.icon; Guo, Yi ; Gawlik, Wolfgang ; Anta, Adolfo ; Stimmer, Alexander ; Lenz, Martin ; Froschauer, Manuel ; Leonhardt, Michaela Comparison of Control Strategies to Realize Synthetic Inertia in ConvertersArticle Artikel 6-Jul-2020
7Schultis-2019-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgSchultis, Daniel-Leon Comparison of Local Volt/var Control Strategies for PV Hosting Capacity Enhancement of Low Voltage FeedersArticle Artikel 24-Apr-2019
8Radl-2020-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgRadl, Johannes ; Fleischhacker, Andreas ; Revheim, Frida Huglen ; Lettner, Georg Alexander ; Auer, Johann Comparison of Profitability of PV Electricity Sharing in Renewable Energy Communities in Selected European CountriesArticle Artikel 23-Sep-2020
9Ilo-2019-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgIlo, Albana Design of the Smart Grid Architecture According to Fractal Principles and the Basics of Corresponding Market StructureArticle Artikel 31-Oct-2019
10Hofmann-2019-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgHofmann, Rene ; Dusek, Sabrina ; Gruber, Stephan ; Schmid, Gerwin Design Optimization of a Hybrid Steam-PCM Thermal Energy Storage for Industrial ApplicationsArticle Artikel 8-Mar-2019
11Khater-2020-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgKhater, El-Sayed ; Ashour, Taha ; Ali, Samir ; Saad, Manar ; Todic, Jasna ; Hollands, Jutta ; Korjenic, Azra Development of a Bio-Solar House Model for Egyptian ConditionsArticle Artikel 13-Feb-2020
12Schuh-2020-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgSchuh, Sebastian ; Winter, Franz Dual Fuel Reaction Mechanism 2.0 including NOx Formation and Laminar Flame Speed Calculations Using Methane/Propane/n-Heptane Fuel BlendsArticle Artikel 11-Feb-2020
13Marchgraber-2021-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgMarchgraber, Jürgen ; Gawlik, Wolfgang Dynamic Prioritization of Functions during Real-Time Multi-Use Operation of Battery Energy Storage SystemsArticle Artikel 28-Jan-2021
14Marchgraber-2020-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgMarchgraber, Jürgen ; Gawlik, Wolfgang Dynamic Voltage Support of Converters during Grid Faults in Accordance with National Grid Code RequirementsArticle Artikel 14-May-2020
15Boesenhofer-2018-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgBösenhofer, Markus ; Wartha, Eva-Maria ; Jordan, Christian ; Harasek, Michael The Eddy Dissipation Concept—Analysis of Different Fine Structure Treatments for Classical CombustionArticle Artikel 20-Jul-2018
16Tauber-2021-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgTauber, Joseph ; Ramsbacher, Andreas ; Svardal, Karl ; Krampe, Jörg Energetic Potential for Biological Methanation in Anaerobic Sewage Sludge Digesters in AustriaArticle Artikel 2021
17Ashour-2021-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgAshour, Taha ; Morsy, Mohamad ; Korjenic, Azra ; Fischer, Henriette Susanne ; Khalil, Mervat ; Sesto, Eldira ; Orabi, Mohammed ; Yehia, Ibrahim Engineering Parameters of Rice Straw Concrete with Granulated Blast Furnace SlagArticle Artikel 9-Jan-2021
18Zoebinger-2021-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgZöbinger, Norbert ; Schweizer, Thorsten ; Lauer, Thomas ; Kubach, Heiko ; Koch, Thomas Experimental and Numerical Analysis on Two-Phase Induced Low-Speed Pre-IgnitionArticle Artikel 17-Aug-2021
19Vogtenhuber-2019-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgVogtenhuber, Hannes ; Pernsteiner, Dominik ; Hofmann, Rene Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Heat Transfer of Bare Tubes in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed with Respect to Better Heat Integration in Temperature Swing Adsorption SystemsArticle Artikel 10-Jul-2019
20Schuh-2019-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgSchuh, Sebastian ; Ramalingam, Ajoy ; Minwegen, Heiko ; Heufer, Karl Alexander ; Winter, Franz Experimental Investigation and Benchmark Study of Oxidation of Methane–Propane–n-Heptane Mixtures at Pressures up to 100 barArticle Artikel 4-Sep-2019