Forschungsbereich Komplexe Dynamische Systeme

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E376-02 - Forschungsbereich Komplexe Dynamische Systeme
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1Lenz, René ; Deutschmann-Olek, Andreas ; Kugi, Andreas ; Kemmetmüller, Wolfgang Optimal fault-tolerant control with radial force compensation for multiple open-circuit faults in multiphase PMSMs - A comparison of n-phase and multiple three-phase systemsArticle Artikel Jun-2024
2Reyhani, Moien ; Marko, Lukas ; Janisch, Georg ; Kugi, Andreas Real-time observer designs for elastic-joint industrial robots: Experimental comparison and new strategiesArticle Artikel May-2024
3Frijns-2024-Frontiers in Robotics and AI-vor.pdf.jpgFrijns, Helena Anna ; Hirschmanner, Matthias ; Sienkiewicz, Barbara ; Hönig, Peter ; Indurkhya, Bipin ; Vincze, Markus Human-in-the-loop error detection in an object organization task with a social robotArticle Artikel 16-Apr-2024
4Grabler-2024-Privacy Agents Utilizing Large Language Models to Safeguard C...-am.pdf.jpgGrabler, Reinhard ; Hirschmanner, Matthias ; Frijns, Helena Anna ; Köszegi, Sabine Theresia Privacy Agents: Utilizing Large Language Models to Safeguard Contextual Integrity in Elderly CarePresentation Vortrag 11-Mar-2024
5Hirschmanner-2024-Prototype of a care documentation support system using ...-vor.pdf.jpgHirschmanner, Matthias ; Grabler, Reinhard ; Frijns, Helena Anna ; Mayer-Haas, Evelyn ; Vincze, Markus Prototype of a care documentation support system using audio recordings of care actions and large language modelsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 11-Mar-2024
6Kirner-2024-IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters-vor.pdf.jpgKirner, Annika Katharina ; Ott, Christian Impact Analysis for the Planning of Targeted Non-Slippage Impacts of Robot ManipulatorsArticle Artikel Mar-2024
7Jukić, Domagoj-Krešimir ; Kugi, Andreas ; Kemmetmüller, Wolfgang Strategien für den optimalen Betrieb von PumpspeicherkraftwerkenArticle Artikel 29-Feb-2024
8Sebeto, Paolo ; Weibel, Jean-Baptiste Nicolas ; Thalhammer, Stefan ; Hartl-Nesic, Christian ; Vincze, Markus Monocular Depth-guided Cost Volume Refinement for Semantic CorrespondencesPresentation Vortrag16-Feb-2024
9Sovukluk-2024-IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters-am.pdf.jpgSovukluk, Sait ; Englsberger, Johannes ; Ott, Christian Highly maneuverable humanoid running via 3D SLIP+foot dynamicsArticle Artikel Feb-2024
10Meiringer, Martin Model-based semi-autonomous operation of a truck-mounted concrete pumpBook BuchJan-2024
11Niederer, Martin ; Zeman, Paul ; Sannes, Solveig ; Seyrkammer, H. ; Helekal, Gerald ; Kugi, Andreas ; Steinböck, Andreas A control-oriented mathematical model for the evolution of temperatures and phases in a steel strip during coolingArticle Artikel 2024
12Weingartshofer, Thomas ; Hartl-Nesic, Christian ; Kugi, Andreas Automatic and Flexible Robotic Drawing on Complex Surfaces With an Industrial RobotArticle Artikel 29-Dec-2023
13Nguyen Toan ; Vu, Minh Nhat ; Vuong, An ; Nguyen Dzung ; Vo, Thieu ; Le, Ngan ; Nguyen, Anh Open-Vocabulary Affordance Detection in 3D Point CloudsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag13-Dec-2023
14Weibel, Jean-Baptiste ; Sebeto, Paolo ; Thalhammer, Stefan ; Vincze, Markus Challenges of Depth Estimation for Transparent ObjectsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 1-Dec-2023
15Nguyen, Hung Duy ; Han, Kyoungseok Safe Reinforcement Learning-based Driving Policy Design for Autonomous Vehicles on HighwaysArticle Artikel 1-Dec-2023
16Meiringer, M. ; Kugi, Andreas ; Kemmetmüller, W. Semi-autonomous operation of a mobile concrete pumpArticle Artikel Dec-2023
17Hoebert-2023-ROS-driven Disassembly Planning Framework incorporating Screw...-am.pdf.jpgHöbert, Timon ; Neubauer, David ; Merdan, Munir ; Lepuschitz, Wilfried ; Thalhammer, Stefan ; Vincze, Markus ROS-driven Disassembly Planning Framework incorporating Screw DetectionInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag Dec-2023
18Beck, Florian ; Vu, Minh Nhat ; Hartl-Nesic, Christian ; Kugi, Andreas Singularity Avoidance with Application to Online Trajectory Optimization for Serial ManipulatorsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 22-Nov-2023
19Steinbach, Johannes ; Jadachowski, Lukas ; Steinboeck, Andreas ; Kugi, Andreas Modeling and observer design of an inductive oven with continuous product flowArticle Artikel Nov-2023
20Thalhammer, Stefan ; Jean-Baptiste Weibel ; Markus Vincze ; Rodriguez-Garcia, Jose Self-supervised Vision Transformers for 3D Pose Estimation of Novel ObjectsArticle Artikel Nov-2023