Forschungsbereich Komplexe Dynamische Systeme

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E376-02 - Forschungsbereich Komplexe Dynamische Systeme
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Research Division
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1Steinbach, Johannes ; Jadachowski, Lukas ; Steinboeck, Andreas ; Kugi, Andreas Modeling and observer design of an inductive oven with continuous product flowArticle Artikel Nov-2023
2Feiler, Georg ; Knechtelsdorfer, Ulrich ; Schwegel, Michael ; Kugi, Andreas Mechatronic design of a class of planar cable-driven parallel robotsArticle Artikel Oct-2023
3Ott, Christian Manipulation and locomotion with elastic robotsPresentation Vortrag21-Sep-2023
4Jukić, Domagoj-Krešimir ; Kugi, Andreas ; Kemmetmüller, Wolfgang Optimal dynamic operation of pumped storage power plants with variable and fixed speed generatorsArticle Artikel Sep-2023
5Maderthaner, Jakob ; Kugi, Andreas ; Kemmetmüller, Wolfgang Optimal control of the part mass for the injection molding processArticle Artikel Sep-2023
6Weingartshofer-2023-Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing-vor.pdf.jpgWeingartshofer, Thomas ; Bischof, Bernhard ; Meiringer, Martin ; Hartl-Nesic, Christian ; Kugi, Andreas Optimization-based path planning framework for industrial manufacturing processes with complex continuous pathsArticle Artikel Aug-2023
7Jukic, Domagoj-Kresimir ; Kugi, Andreas ; Kemmetmüller, Wolfgang Optimal Guide Vane Closing Schemes for Pumped Storage Power PlantsArticle Artikel Jul-2023
8Monje, Concepción A. ; Deutschmann, Bastian ; Muñoz, Jorge ; Ott, Christian ; Balaguer, Carlos Fractional Order Control of Continuum Soft Robots: Combining Decoupled/Reduced-Dynamics Models and Robust Fractional Order Controllers for Complex Soft Robot MotionsArticle Artikel Jun-2023
9Vu, Minh Nhat ; Kugi, Andreas ; Schlacher, Kurt ; Kemmetmüller, Wolfgang Fast trajectory planning frameworks for robotic systemsBook BuchJun-2023
10Hönig, Peter ; Wöber, Wilfried Explainable Object Detection in the Field of Search and Rescue RoboticsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag27-May-2023
11Schwegel, Michael ; Glück, Tobias ; Shaferman, Vitaly ; Zaccarian, Luca ; Kugi, Andreas Adaptive Two-Degrees-of-Freedom Current Control for Solenoids: Theoretical Investigation and Practical ApplicationArticle Artikel 1-May-2023
12Calzavara, Martino ; Kuriatnikov, Yevhenii ; Deutschmann-Olek, Andreas ; Motzoi, F. ; Erne, Sebastian ; Kugi, Andreas ; Calarco, Tommaso ; Schmiedmayer, Hannes-Jörg ; Prüfer, Maximilian Optimizing Optical Potentials With Physics-Inspired Learning AlgorithmsArticle Artikel 28-Apr-2023
13Ott, Christian Progress in humanoid whole-body control and locomotion: From stable walking to dynamic running with elastic actuatorsPresentation Vortrag12-Apr-2023
14Deutschmann-Olek, Andreas ; Schrom, Katharina ; Kugi, Andreas Control of the formation and amplification of pulse bursts in regenerative amplifiersArticle Artikel Mar-2023
15Krämer, Christian ; Kugi, Andreas ; Schlacher, Kurt ; Kemmetmüller, Wolfgang Magnetic Equivalent Circuit Modeling and Optimal Control of a Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous MotorBook BuchMar-2023
16Landauer, Julian ; Kugi, Andreas ; Steinböck, Andreas Mathematical modelling of an electrostatic oiling machine for steel stripsArticle Artikel 25-Feb-2023
17Meiringer, M. ; Kugi, A. ; Kemmetmüller, W. Modelling and calibration of a five link elastic boom of a mobile concrete pumpArticle Artikel 22-Feb-2023
18Marko, L. ; Kugi, A. ; Steinböck, Andreas Automatic crossbow control in industrial hot-dip galvanizing linesArticle Artikel Feb-2023
19Gstöttner, Conrad ; Kugi, Andreas ; Schlacher, Kurt ; Kemmetmüller, Wolfgang Analysis and Control of Flat Systems by Geometric MethodsBook BuchFeb-2023
20Coelho, Andre ; Albu-Schaeffer, Alin ; Sachtler, Arne ; Mishra, Hrishik ; Bicego, Davide ; Ott, Christian ; Franchi, Antonio EigenMPC: An Eigenmanifold-Inspired Model-Predictive Control Framework for Exciting Efficient Oscillations in Mechanical SystemsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag10-Jan-2023